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In a 2004 interview with Australian TV presenter Andrew Denton, Max Clifford admitted having information about “prominent people that are part of paedophile rings”.

ANDREW DENTON: After doing this for 15 years, this particular area of your work, does anything shock you anymore?

MAX CLIFFORD: Yeah. I mean, probably not the same as it would most people. And there’s still an awful lot of things that I can’t expose because there’s a lot of very powerful people that are doing an awful lot of things, and they’re very clever and they do have vast amounts of money, lawyers, etc. Prominent people that are part of paedophile rings, but you can’t get close to them, and they have the money to pay off parents when they find out that they’ve been abusing their children. So, there’s lots of areas where I wish, if you like, I had greater powers.

ANDREW DENTON: ‘Cause I read an interview with you in the ‘Sunday Times’ a few years back where you referred to exactly this – you said, “I know of a rich man from a top family who buggered a small boy and I was going to reveal the story, but I discovered that the rich man’s family had paid off the victim’s family with a cheque more than they would earn in their lifetime, and I accepted that and I respect that.” Was that an ethical thing to do?

MAX CLIFFORD: Well, I mean, first of all, I can’t break the story unless they’re prepared to cooperate. It’s no good me going to an editor of a newspaper and say this has happened and the family say it’s not true – they won’t run the story. So I don’t have a choice. I totally understood that. It’s all very well for me to say, “This is what you should do to protect other children, etc, etc,” although I do think that experience basically stopped his activities. But, you know, that’s their choice. I can’t say to them… How am I to say? “It’s alright for me – I’m extremely wealthy. Turn down a vast amount of money which will establish you and look after you and your family for the rest of your lives because I think you should stand up.” It’s their decision.

ANDREW DENTON: Could you not have gone to the police?

MAX CLIFFORD: And done what? They couldn’t have proved it, because the family and the boy say it’s not true, Andrew. It’s not that simple. Believe me, there’s lots of stories I’d love to break, and I know them to be true, but you’ve got to prove things.

Full transcript of interview

Extract from ‘Paedophiles to be treated as terrorists’, The Times 27th April 2014

“Sexual predators who download manuals on how to groom their victims will face the same sanctions as terrorists who downlaod guides to bomb-making.

While it is illegal to possess indecent images of child abuse, a legal loophole means there are no sanctions for possessing manuals that provide advice to paedophiles on how to identify and win over victims and evade capture.”

“In February 2002, Julian Levine, then 54, a paedophile from London, was jailed after hoarding 42,000 pictures of abuse. A guide written by Levine described being a paedophile as a “hobby” and was entitled The Hobby Dos and Don’ts. It suggested approaches that could be used to engage children, activities that would involve meeting children and tips on approaching children in the street.”

News of the World, 8th June 1980

NOTW080680The Hunt for Britain’s Paedophiles (part 2), 2002 – follows Scotland Yard’s Operation Doorknock and interviews some of Levine’s victims. Be warned – this is very harrowing viewing. It contains an interview with Levine’s niece who was raped by Levine (see approx 1hr5mins) at the home of his friend Peter Sinclair, who also features in the 1980 News of the World article.