Julian Levine and ‘The Hobby’

Extract from ‘Paedophiles to be treated as terrorists’, The Times 27th April 2014

“Sexual predators who download manuals on how to groom their victims will face the same sanctions as terrorists who downlaod guides to bomb-making.

While it is illegal to possess indecent images of child abuse, a legal loophole means there are no sanctions for possessing manuals that provide advice to paedophiles on how to identify and win over victims and evade capture.”

“In February 2002, Julian Levine, then 54, a paedophile from London, was jailed after hoarding 42,000 pictures of abuse. A guide written by Levine described being a paedophile as a “hobby” and was entitled The Hobby Dos and Don’ts. It suggested approaches that could be used to engage children, activities that would involve meeting children and tips on approaching children in the street.”

News of the World, 8th June 1980

NOTW080680The Hunt for Britain’s Paedophiles (part 2), 2002 – follows Scotland Yard’s Operation Doorknock and interviews some of Levine’s victims. Be warned – this is very harrowing viewing. It contains an interview with Levine’s niece who was raped by Levine (see approx 1hr5mins) at the home of his friend Peter Sinclair, who also features in the 1980 News of the World article.


  1. Troyhand said:

    The Mirror (London, England) – February 25, 2002
    42,000 pictures, 118 videos, 500 magazines and a guide on how to chat up children.. they called it The Hobby; EXCLUSIVE THE MIRROR NAILS SICK PAEDOPHILE GANG.
    Byline: JEFF EDWARDS, Chief Crime Correspondent

    A PAEDOPHILE gang facing jail after being exposed by The Mirror hoarded 42,000 sickening pictures of men having sex with children in what they blandly called “The Hobby”.

    Police also found a guide book to chatting up youngsters and 10 pallets of child porn which included 118 videos, 500 imported magazines and 18 home made audio tapes. Last night gang leader Julian Levine, 54, and three fellow predators were facing lengthy jail sentences after admitting nearly 50 offences of abuse.

    Detective Chief Inspector David Marshall, who led the operation against the brutes, said: “These men were obsessed with luring children. It took over their lives.

    “They were calculating and manipulative and spent years practising every kind of devious method to seduce youngsters and persuade them to keep their experiences secret.

    “Some of their victims were as young as 12. Many are still suffering as a result of the terrible things they had to endure.”

    The pictures, videos and magazines were discovered in a storage unit rented by Levine at Wembley, North London.

    But the most cynical evidence of the gang’s obsession was “The Hobby Dos and Don’ts” guide book found at Levine’s home.

    The sick manual suggested chat-up lines, suitable hobbies that would bring members into contact with children and tips on how to approach youngsters in the street.

    Levine advised: “Do talk to ‘the hobby’ at every opportunity. Chat it up and make love to their minds.

    “Try to develop a close one to one relationship. A close relationship means a more secure practice, a loose relationship allows for leaks.”

    Levine, of Northolt, North West London even described how to seduce children of family and friends. Under the heading “Domestic Situations”, he suggested a “much slower and more careful approach” which could be “very productive”.

    His warped readers were advised to keep a pet dog as a way to forming relationships.

    They were also shown how to avoid making mistakes that could leave evidence for police.

    Levine’s depraved partners were jobless Keith Romig, 55, caterer Leslie Baldwin, 50, struck off dentist Trevor Mellis, 80, and jobless Peter Sinclair, 55.

    They went to extraordinary lengths to hide their secret.

    Levine stashed his porn collection behind wooden panels fixed to joists in his loft with velcro.

    Dummy screw heads were fitted to the outside to make it seem as if the boards were permanent.

    Romig – a train spotter who used to pick up boys on rail platforms – built secret compartments into furniture and fittings. He also used a collection of railway memorabilia to hide his haul. In another attempt to avoid detection the gang formed a secret society to keep in touch.

    It was named the “Hazel Ascot Appreciation Society” in honour of a British child film star from the 40s and 50s.

    Police explained: “In her heyday Hazel Ascot was like a British Shirley Temple. Since then, though she has nothing to do with these deviants, she has become an icon for paedophiles.

    “The gang used the fan club as a cover to communicate with each other via the internet.”

    Levine, who cruised North London in his 25-year-old Triumph estate car looking for victims, was exposed by The Mirror in November, 1996.

    Children who accepted a lift were taken to McDonald’s where Levine would buy them hamburgers and other treats.

    He would then try to arrange to see them again. The pervert was so persistent warnings were posted about him in local schools.

    Yet when the Mirror confronted him, he said: “I don’t see anything wrong with having sex with children. They aren’t harmed by it.”

    Detectives launched Operation Doorknock to trap the gang and arrested Levine in Harrow. But at first they could not prosecute for lack of evidence.

    Painstaking detective work finally landed the men in the Old Bailey dock last week.

    They admitted having sex with children, indecently assaulting boys and girls, taking pornographic photographs and plotting to distribute the pictures.

    Levine, Romig, of Leytonstone, East London, Baldwin, of Notting Hill, West London, and disgraced Mellis, from Leeds, will be sentenced next month.

    Sinclair died before he was brought to justice. The gang used his Norwich home to film themselves assaulting children,

    As a result of the probe, evidence was passed to Thames Valley police. Three other men were convicted of child abuse two years ago.

    GUILTY: Baldwin; GUILTY: Mellis; GUILTY: Romig; VILE: Gang leader Levine wrote a guide book for perverts – left, he is exposed by The Mirror

  2. Troyhand said:

    London Evening Standard – 18 March 2002
    Paedophiles had ‘instruction manual’
    Paul Cheston Courts Correspondent

    Members of a paedophile ring named after a British child film star of the Forties and suspected of abusing hundreds of youngsters were jailed at the Old Bailey today.

    The so-called Hazel Ascot Appreciation Society produced a chilling manual of advice on the best ways to lure and molest children.

    Jailing the gang at the Old Bailey, judge David Paget told them: “No right-thinking person can fail to be both outraged and appalled by the sexual abuse of young children.

    “The harm that it does is incalculable and the real tragedy is that the lives of the victims are blighted forever so that they are unlikely to be able to form a normal sexual relationship when they grow up.”

    The gang’s abuse include indecently assaulting young children, taking indecent photographs and videos and distributing them dating back 20 years.

