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    Fortnight, Issues 190-205 – 1983
    Page 27

    The Kincora File

    In Dublin earlier this month John Mulcahy, formerly editor of that excellent publication Hibernia, made a welcome return to the magazine business with the launching of a new satirical magazine called The Phoenix. Unashamedly derivative of Private Eye – right down to its cartoon-strewn layout and scurrilous writing style – it looks like providing a necessary antidote to the unspeakable smugness of the Dublin establishment in the form of regular exposes, scandal-mongering and the ferreting out of unsavory secrets.

    The first issue features an article on the alleged links between the Kincora boys home scandal and British intelligence. Despite a liberal smattering of inaccuracies and innuendo and some raking over of old coals, it makes fascinating reading. Some of it borders on the libellous, something that doesn’t need to concern a Dublin-based magazine writing about the ‘British occupied’ North.

    For what it’s worth – and it may be worth jogging people’s memories abut Kincora at a time when two police investigations into the whole sorry affair have reached the report stage – here are a few of the highlights of the article. The writer claims that ‘the man who orchestrated the various activities of the Kincora ring has been identified as a lieutenant-colonel in the British army attached to E Department (Special Branch) of the RUC, whose staff code was E5. The links between E5 and Kincora were known by E3 (the superintendent in charge of the intelligence section of the RUC at Knock HQ) and his deputy in charge of intelligence on loyalists, a chief inspector whose code was E3(B).

    Among the ‘spooks’ the article mentions in its ‘Kincora Who’s Who’ (without specifying what their connection is with the scandal) are: Sir Frank Howard Smith, who retired as head of MI5 in June 1981 and who served as the British government’s civil representative in Northern Ireland from 1970; David Holden, who was shot in mysterious circumstances in Cairo in 1976 and who was the writer claims was working for MI6 in Ireland under cover as a Sunday Times journalist (which, it was revealed after his death, was what he had been doing in the Middle East); David Venn, sometime director and coordinator of intelligence at the Northern Ireland Office; Sir Francis Brooks Richards, currently Northern Ireland’s security coordinator and member of Mrs Thatcher’s intelligence coordinating committee; Dennis Payne, alleged to be a senior MI5 officer who replaced an MI6 man as director and coordinator of intelligence at Stormont in a purge which removed all senior MI6 men from Belfast in 1974; Craig Smellie, alleged intelligence controller at the British army’s Lisburn HQ until the 1974 purge; Ian Cameron, MI5 man alleged to have become Craig Smellie’s successor after the purge; and strangest of all, ‘Mr Frances’ – a homosexual Welshman who ran the Gardenia gay massage parlour on the Stranmillis Road, which was later admitted to have been a front for British intelligence.

    James McKnight
    Fortnight January 1983
    Page 27

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    Links to sippets of above Fortnight article as confirmation













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    The Belfast Gazette – 27 June 1975
    Issue: 3164 Page: 479

    Notice of dissolution of partnership

    Notice is hereby given that the partnership heretofore subsisting between John Neill Gilmour of No. 7 Colby Park, Belfast, and Albert Baxter of No. 5 Lyndhurst Drive, Belfast, carrying on business of sauna and massage clinic at Nos. 46/48 Stranmillis Road, Belfast, under the style or firm of Gardenia Massage Clinic has been dissolved as from the first day of March, 1975, so far as concerns the said John Neill Gilmour who retired from the said firm on that date.

    All debts due to and owing by the said late firm will be received and paid respectively by the said Albert Baxter who will carry on the said business under the style or firm of Gardenia Massage Clinic at said address.

    Dated this 12th day of May, 1975.

    Signed by the said John Neill Gilmour and Albert Baxter in the presence of Patrick Fergusson, Solicitor, 40 Upper Arthur Street, Belfast. }

    John Neill Gilmour
    A. Baxter

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