Charity chief is accused in sex slaves scandal (15.11.81)

News of the World, 15th November 1981


  1. Troyhand said:
    The Robesonian – 26 October 1981
    . . . around the world

    PEKING (AP)…

    PARIS (AP) – French authorities questioned some 200 people and arrested four in connection with an organized network promoting homosexual activity and pornography with young boys, police sources said.

    Warrants were issued for the arrest of six others, with more charges expected to follow, the sources said Wednesday. Teachers and clergymen were among those questioned, they added.

    The network was uncovered when a 10-year-old girl in the Paris suburb of Creteil told her parents there was something suspicious about a man taking her two brothers on vacation, the sources said.

    Police arrested Patrice Amaniera, 31, of Creteil, who ran an association to help distressed children. A search of his home turned up pornographic photographs and films, an address’ book of clients throughout France, and account books, the sources said.

  2. Troyhand said:

    [This is article is worth transcribing. Tell you why at the bottom.]

    News of the World – 15 November 1981
    Charity chief is accused in sex slaves scandal
    By Edward Trevor

    Vice boss Patrice Amaniera had a perfect cover as the deputy president of a Society of Chivalry which provided holidays for deprived or sub-normal children, say police.

    And they have shocked the charity’s supporters by accusing Amaniera, 31, of heading an evil international gang which offered boys as sex slaves to wealthy perverts.

    Detectives say many of Amaniera’s rich clients came to his elegant apartment in Paris with oriental carpets and red silk curtains.

    They included an English aristocrat, known only by his code-name.

    He flew to Paris and half-naked boys were paraded before him so he could make his choice. The next morning he flew back to Britain.

    An Arab oil sheikh is alleged to have paid Amaneira £5,000 for a visit to the flat, where he sat with three boys in a circular bath filled with vintage champagne.

    But the racket was smashed after police arrested ****salesman JACQUES DUGUE****, who enrolled boys between seven and 15 while ****working as a part-time sports teacher in Paris.****

    His confession led to Amaniera’s arrest as he drove to the South of France. Police claim he was delivering a nine-year-old boy to a client.

    They say Amaniera sent VIP customers an illustrated catalogue, showing photos of boys who could be hired as sex slaves.

    “These perverts ordered children by mail in the same way as other people order a pair of shoes, and paid cash on delivery,” said police chief Paul Venore.

    Boys are said to have been subjected to sex tortures and filmed with customers through two-way mirrors in Amaniera’s flat.

    The “baby porn” films were later sold to sex shops throughout Europe, including London.

    Police seized hundreds of photos and films when they raided the apartment, and ten notebooks filled with customers’ names.

    Two hundred men including politicians, two priests, aristocrats, businessmen and the head of a boys’ school have been quizzed by police.

    One of the priests will stand trial later with Amaniera on vice charges.

    ****Dugue’s trial has been held in secret, amid accusations of a hush-up to protect the VIPs who have been named in hearings behind closed doors.****

    Critics say that this is because the ring’s clients also included three police chiefs and one of France’s top politicians.

    [“JACQUES DUGUE” sure sounds like an alias to me. Remember these Geoffrey Prime articles Murun posted?]
    PIE member Geoffrey Prime complained to the Press Council about News of the World allegations

    The Press and the People: … Annual Report of the Press Council, Volume 26
    Press Council, 1982
    Spy’s complaint not upheld

    A complaint by convicted spy Geoffrey Prime that the News Of The World made false allegations against him and declined to correct them was rejected.

    Alex Marunchak had said Mr Prime, jailed for 38 years, was originally arrested for sexual offences against young girls. He had made many espionage contacts through a child-sex network in Britain and America. Police feared he may have used these to blackmail prominent people in all walks of life.

    ****Using the alias JACQUES DUGAY he had joined NAMBLA****. a North American association closely linked with the Paedophile Information Exchange (PIE) in Britain. US police confirmed he contacted other perverts through NAMBLA and may have blackmailed top people into supplying information. Security chiefs feared the KGB would continue blackmailing his contacts.

    Mr Prime’s solicitors told the editor it was untrue that Mr Prime belonged to or had contact with NAMBLA or PIE, that he blackmailed people or gave the KGB information for blackmailing, that he had espionage contacts, and that he ever used the name ***JACQUES DUGAY***. They asked for a published retraction.

    Mr Henry Douglas, legal manager, replied that following a tip-off by a Scotland Yard contact the News Of The World spoke to other police in Los Angeles and New Jersey and learnt that after police raids on NAMBLA members’ homes Mr Prime’s name and alias were very familiar to them in a list of UK paedophiles. The newspaper carefully checked with British police sources and would not publish a retraction.

    Adjudication: The News Of The World has told the complainant’s solicitors and the Press Council of the steps it took to verify with American and British sources the allegations it published about the complainant Mr Geoffrey Prime, following his conviction. In the Press Council’s view the newspaper did as much research as it could before publishing its detailed story. Despite their view that the allegations about Mr Prime were fanciful and inconsistent with the known facts, ****his solicitors have failed to satisfy the Press Council that the allegations were false.**** The complaint against the News Of The World is, therefore, not upheld. (U9823-1983).