    Leslie Baldwin, 50, was jailed for three years, Keith Romig, 55, for three years, Julian Levene, 54, for six years. But Trevor Mellis, 80, escaped with a suspended sentence of two years.

    Outside court, Detective Chief Inspector Dave Marshall praised the victims for coming forward and ensuring the investigation succeeded. The success of this long and protracted investigation is largely attributable to the courage of the victims.”

    The paedophiles’ instruction manual was called “Hobbies, Dos and Don’ts” – paedophiles use the word “hobby” as code for a child. It was found with 110 videos of child porn, 10,000 photographs, 18 audio tapes of detailed sexual conversations with children and 500 magazines from abroad containing 8,000 indecent child photographs.

    The “association” had subscription fees to fund the systematic sexual abuse of children across London, the Home Counties and Yorkshire.

    The book, found in Levene’s car boot, even contained a flow chart. Romig, 55, of Leyton, and Mellis, 80, Otley, West Yorkshire both changed their pleas to guilty during their trial last month. Romig was the ” storeman” who provided a safe house for the obscene material which he hid in special concealed compartments in his loft and under the furniture.

    He pleaded guilty to conspiracy to distribute indecent photographs of children under 16 and indecent of assault of a girl under 13 years. Four counts of indecent assault on children and one count of indecency with a child were left on the court file.

    Mellis – the “contributor” who took his own photographs and made them available to “other enthusiasts” – admitted three charges of taking indecent photographs and another charge of distributing them. Four charges of indecent assault and one count of conspiracy to distribute indecent photos were left on the court file. All the charges took place between January, 1980, and October, 2000.

    Levene, 54, unemployed from London, pleaded guilty to one charge of unlawful sex with a girl under 13 years, six counts of indecent assault, one of taking indecent photos and one of conspiracy to distribute indecent photos of children. Seven counts of indecent assault were left on the court file.

    Baldwin, 50, a caterer from London, admitted four counts of indecent assault four of taking indecent photos and two of distributing indecent photos. A charge of conspiracy to distribute indecent photos was ordered to be left on the court file.

  3. Troyhand said:

    BBC News – 18 March, 2002
    Paedophile ringleader goes free

    An Old Bailey judge has been criticised by a children’s charity for allowing a paedophile with a 40-year record to walk free from court.
    Trevor Mellis, an 80-year-old retired dentist from Yorkshire, was given a two-year suspended jail sentence for taking and distributing indecent pictures of children.

    Despite having convictions involving children dating back to 1964, Mellis has never served a jail sentence.

    He was part of a paedophile ring which detectives believe abused hundreds of children over many years.

    Three other members of the ring, which disguised itself as a fan club for a wartime child star, were sentenced to three to six years in jail by Judge David Paget.

    Outside court, members of the NSPCC investigation team said the sentences were too light.

    The team worked with Scotland Yard detectives to sort out thousands of obscene photographs of children.

    Team manager Maureen Carson said: “We are very disappointed, particularly for the victims.

    “They are still trying to recover from the abuse they suffered as children.

    “We are concerned that light sentences will put other victims off coming forward.

    ‘Destroyed lives’

    “And we are worried about the message it gives to other abusers in the community.

    “Mellis may be a sick and elderly man but he has spent his entire life abusing children.”

    Fellow investigator Beverley Clarke said: “This is a really negative sentence. This man has destroyed his victims’s lives.”

    Mellis and another man, Julian Levene, used the Hazell Ascott Appreciation Society as a front to pass child pornography between members.

    They called their perversions “The Hobby” and Levene had drawn up a flow chart called the “Hobby Do’s and Don’ts”, detailing tricks on how to trap and abuse children.

    Mellis, of Otley, West Yorkshire, was given a two-year sentence, suspended for two years, after pleading guilty to four sample charges.

    ‘Outraged and appalled’

    Judge Paget said it was because the offences involving him were 20 years old and he was in “very poor health” mentally and physically.

    Levene, 54, of Northolt, west London, was jailed for six years after admitting having sex with a girl under the age of 13, six indecent assaults, and taking and distributing indecent material.

    Keith Romig, 55, of Leyton, east London, and Leslie Baldwin, 50, of North Kensington, west London, were each jailed for three years for making and distributing indecent photographs and other offences.

    A number of other offences will lie on file.

    Judge Paget told the four men: “No right-thinking person can fail to be both outraged and appalled by the sexual abuse of young children.”

    [PIC]: Trevor Mellis has a long history of convictions

    [PIC]: Levene wrote out tips on how to abuse children

    [PIC]: Romig had built hiding holes for his pornography

  4. Troyhand said:

    Telegraph – 28 Jan 2003
    A cornered man’s terrible admission
    Bob Long

    When the police raided the home of a suspected paedophile, Bob Long was there to film it. He describes how the accused man confessed to his wife what it was they were looking for

    It was an immaculate house in the Home Counties. Its occupants were a respectable married couple, both retired: wealthy, educated, pillars of the community. Their home was a monument to decency and cleanliness. When the police smashed down the door of their house at six in the morning, I was behind them, filming. I was surprised to be invited inside by the man and wife to whom it was home. Usually people whose houses are searched by the police because they “have reason to believe that there is child pornography on the premises” do not want cameras anywhere near them.

    This couple, however, were open and friendly. Their house was perfectly tidy; family pictures adorned the walls. The couple had daughters, who were smiling out of the photographs, frequently with a favourite pony in the background.

    The police team, part of the international Operation Ore against child pornography, took the husband to one side, then started the laborious job of searching the house. They looked everywhere: every cabinet, every recess, every drawer was picked through, the items carefully identified and logged. They looked under the carpets and tested the floors, the walls, even the stairs for secret lockers.

    As the search proceeded, the husband’s calm smile began to sag. His anxiety was visibly increasing. He went up to the officer leading the search and politely asked if he could have a moment alone with his wife.

    The officer hesitated. Strictly speaking, the man was not entitled to such a moment – he could use it to destroy or conceal evidence. But the officer looked at the plaintive face of the old man standing in front of him and agreed. He waved the couple off in the direction of a room his team had already searched.

