Nettie Pollard: NCCL official and PIE member

Nettie Pollard was NCCL’s Gay & Lesbian Officer, and chaired the NCCL’s gay rights committee, which included Paedophile Information Exchange leader Tom O’Carroll. She was responsible for inviting PIE to affiliate with NCCL in 1975.

Nettie Pollard was member number 70 of the Paedophile Information Exchange.

paedophile-information-exchangePollard played a leading role in the Campaign for Homosexual Equality, who voted to support PIE at their 1975 conference, and defended PIE’s “right to speak and organise freely” at their 1983 conference.

In 1993 she wrote an essay called ‘The Small Matter of Children’, which begins by talking of “children’s rights” but then gives the game away by quoting speeches given to American paedophile group NAMBLA, and a book called Betrayal of Youth, which was edited by PIE member Warren Middleton aka John Parratt. It also peddles the lie that child rape can be ‘consensual’, talks of ‘mutual sexual pleasure’ and ‘willing partners’, and advises against reporting child sexual abuse to the authorities. The full essay is reproduced below, but this paragraph will give a good idea of Pollard’s mindset:

Far from being ‘innocent’ and becoming sexual at puberty, as was once the common belief, it is now indisputable that everyone is sexual, even before birth. Erection in males is detected in the womb from 29 weeks; erection in females, of course, is harder to detect. But baby boys are born with erections and girls with genitals swelling and vaginal lubrication. The vagina is responsive sexually from birth in cyclic lubrication. Masters and Johnson found that lubrication resulted from sexual stimulation in baby girls. Clearly, birth contains elements of sexual arousal for babies. Babies often react sexually when being held, or in other moments of physical pleasure. Reaction akin to orgasm has been detected in babies only a few months old, though masturbation and orgasm are rarely detected before the ages of one or two, and not all children masturbate.”

Pollard cites Kinsey’s research on childhood sexuality, which was also cited by PIE when they campaigned for the age of consent to be lowered to 4 years old. It had been discredited long before 1993, and was found to be largely based on the sick diaries of a predatory paedophile named Rex King. (for more on this watch the documentary Kinsey’s Paedophiles)

Earlier this week, a spokesman for Harriet Harman said: “Tom O’Carroll was a paedophile and Nettie Pollard appears to have promoted paedophilia. They exploited the gay rights committee and expressed disgusting, abhorrent views.” Nettie Pollard refused to comment to the Telegraph.

‘The Small Matter of Children’ by Nettie Pollard, from ‘Bad Girls and Dirty Pictures: The Challenge to Reclaim Feminism’ ed. Alison Assiter and Avedon Carol (Pluto Press, 1993)

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