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  1. Troyhand said:

    Sydney Morning Herald – 16 April, 1989
    Anne’s man just plain old Tim

    Commander Timothy Laurence, the man at the centre of the Princess Anne stolen letters scandal, has been portrayed by Fleet Street as a cross between James Bond and Errol Flynn.

    Not so, says my sub-editor colleague Jim Bruce.

    He went to Sevenoaks School, Kent, with “Tiny Tim” Laurence in the early 1970s. And Jim recalls him as a straight-laced academic plodder with a large nose which was frequently observed bearing a brown hue.

    Come on, Jim, what was he really like? “A middle-class twit,” he replied.

    Coincidentally, while Laurence was plodding along at Sevenoaks, Lady Diana Spencer (now the Princess of Wales) was a stone’s throw away at West Heath private girls’ school and her future hubby, Prince Charles, was living a few kilometres away at Chevening House.

    Is there something we haven’t been told?

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