    I do not know exactly what the man said to his wife when they were alone, but it was the first moment he had had to explain why the police were in their house, going through their possessions. He was one of the men who had paid to see child pornography on the internet, emailing his credit card details to a website operating from Texas, USA. The American police had, nearly three years ago, investigated the couple who ran the site: they passed on to the British police the names of several thousand British citizens who had paid to enter it. These men had not paid to see holiday snaps of undressed children. The pictures on that site were graphic photographs of the rape and sexual abuse of very young girls.

    The man whose house I was in had paid the subscription so that he could look at those images. His wife, I am sure, had absolutely no idea what was coming. When she emerged from the room, it was with her chin up. She seemed determined to keep up the illusion that nothing very much had happened – and she almost succeeded. Then she stared intently at the man she had lived with for most of her life – a man she must now have felt was an utter stranger to her – and suddenly clutched her chest and dashed upstairs.

    She returned a couple of minutes later wearing a set of pearls. Her demeanour brightened as she fiddled with them and fussed over whether the searching policemen needed anything to eat or drink. The moment of truth had passed. The illusion was back again.

    The police tell me that it is very rare for couples to argue or break down during a search. They hardly ever see tears. Normally, the effect of a search is so shocking that the suspect’s wife – the suspect is always the man – tries desperately to pretend that there has simply been a mistake, and soon everything will be fine again. It is only after the police have departed that the awful reality starts to sink in, the recriminations begin, and the wife starts to work out the best way to leave her husband.

    It will be months, perhaps even years, before the man involved in this particular search ends up in court. His is only one name of thousands on the list. But his life – or at least his life as he knew it – is now over. No man recovers from the discovery of proof that he is a paedophile. His friends will disappear. His children will shun him. He will lose his wife and probably his home. The sad, distracted expression on the face of the man who watched in silence as the police took away his computer indicated that he knew it.

    Many of the men whose homes are being raided by the police would probably not be classed as “hard core” paedophiles. Most committed paedophiles are too experienced, and too wily, to pay for child pornography over the internet: they know the trail it leaves. They have their own sites, where the fee for access is as simple as it is horrific: the would-be subscriber must provide his own images of children being sexually abused by adults.

    When the police raid the house of a a man who has spent most of his adult life violating, or trying to violate, small children, they are greeted by a very different reaction from that of the husband and wife in the Home Counties. They encounter not silence and submission, but defiance, anger and outrage.

    A couple of years ago, I filmed the raid on the house of Julian Levene, a man whose passport had been found in the flat of another paedophile. Awoken by the police, he claimed that the raid was “an insult to British justice. There has been no due process!” He went on: “My home has been wrecked by state terrorism. The presumption of innocence has gone out the window. It is like a 16th-century witch-hunt – like being a Jew in Nazi Germany!”

    Police eventually found the pictures he had taken as he violated children. He had one of the largest collections of child pornography the police have ever encountered. When confronted with the evidence, he pleaded guilty to unlawful sexual intercourse with a child under the age of 13. He is now serving a six-year sentence.

    It is difficult to think of those who have been arrested for “just looking” at the internet site as being in the same category as a committed predatory paedophile such as Levene. Yet those who signed up to that site unquestionably played a part in the rape of children: by paying for the images, they ensure that children will continue to be sexually abused for their benefit.

    “Just looking” puts the man who looks at the top of a very slippery slope. At the bottom of that slope is not just a knock on the door at 6am. There is also the haunting look on a little girl’s face when she has been raped by a middle-aged man.

    Bob Long was talking to Alasdair Palmer
    The Hunt for Britain’s Paedophiles is on BBC2 continues today at 11.20pm

  5. Troyhand said:

    Guardian – 25 May 2002
    The hunt for Britain’s paedophiles

    ‘I loved him but he abused me. He is my monster, my nightmare’ – a victim speaks : A new TV series on tracking down paedophiles makes uncomfortable viewing – but it deserves to be seen, says a former victim

    They call it ‘The Hobby’, a term to describe the persistent abuse of young children by paedophiles. It is also the title of a booklet of rules and guidelines. It reads like a paedophiles catechism – the dos and don’ts of child abuse.

    It is handwritten and was circulated to members of a paedophile ring who first befriended each other as young adult members of The Hazel Ascot Appreciation Society (Hazel Ascot was a British child star in the 1940s). The Hobby was written by the society’s photographer, Julian Levene, a convicted paedophile. It tells members: ‘Do enjoy the hobby and be proud to enjoy it! Do talk to the hobby at every opportunity. Chat it up – make love to their minds! Do get them to love you and then withdraw your love before you move in; they will know the price of getting that love back.’

    This document was seized by members of a team working under the auspices of the Metropolitan Police that specialises in crimes committed by paedophiles. It is the largest unit of its kind in Europe. This team is the subject of a new three-part BBC series called The Hunt for Britain’s Paedophiles .

    The documentary follows the work of the unit’s 15 detectives and six civilians at New Scotland Yard and was compiled from 1,200 hours of unabridged filming over a two-year period.

    By conservative estimates, there are at least 200,000 victims of paedophilia in Britain. Fuelled by the internet, their predators are finding it easier to commit crimes at the expense of children. The BBC crew spent every day of the past two years filming a police hunt for paedophiles known as Operation Doorknock.

    The series has no presenter. The questioning is anonymous and polite but rigorous. The camera style is never flashy. The editing is subtle. There is no music, and the commentary is never emotional or sensationalist.

    Having watched all three programmes, I felt – as a cynical, hardened and informed victim of paedophilia – that every important issue surrounding the subject had been cleverly addressed.

    For example, should we prosecute old men whose crimes were committed over 30 years ago? This programme takes viewers right into the heart of the debate. Wilfred Thelman owns a cottage called ‘Hazelcot’. One of the rooms is virtually a shrine to Hazel Ascot. Before his arrest he was asked if he was still interested in ‘young girls’. He replied: ‘I am too old for anything like that now. I am 80 years old.’

    A year later he was sentenced at the Central Criminal Court in London after pleading guilty to charges including indecent assault on several victims. The BBC presents the evidence graphically yet unemotionally. In seized footage filmed by one of Thelman’s fellow Hazel Ascot fans, we see this pathetic old man prepar ing a 10-year-old girl for a session of buggery. He is given a suspended sentence and goes on the sex offenders’ register.

