TV programme breaks silence on sex claim (26.06.84)

Morning Star, 26th June 1984


  1. Troyhand said:
    The Tablet – 30 October 1982

    Bookshow certainly tried every angle: “Whodunnit?” (BBC2, 6.55 pm, 20 October) contrived a murder mystery for a panel of thriller writers to unravel, reluctant though they were to do so. “Who’s Reading What and With Whom?” (BBC2, 10.10 pm, 21 October) was a literary quiz which must have been more fun for those taking part than for those watching.

    ****”CookShow” (BBC2, 9.30 pm, 19 October) was a celebrity cook-in presented from the Savoy Hotel by Esther Rantzen. The link with books was tenuous, and letting Cyril Smith in on the act was probably the riskiest thing about the entire Bookshow package.**** There was a nice safe interview with nice safe writer Paul Theroux — “Clearing in the Jungle” (10.25 pm, 18 October) — in which the snappily dressed penman said nothing of much interest, attempted to converse with a group of street punks, and read snippets of his work in the waiting room of Clapham Junction station. The programme might have been a subtle act of self-parody, but one rather doubts it.

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