1975 Guardian correspondence on the Paedophile Information Exchange

The two Guardian ‘London Letter’ columns below were written by John Torode (nothing to do with Masterchef). One of the letters criticising Torode’s anti-paedophile stance is by Glenys Parry, vice-chairman of the Campaign for Homosexual Equality, and also a supporter of Paedophile Action for Liberation who featured in the Sunday People story ‘The Vilest Men In Britain‘.

The Guardian, 28th August 1975

G280875The Guardian, 5th September 1975

G050975The Guardian, 15th September 1975


  1. Troyhand said:

    The Glasgow Herald – Nov 4, 1983
    Killer of the century, boasted Nilson

    Dennis Nilsen, as evil as any killer who has stood trial in the infamous Court No. 1 at the Old Bailey, has an ego which would stretch from the dock to Fraserburgh and Strichen in Aberdeenshire where he grew up as a child.

    In 1977 he joined the Campaign for Homosexual Equality, and was inviting young men back to his police flat. At the back of his mind he believed he was indulging in criminal activities through his homosexuality. He was also annoyed at what he thought was the police attitude towards homosexuals and the role the police were then being called to play in industrial disputes.

    The year before the killings began he left the force, first becoming a security officer and then taking up an appointment as a civil servant in a Job Centre in Denmark Street on the edge of Soho.

    Here he involved himself in trade union activities, becoming a branch chairman and branch secretary of the Civil and Public Services Association. However, he felt that his union activities and his bluntness towards superiors were affecting his opportunities for promotion. It was while at Denmark Street his double life began.

    In 1978 he killed his first victim…

  2. Troyhand said:

    The Glasgow Herald – Jan 11, 1986
    By-election to test Thatcher

    The death in Paris yesterday of Mr Martin Stevens, 56-year-old Tory MP for Fulham, has created a by-election in one of the most vulnerable Conservative-held marginal seats.

    The Tories will be defending a majority of only 4789.

    Labour came second to Mr Stevens in 1979 with the Liberal Allaince candidate trailing third, just over 6000 votes behind in a six-cornered contest.

    With the Heseltine resignation ringing in her ears and unemployment on the increase again, a by-election was the last thing Mrs Thatcher wanted.

    Mr Stevens, who was unmarried, unsuccessfully contested Dulwich in 1964 and 1966 and Fulham twice in 1974 before his election when Mrs Thatcher came to power in 979.

    Mr Nick Raynsford, 40, a Kinnock loyalist and director of the London Housing Aid Centre, SHAC, will be Labour candidate.

    Mr Stevens had become ill with a leg infection after spending Christmas with friends in Africa. He was returning to Britain after visiting friends in Paris when his condition worsened.

    He had been in a coma in intensive care after being admitted to hospital in Poissy, near Paris. He was said to be suffering from septicemia and heart problems and had been unconscious since being admitted.

    Mr Stevens was a member of the Commons Select Committee on Trade and Industry, and was a former vice-president of the Campaign for Homosexual Equality. He was a staunch supporter of social reform and campaigned for changes in the law on maintenance payments in divorce cases.

    • Welshwitch said:

      The Lord Brittan of Spennithorne QC DL 8 January 1981[7] Chief Secretary to the Treasury (1981–1983)
      Home Secretary (1983–1988)
      Secretary of State for Trade and Industry (1985–1986)
      European Commissioner (1989–1999)


      Wrong, Martin Stevens ( openly gay) conservative won Hammersmith and Fulham in 1979. As one of his constituency workers the amount of homophobic hatred directed at him and by association us by the Labour party and its supporters in the borough was frightening, literaly.


      Interesting. Chris smith claims to be the first openly gay mp in 1984 – but seems Mr Stevens beat him to it.

      From the above post

      Mr Stevens was a member of the Commons Select Committee on Trade and Industry, and was a former vice-president of the Campaign for Homosexual Equality.

      So both Brittan and Stevens ”overlapped” in timescale on Trade and Industry…………. interesting – always wondered what trade and what industry – where did it all go?

      from an Oz political quiz on UK mp’s

      h) Which Conservative MP died, but not of AIDS (despite rumours that he
      had)? (1986)

      Martin Stevens, MP for Hammersmith and Fulham, Fulham from 1979 until his death.
      He had been publically associated with the Campaign for Homosexual Equality
      before his election, and this and his florid complexion were thought to have
      encouraged the rumours.


  3. Re John Torode’s first London Letter (28.08.1975) Pensioner discount memberships offered for Paedophile Information Exchange £1. How considerate….because the older child abuse enthusiasts shouldn’t be exploited financially at their age should they? And I’m sure their response would be membership to children was free. Utterly mind-blowing.

    In some ways what is so shocking is that it’s all so routinely committee, club, group-minded with minutes and meetings and newsletters – it’s remarkable how child abuse activism acquired legitimacy by donning all the mundane minutae of a local council, but then when we keep running into local Mayors and Directors and various roles in Social Services etc, so there were cross-overs in shared interests no doubt in officialdom.

    • Welshwitch said:

      Trade & Industry?

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