    The programme casts light on rarely addressed issues surrounding paedophilia. How do paedophiles entice their victims? Levene, author of The Hobby , is a master at it. He is now serving six years in prison and has also been put on the sex offenders list for life. He is a self-styled ‘public paedophile’ who has turned his hideous crime into a form of sick street theatre. He keeps cassettes of his conversations with victims: ‘I wish I were with you on that settee – have you still got your shirt on? We are alone darling… when was you 12 then?

    He then offers to impregnate his victim. ‘How many kids would you like then? I could give you two, twins. If we were in bed now, we could be making them now. Would you like that?’

    Levene has a series of ranting excuses and defences, and a cunning rationale for his criminal status. ‘I’m not a cruel person. I don’t think anybody believes that I am. I don’t believe anyone would claim that I have ever been cruel or unkind.’

    He invites the camera to film inside during the Met’s dawn raid at his suburban house in London. And then he rants about ‘an insult to British justice for a high profile media circus to be camped outside my door for 12 hours since early this morning, and for what purpose? I have neither been charged or cautioned. It’s like a sixteenth-century witchhunt.

    ‘Presumption of innocence has gone out of the window. It’s frightening the children. I’m being made a scapegoat. I am a non-violent, non-rapist, non-psychomaniac paedophile. You won’t get that printed in any damned headlines.’

    Levene seduced his niece, Sara, now in her early thirties. On camera she describes the first time he forced her to give him a French kiss. She was four. Sara also describes the last time her uncle raped her. Levene went along with her on ‘holiday’ to a cottage in the country owned by a friend called Peter. There Levene raped her in a small single-bedded room at the top the stairs. ‘This is our little secret,’ Levene told the eight-year old.

    ‘He made me feel special,’ she says – familiar sentiments for many victims of child abuse.

    Jane Denton was another of Levene’s nieces – and victims. DC Trevor Brown interviews Jane, now also in her thirties. Her abuse began at the hands of her father when she was three. Before she was 10 she had bought herself a new bicycle with the proceeds of sexual encounters in the back seats of a cinema in Victoria, London. Her father was her pimp.

    This led on to regular meetings with her Uncle Julian. The documentary focuses on a horrific black and white pornographic video which tells the story of a holiday in France. On the first morning Jane woke up in a farmhouse and looked out on a field full of beautiful horses. ‘If I was to do whatever he said this weekend, I could have my own pony,’ she recalls.

    Her weekend consisted of being raped in a nearby barn. She was subjected to group sex with three men and suffered another sexual assault at the hands of a woman.

    Jane describes everything in minute detail, and few could doubt she is telling the truth. And where was her father while this was going on? ‘Masturbating in a corner,’ she says.

    The resulting film proved popular among paedophiles. ‘Top three in the bestsellers that year in child pornography – and I never did get me pony,’ says Jane.

    Sara speaking about her ordeal at the hands of Levene, sums up the conflicting feelings that leave child victims torn apart: ‘Every time I saw him or every time he touched me I hated him a little bit more. I never enjoyed what he did to me. I never wanted him to come anywhere near me – but I loved him and he abused that. He is my monster. He is the nightmare.’

    The mission of Bob Long, producer of this extraordinary social document, was to ‘raise the debate’ about paedophilia. There is little question that he will do that.

    The first two 90-minute films weave several stories around months of painstaking work on location – at New Scotland Yard’s fifth floor paedophile unit, in local police stations, in warehouses and in the courts over the two years of shooting. They include clips of hardcore child pornography – cleverly integrated, with no hint of gratuitousness – but leaving viewers in no doubt about the horror of the crimes.

    On camera, the subjects are almost always in full view, even when they try, rather clumsily, to disguise themselves. These are long, compulsive, informative investigations. And television at its best.

    The third and final part of The Hunt for Britain’s Paedophiles gets to the heart of the difficult emotions sparked when this subject is discussed. It is filmed over only one day, and there is only one subject: the dawn raid by three police officers and the subsequent arrest of Mark Hansen at his home in Southampton.

    Inside his flat, which he shares with three ferrets, we see the seizure of evidence of child rape. Child pornography is scattered around the almost uninhabitable living room. We watch as the detectives take away Scouting magazines, young boys’ soccer clothes and pornographic photos of children.

    We then see early stages of Hansen’s police interrogation, and an extended ‘on camera’ interview with him, made with his full permission. (He knew the BBC was filming him and had given them his approval to film in his flat).

    We see him going to the local police station, carrying computers containing his pornography. We see him co-operating with the police in every way. He begins to rationalise his paedophilia in a series of pleading apologies and analyses about his condition – all of this in the context that he is certainly going to get another prison sentence. We learn that he has previous convictions and was a victim of child abuse himself.

    He tells the camera: ‘It takes years to get a boy to co-operate. If a partner’s not willing, don’t do it. I now find it very hard to have a relationship with an adult. I don’t enjoy normal sex with men. It’s not just the sexual part of it, I like their (young boys’) company, their conversation, their whole way of life. Peter Pan principle – don’t want to grow up.

    ‘I don’t have any family. I don’t feel I belong anywhere, no roots.

    ‘I enjoy companionship, possibly with the wrong people. I am not into S&M, not into buggery, not into masturbation. I have got to take a long hard look at things – see what is available in the future really.’

    He is then asked what he would say if he was to look at his life from the outside: ‘It’s frightening really. It’s also worrying. It’s like running into a brick wall at high speed, picking yourself up and running at it again – not a lifestyle I would recommend for anybody, especially not at the moment, in this climate. The press don’t help matters. ‘

    Within hours of being granted bail at the police station, Hansen committed suicide in the New Forest within a few miles of his flat. He inhaled the carbon monoxide fumes of a car exhaust, and also took an overdose of anti-depressants and other pills. He left suicide notes, including one granting access to the BBC. He clearly wanted the filmmakers to use his last interview. And he made clear that the police treatment of him had no impact on his decision.

    Are Hansen and other paedophiles who commit suicide better off dead? One of the detectives involved certainly thinks so. He has no sympathy for them: ‘I have no feelings for them whatsoever. It’s safer for kids that he’s not here.’ Bob Long is less judgmental. He and his team were profoundly shocked and disturbed by Hansen’s death.

    So what is the solution? Long does not believe that more severe prison sentences will help. Nowadays the brutal violence meted out in jail for ‘nonces’ has been replaced by the protective segregation of paedophiles under Rule 43. There is a progressive psychiatric branch of the prison service called the Wolvercote unit which Long believes to be an important experiment in the rehabilitation of paedophiles.

    Much better than prison, says Long, is to create an environment which would make it unlikely paedophiles would offend in the first place. Long believes his series can help to create such an environment and bring the issues to a wide audience: ‘Here’s the problem, what are you – Britain – going to do about it?’

    That remains to be seen, but this brilliant piece of investigative documentary television is a credit to all involved in making it and should have the shocking impact that Dickens produced when he explored the Victorian treatment of children in novels such as Oliver Twist, Great Expectations and Nicholas Nickleby. Our children will thank us for watching and learning from it.

  6. Troyhand said:

    The Jewish Chronicle – 29/03/2002
    Paedophile ring ‘linchpin’ is sentenced to six years

    AN UNEMPLOYED Northolt Jewish man has been jailed for six years at the Old Bailey for his part in a paedophile ring.

    Said to be its “linchpin,” 54-year-old Julian Levene was charged with offences including sex with a minor, indecent assaults and distributing indecent material.

    He was in the dock with Keith Romig, 55, from Leyton, and Leslie Baldwin, 50, from Notting Hill, who were both jailed for three years, and 80-year-old former dentist Trevor Mellis, who received a two-year suspended sentence. All had pleaded guilty at a previous hearing.

    They were apprehended through Operation Doorknock, an intelligence-led investigation begun in April 2000 by officers of the Metropolitan Police’s anti-paedophilia unit.

    Searches of Romig’s house revealed a large quantity of child pornography in concealed compartments, as well as a passport in the name of Julian Godfrey Levene. Additional searches were conducted, leading to the arrest of the three others in the dock.

    Among material recovered at a storage facility in Wembley was a hand-written list by Levene entitled “The Hobby Do’s and Don’ts” — a guide to methods of winning the trust of children.

    He and Mellis were also involved in the running of an appreciation society for a British child star, Hazel Ascott, founded in the 1940s. They allegedly used it as a means of communicating with other paedophiles — though it was stressed the society included many genuine member, and there was not suggestion the actress was aware of its misuse.

    Senior investigating officer Detective Chief-Inspector Dave Marshall told the JC: “These were manipulative, calculating men who preyed on their victims. The ‘do’s and don’ts’ list was a chilling example of the procedures adopted to groom children.

    “This was a protracted and difficult investigation, the success of which was largely attributable to the courage of the victims, who have supported this prosecution and been prepared to give evidence.

    “Many of the victims continue to suffer daily following the serious crimes committed against them.”

  7. Troyhand said:

    The Mirror (London, England) – June 1, 2002
    As a child Jane was sold for sex by her pervert father.. now she can’t even hug her own son; EXCLUSIVE: A HARROWING STORY OF PARENTAL ABUSE.
    Byline: RUKI SAYID, Additional reporting: JEFFERY PICKETT

    JANE Stone watches her two-year-old son sleeping. As he turns over, the duvet slips off, leaving his bare arms exposed to the cold.

    She longs to reach out and pull the cover over him – but she can’t.

    Memories of being “tucked in” by her depraved father are so traumatic that Jane cannot bear to carry out that simple act of love for her own child.

    The evil she suffered at the hands of paedophile

    George Denton has tainted even everyday actions like bathing her son, giving him a loving cuddle or just snuggling up in bed to read him a fairytale.

    Today Jane breaks a lifetime’s silence to talk frankly about how her father groomed her for abuse, hired her out to perverts and made her the focus of his vile child pornography films.

    Jane is speaking out to highlight the disgrace that one of her abusers, “uncle” Julian Levene, has just received an outrageously lenient six-year jail sentence for unlawful sex and indecent assault.

    When Jane gave police the evidence which damned Levene, family secrets she thought she would take to her grave came back to haunt her.

    In an exclusive interview with the Daily Mirror, Jane, 35, says: “The court case opened up old wounds. It brought back things about my father I thought I had buried for over 30 years.

    “And it made me realise that he not only robbed me of my innocence, his actions have wrecked any chance I have of bonding with my child.

    “I can’t do what most mums do without a second thought and that really hurts. I can’t tickle my boy, cuddle him or give him a bath because of what my father did to me. My son has to wash and dry himself because any close contact with him just gives me terrible flashbacks.

    “If my son says, ‘Mummy, cuddle’ and puts his arms out, I just say, ‘Sorry, Mummy can’t’. He has to make do with his Tigger toy which is no substitute for a mother’s hug.”

    Jane’s story is a harrowing account of 13 years of sexual abuse by a father to a daughter who trusted and loved him unconditionally.

    Years of bottling up her feelings finally spilled over following Levene’s paltry sentence at the Old Bailey in March.

    Levene, 58, from Northolt, Middlesex, was part of George Denton’s paedophile ring and was “introduced” to Jane when she was eight.

    The evidence which nailed him included explicit childhood pictures of Jane and a sickening child porn video of group sex with Jane as the monsters’ plaything.

    Filmed in black and white, her father – now dead – was the cameraman. He even watched while Jane, a ponytailed schoolgirl in white school socks and a short skirt, was dragged on to a pinball machine and sexually abused by a woman.

    It took a team of 15 detectives from Scotland Yard’s Operation Doorknock two years to piece together the evidence which led to Levene’s conviction. The Daily Mirror alerted parents to the known paedophile in November 1996 when we revealed how he preyed on young victims, offering them trips to McDonald’s in his ancient estate car.

    LEVENE bragged about writing a paedophile’s handbook and described his twisted sex acts as “The Hobby”.

    But, because he had not committed any offence in 1996, he could not be charged and it would be another four years before the police caught up with him again.

    For Jane, the notion that his light sentence means he could soon be free to destroy more young lives, has led her to call for the CPS to appeal against it.

    “I couldn’t stop my father from hurting other children. He is dead… but I won’t rest until I stop Levene,” she says.

    Part of her campaign hinges on her own regrets that she remained silent about her father.

    For at least 13 years, George Denton hid his depravity behind an air of respectability. A copytaker at the Financial Times, he was also a key member of the Children’s Country Holiday Fund, which took deprived youngsters on trips to the country.

    It was the ideal front for his paedophile ring.

    “I didn’t know it at the time, but the only children who ever went on the trips were kids who had been abused. He chose who went,” says Jane from her home in South London.

    A confident, attractive woman, Jane’s voice never wavers as she recalls almost clinically the sex acts carried out on her young body.

    “I don’t cry,” she says. “Never have.”

    It’s difficult to fathom what really lies behind her bravado. Her story is to be featured in a three-part BBC documentary on paedophiles which begins on Thursday. Some of the explicit stills and video footage are so distressing that the harrowing documentary is bound to cause controversy.

    But Jane barely flinches at the painful reminder. “My father must have thought he had won the lottery the day I was born,” she says. The only child of Mr and Mrs George Denton from Catford, South London, her mother believed the close father-daughter relationship was forged through a pure love.

    For 13 years Mrs Denton had no idea her angelic child was subject to daily abuse. By the age of three Jane’s dad had indoctrinated her with the mantra:”This is our special secret – don’t tell anyone.” At the age of five her father introduced her to his “friends” and when she was nine, he took her virginity.

    “When I was 10, he used to take me to a children’s cinema at Victoria Station to earn some pocket money,” she says. As Looney Tunes cartoons filled the screen, Jane sat in the back row carrying out sex acts on a string of perverts.

    “I used to masturbate them for pounds 1 a go,” she says in a matter-of-fact voice. “I used to make pounds 20 to pounds 30. He’d spend some of it on beer and give me the rest. I saved up enough to buy a BMX bike … you should see what he made me do to get a pony.”

    Jane adored horses and her father promised her a pony if she took part in “special weekends”. Memories of those weekends still bring nightmares and she often wakes crying. Her devoted husband of four-and-a-half years cradles her until she falls asleep again.

    It is impossible to comprehend the fear of a little girl, held down on a pinball machine as a woman sexually abused her while her own father stood close by, masturbating.

    “I had to make three videos like those,” she volunteers. “And I never did get my pony.”

    White walls can also trigger flashbacks of times when Jane and other abused children would be taken to her father’s study where he would screen porn films on a wall he had painted white. The children would then be forced to re-enact them.

    “We’d have to keep doing it until we got it right,” says Jane. All the while, her father told her it was their special secret. “He told me if anyone found out, he would go to jail and then Mummy wouldn’t love me and I’d have to live with a horrible family who didn’t really want me,” she says. “The thought of losing my parents terrified me.”

    It still seems incredible that a child can be abused without a relative, teacher or friend discovering the truth. But Jane gives a terrifying insight into how possible this is.

    “Ever since I can remember I was taught what my father did to me was normal. It wasn’t a question of what was right or wrong – it was just what happened between fathers and daughters. I never knew any different.”

    GEORGE Denton’s evil regime finally collapsed when police raided his home in 1980 and seized dozens of indecent films and magazines, hidden around the house.

    Jane was taken into care until her father was jailed for five years at the Old Bailey. Her mother was so traumatised by the revelations, she needed therapy for three years.

    “My mum had no idea,” says Jane. “I don’t think she has ever recovered from it.” For Jane, years of “grooming” meant she was unable to give evidence at her father’s trial and she clammed up when psychologists questioned her.

    A trip to India when she was 21 changed her outlook on life. She went from being a drifter to holding down a regular job, forming a loving, lasting relationship and becoming a mum. In Delhi she saw children begging for rice and women with babies unlikely to survive the day. She recalls: “It put my life into perspective. The turning point was when a beggar came up to me and I went to give him some money but he had no hands – only stumps. I realised then, whatever had happened to me, I could work through it but he would never get his hands back.

    “I have found my voice and I want justice – not only for me but for every child who has been abused. My father is dead and there’s nothing I can do about that. But Julian Levene is still alive and must never be allowed near another child.”

    VICTIM: Jane aged three; JAILED: Levene; COURAGE: Jane is fighting for other victims; VILE: George Denton with Jane and friend

  8. Troyhand said:

    Sky News – 18 March 2002
    Three Paedophiles Jailed

    Three paedophiles who hid their crimes behind a wartime child star’s fan club have been jailed for a total of 12 years. The Hazel Ascot Appreciation Society was used as a front to make or exchange thousands of pictures of child abuse over the past 30 years.

    The three members also indecently assaulted a series of children, glorying in the practice they described as “The Hobby”.

    A fourth, former dentist Trevor Mellis, 80, was given a two-year suspended sentence for taking and distributing indecent photographs.


    Keith Romig, 55, used his home as a warehouse for a huge range of pornographic material.

    Romig, who molested a girl aged between five and seven, was jailed for three years.

    Leslie Baldwin, 51, who admitted indecently assaulting a girl aged between eight and nine was also given a three-year sentence.

    Julian Levene, 58, boasted of his role as photographer and researcher for the society.

    Levene, who admitted preying on five girls and taking photographs of those assaults, was given six years.


    Levene is so unrepentant about the misery he has inflicted over 30 years that he allowed a film crew to track and interview him before his sentence.

    Old Bailey judge David Paget said: “No right thinking person can fail to be both outraged and appalled by sexual abuse of young children.

    “The harm it does is incalculable and the real tragedy is the that lives of the victims are blighted forever.”

    Romig, Baldwin and Levene were ordered to sign on the sex offenders register for life.


    Mellis grinned as he was told he would only have to sign the sex offenders register for 10 years after the judge let him walk free.

    In addition to photographs and films, the gang circulated a self help guide of “Do’s and Don’ts” for procuring, grooming and abusing children.

    The men who described themselves as “Hobbyists” were advised to “make love to their minds”.

    The guide recommended specific areas of the country to hunt for children such as the naval ports of Chatham, Gillingham and Portsmouth.

    Members were advised to have a pet dog as a means of introducing themselves to children and there were also tips in photography.

  9. Troyhand said:

    The Argus – 22nd May 2002
    No trial for porn suspect

    A man accused of having links to a paedophile network will not be prosecuted because of his ill health.

    James Willis, 86, was alleged to have plotted with others to trade child porn.

    Various members of a ring were jailed earlier this year for their part in abuse.

    Willis, from Hove, was due to face trial at the Old Bailey.

    The case against him was discontinued because he has a serious illness.

    The earlier trial heard how members of the ring made or exchanged thousands of depraved pictures of children.

    Keith Romig, 55, Leslie Baldwin, 51, and Julian Levene, 58, were among those jailed.

    Former dentist Trevor Mellis, 80, vice-president of the society, from Otley, Leeds, was given a two-year suspended jail term for taking and distributing indecent photographs.

    Willis, of Muriel House, Ingram Crescent West, faced a charge of conspiracy to distribute indecent photographs.

    Judge David Paget agreed the charge should be discontinued.

  10. Troyhand said:


    Buddy in Britain
    Buddy Holly and the Crickets’ Tour: March 1958
    By Paul McCartney (Introduction by), Julian Levene, Barney Hoskyns

    Format: Hardback, 128 pages
    Other Information: 120 b&w photographs, illustrations
    Published In: United Kingdom, 31 August 1990

    In this book the authors reconstruct the only tour that Buddy Holly made in Britain, in which he gave 28 concerts. The tour influenced many young British musicians at the time, including Lennon and McCartney. Included are many photographs, including several taken by Buddy’s manager, Norman Petty and previously unpublished, as well as contemporary memorabilia such as posters, tickets, newspaper cuttings and advertisements. The author has also written “Say it One Time for the Brokenhearted: The Country Side of Southern Soul” and “Imp of the Perverse”.

    Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing PLC
    ISBN: 0747505020
    EAN: 9780747505020
    Dimensions: 27.0 x 21.0 centimetres
    ISBN-13: 9780747505020
    ISBN-10: 0747505020

    General discussion about Buddy & The Crickets

    sammiegirl » 01 Sep 2010
    Does anyone have any info on a book called Buddy in Britain written by Julian Levene / Barney Hoskyns around sept 1989 ? Iv come across a mock up of the book , the name of the publishers are given as Bloomsbury, I cannot trace a copy anywhere….peter

    Peter Gibson » 02 Sep 2010

    I met JL at the Victoria Palace theatre, when the ‘Buddy’ show was playing there. It may well have been in late 1989. He had a small catalogue detailing books to be issued by a publisher, presumably the following year. I didn’t read the catalogue, but he said his book was listed. He also stated that the publisher wanted to cut large segments from the book but he would not agree to this, and was still in discussions with them.
    Peter Gibson,

    Chris Hopkins » 04 Sep 2010
    Didn’t Mr Levine spend time in prison due to his unhealthy interest in children?

    Frank » 04 Sep 2010
    Yes, Mr Levine actually featured in a TV programme about his “interests” in children …….is he still inside does anyone know ?
    He did mention in the TV programme his rock’n’roll collection i.e. I think he was worried about what would happend to it whilst he was detained at Her Majesty’s pleasure …..

    General discussion about Buddy & The Crickets

    EchoChamberCricket » 01 Jan 2012
    “ Here is a great photo taken on the tarmac of the Los Angeles airport as the tour of Buddy Holly, Jerry Lee Lewis, Paul Anka and Jodie Sands embark on a flight to Hawaii before continuing to Australia. This is from January 27th, 1958 – two days after Buddy recorded “Rave On” and “That’s My Desire” in New York, and one day after they appeared on the Ed Sullivan show performing “Oh Boy”.

    christina1960 » 01 Jan 2012
    Oh dear Julian, six years at her Majesty’s pleasure have not improved you eye sight at all.

    EchoChamberCricket » 02 Jan 2012
    Goodwill To All Y’all, and Happy Noo Year Sweet Tawkin Old Dear Old Gal Christina 50 years-to-Life in CONman-sense UK, so natch STILL can’t see thru j U n K-media thugs-n-spivs for mugs that inhumanly binned good Bud’s good buddies Mr & Mrs Killa-Fireball Wild-One/Wild Hair/Wild Act with bling blinding Old Gal Christina’s eyes needing Granny Specs to see a
    B-I-G ‘Butler’ plane licensed at Sydney Kingsford Smith/N.S.W. – S. Queensland route, unbelievably still missed by the Old Dear Old Gal Christina still in that very deep Egyptian river – Denial.

    Chris Hopkins » 02 Jan 2012
    For those here who don’t know: Echo Chamber Cricket is Julian Levene, a convicted paedophile who did 6 years in prison for his crimes. See links below:

    EchoChamberCricket » 02 Jan 2012
    Goodwill To All Y’all sticking here to a lifetime of Rock n Roll not Life-Sentenced Junk-Media-Mugs again proving the oh so boring points: “Rule The Media – Rule The Minds / Junk Media – Junk Minds”.
    Part-2 soon. If not too soon.

    EchoChamberCricket » 03 Jan 2012
    Good Fans, Ladies & Gentlemen of the Jury. You may note that these sorry, indeed soppy, matters with each-posting a record of documented evidence now safely archived, were bought about not by any aggression from the amusing ECC merely entertaining while defending rationale and facts-not-myths. But were indeed delivered by proactive, pre-emptive, constant and unprovoked attacks by irrational ingrates. Stereotypical junk-media-made psycho-illogical profiles revealed in the writings of just 1 or 2 sad defendants, naively believing their own junk-media-made B.S. Like the unelected junk-media itself representing an undemocratically small, yet typically LOUD minority; clearly all needing treatment and pity, not persecution. And certainly not to be hounded from this fine forum.

    Lothar » 03 Jan 2012
    Please read what Chris Hopkins wrote about ECC!
    Lothar Pedd

    EchoChamberCricket » 04 Jan 2012
    Gangs-all-here, welcum to the BIG OPINONS BIG ISSUE Deutsch dude Lothar. Not forgettin good Bud-fan Rockin polymath Prof Brian Cox, D-Ream/’Things Can Only Get Better’ – ” Facts Beat Opinons. ”
    See ya’ll on (Bud’s intials) cliched Hero-Hopkins’ BIG OPINIONS ISSUE.
    Can’t Stop – Keep On Rockin.

    Chris Hopkins » 05 Jan 2012
    I can think of only one good use for a bat this morning. I think the only way this forum will return to it’s former glory is if the paedophile leaves and doesn’t return. His posts make me sick. I apologise, John, for speaking my mind but I cannot correspond with or pretend to play happy families with such a despicable man.

    AJ » 05 Jan 2012
    I no longer read any post by the pedophile – I think everyone else is doing the same – don’t read ECC’s deluded, mostly unintelligeble posts. But then again as in the past he’ll just change his moniker.

    Frank » 05 Jan 2012
    I think most of us worked out who ECC was some time ago and took the very sensible decision not to either read his posts or, more importanlty, post replies.
    Let it wither on the vine ………….

    buddyholly1957 » 06 Jan 2012
    Although I never had the honor of meeting Buddy Holly, I have come met members of his family and I have serious doubts that Buddy Holly would be interested in anything Mr. Levene has to say or write. I have never heard anyone who ever knew Buddy Holly call him “Bud”. It sounds ridiculous.
    It’s interesting to me that with all of the accusations flying on this board that the accused has yet to proclaim their innocence, choosing instead to blame the media and members of this board. It is a shame that Mr. Beecher, who owns the reputation of being one of Buddy Holly’s best fans, should have to witness the destruction of his wonderful message board due to the actions of an unwanted visitor. I do not know Mr. Levene and I am no jury to convict him. I only wish he would leave this board in peace and without destroying it in the process.

    EchoChamberCricket » 07 Jan 2012
    Anony-mouse behind the name ‘buddyholly1957’ gives that lil dude/dude-ess lil insight into Buddy Holly & The Crickets all-time drummerboy Jerry’s FACT ref. to “BUD” in Al ‘Fluff’ Freeman’s 1974 (pre ‘Brit Brain Crap’) old-school Beeb classic series “The History Of Pop”. Meanwhile a statement is in preparation for posting, to blow the recent fact-hiding Brit Bull Corp/Brit Brain Crap camera-operator’s re-spewed myths clean outta the water.
    Closing thought for now, Bud n Boyz sho nuff dug their good bud’s, good pedos n adultos Jerry Lee n Myra, El n Cilla.
    ecc yo know what yo gotta do, so do-it-to-it – ffone-home.

    Is it a fact that Mr. Levene authored a kids book?

    buddyholly1957 » 17 Jan 2012
    Please re-read my comments correctly and you will read that I wrote the following… “I have never heard anyone who knew Buddy Holly call him ‘Bud'”. And that is FACT because I have never HEARD it. I’ve been around Mr. Allison many times and I never heard him use it….but that does not mean he has not. I have heard Mr. Allison call him “Holly” many times, while watching The Crickets interviewed or talking personally to Mr. Allison. In any case, if the allegations on this board are true, I still seriously doubt that Charles Hardin Holley, Buddy Holly, or The Crickets would be interested in Mr. Levene’s words or wisdom, provided the allegations are true.

  11. Troyhand said:

    Guardian – 18 March 2002
    Fury as paedophile, 80, walks free

    An Old Bailey judge was criticised by child welfare workers yesterday after allowing a paedophile with a record stretching back 40 years to walk free from court.
    Trevor Mellis, 80, a retired dentist from Otley, Yorkshire, was given a two-year suspended jail sentence after he admitted taking and distributing indecent pictures of children.

    Despite having convictions involving children dating back to 1964, Mellis has never served a jail sentence. He was part of a paedophile ring which detectives believe abused hundreds of children over many years.

    Judge David Paget sentenced three other members of the ring, which disguised itself as a fan club for a wartime child star, Hazel Ascott, were sentenced to between three and six years in jail. But outside court, members of the NSPCC investigation team said the sentences were too light.

    The team worked with Scotland Yard to sort out thousands of obscene photographs of children, and counselled victims.

    The team manager, Maureen Carson, said: “We are very disappointed, particularly for the victims. They are still trying to recover from the abuse they suffered as children. We are concerned that light sentences will put other victims off coming forward. And we are worried about the message it gives to other abusers.

    “Mellis may be a sick and elderly man, but he has spent his entire life abusing children.”

    Judge Paget said he was giving Mellis a suspended sentence because the offences involving him were 20 years old and he was in “poor health” mentally and physically.

    Julian Levene, 54, unemployed of Northolt, west London, was jailed for six years after admitting having sex with a girl aged under 13, six indecent assaults, and taking and distributing indecent material.

    Keith Romig, 55, unemployed of Leyton, east London, and Leslie Baldwin, 50, of North Kensington, west London, were each jailed for three years for making and distributing indecent photographs and other offences. They also pleaded guilty. Press Association

  12. http://www.anorak.co.uk/348578/celebrities/jimmy-savile-interviewed-in-1964-did-he-have-sex-with-a-16-year-old-when-he-was-4.html/#more-348578

    Savile’s 1964 interview with New Venture News, a south london,Old Ken Road SE1 (Lambeth?) record shop

    During the interview contained at link above, Savile answers a question as follows
    Q – What were your non-scholastic subjects or hobbies? A – She left when she was 13

    Since when was a 13 year old girl referred to as a ‘hobby’?

    Savile’s answer to that question now only makes sense in the context the discovery and convictions of members of The Hazel Ascot Appreciation Society. The bible of how to groom and molest children entitled The Hobby is outlined in a May 2002 Guardian article by Dan Boyd:

    “They call it ‘The Hobby’, a term to describe the persistent abuse of young children by paedophiles. It is also the title of a booklet of rules and guidelines. It reads like a paedophiles catechism – the dos and don’ts of child abuse.
    It is handwritten and was circulated to members of a paedophile ring who first befriended each other as young adult members of The Hazel Ascot Appreciation Society (Hazel Ascot was a British child star in the 1940s). The Hobby was written by the society’s photographer, Julian Levene, a convicted paedophile. It tells members: ‘Do enjoy the hobby and be proud to enjoy it! Do talk to the hobby at every opportunity. Chat it up – make love to their minds! Do get them to love you and then withdraw your love before you move in; they will know the price of getting that love back.’
    This document was seized by members of a team working under the auspices of the Metropolitan Police that specialises in crimes committed by paedophiles. It is the largest unit of its kind in Europe. This team is the subject of a new three-part BBC series called The Hunt for Britain’s Paedophiles .”

    In 1964, pop pickers of South London who were ‘hobbyists’ now knew Savile was one too. What a way to advertise. Always in plain sight.

  13. Otley features in ‘As it ‘Appens’, Savile’s 1974 autobiography (incidentally published at another crisis point of discovery cf. the ‘Godfather’ articles in The Sun 1983, but this time it was partially Payola inquiry at BBC and Clair Uffland’s suicide, inquest and ‘missing diary’)

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