    News of the World, 9th January 1983
    Scare Over Sex-Club Spy

    Jailed superspy Geoffrey Prime made dozens of espionage contacts through an evil child-sex mafia in Britain and America.

    Police fear he may have used these contacts to blackmail prominent people in all walks of British life – including politics and the law.

    They have found that ****under the name JACQUES DUGAY he was a member of the North American Man-Boy Lovers Association*****, which has close links with Britain’s infamous Paedeophile Information Exchange.

    Both groups want sex between children and adults legalised.

    American police have confirmed that Prime used NAMBLA to contact other perverts and may have blackmailed top people into supplying information to the Russians.

    The big fear of security chiefs on both sides of the Atlantic is that the KGB will continue the blackmail using Prime’s contacts.

    British spy catchers are now working on the theory that Prime was blackmailed by the KGB and did not pass on secrets for ideological reasons as he claimed.

    During his 15 years of espionage he received less than £10,000 from his Soviet paymasters – a paltry sum for the top addresses secrets he leaked.

    Prime, 44, former Russian language specialist at the Government’s top secret communications centre in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, was jailed in November for 38 years.

    He was originally arrested by police for sex offences against young girls.

    His links with NAMBLA were uncovered when FBI agents and police swooped on addresses in New York and seized membership lists.

    Though most of the names are aliases, the Americans are liaising with British police to check addresses and confirm the identities of the child-sex mafia.

    [GEOFFREY PRIME’s alias with NAMBLA was “JACQUES DUGAY” according to the FBI; the boy-trafficking, part-time salesman arrested in the French paedophile ring and whose trial was in secret was called “JACQUES DUGUE.” Anybody else feel like this is beyond coincidence?]

  3. Troyhand said:

    [Jacques Dugue is a French paedophile, and from reading the following translation, a PIE-like activist in France.
    What a coincidence that Geoffrey Prime used the alias Jacques Dugay in America. They probably knew each other in their travels.]
    1979 – Case DUGUE

    In January 1979, a pedophile named Jacques Dugue arrested for sexual abuse and accused of being part of a prostitution pedophile and publishes over two days in Libération an open forum where it is the glorification of “sodomy” of children, says that “the child who loves adult (…) like to feel in his body the tail of the one he loves, to be united with him in the flesh” and asks “that stops persecute those who love children, even if they also love their body. ” Dugue’s trial, René Scherer and Gabriel Matzneff testify in his favor. (Years later, a repeat offender and sentenced several times for the 1979 case and others, Jacques Dugue is arrested in connection with a case of rape and child pornography: he was sentenced in 2002 to thirty years imprisonment for sexual abuse). Also in 1979, Libération published an interview with Tony Duvert collected by Guy Hocquenghem, in which the writer reaffirms its advocates pedophilia and remove children from their mothers, or at least to “ensure that women have an exclusive right to the children, “they oppress and they deny the right to freedom of sexuality. He develops his convictions in the trial L’Enfant masculine, published the following year, where he claims that he had older sexual partners than six years. June 20, 1981, Libération published an article entitled “Luv childish”, which has so complacent testimony of a pedophile on his intercourse with a child of five.


    Karine 22/05/2012
    Dugue is much worse than that!
    In “The Book of Shame: The pedophile” Serge Garde and Laurence Beneux, Dugué recounts his participation in child sacrifice.

    22/05/2012 Karine
    Here are excerpts from a correspondence of that Jacques Dugue, seized by the police:

    “Summer is for me a period of intensive hunting small new victims and I want to keep all my time and all my strength to meet and especially rape …

    Bright child rapists, long live the souilleurs children, Bright sadistic child …

    I also pray sincerely that some small children are tortured, mutilated in horrible agony, and then killed so that men enjoy. It also requires sacrifices our phallic worship!

    I really appreciate your … perverse and depraved tastes, because they are exactly mine. I also had to submit to the vices of very young innocent children and helpless, debase and defile especially … Enjoy their humiliation and suffering, what a treat!

    There was … something I have not done yet and it’s not that I lack the desire, but the right circumstances are not yet presented. This is brutally raped a very young child … A very young child, it is best between two and six years is more monstrous, and therefore more exciting. And then really damaging, whether mutilated for life, marked by rape, stained for life …

    The kid … screaming and crying, I keep an inexhaustible memory …

    I have … violated and they complained and shouted to death, and it excited me more …

    And … if I had not had to go to their home, I would have found a sadistic pleasure in strangling …

    … Should not confide the care of a one year old baby for a day … ”

    2. Vassak 19/08/2012
    In 2001, they returned to the story, they should have put next Dugué letters which prove that it is a sadist deep and incurable. And not just a swinger / fantasmeur / activist sexual freedom.
    I also could not believe my eyes when reading this epistolary exchange.

  4. Troyhand said:

    In 1979, Jacques Dugue was arrested for pedophilia and suspected of being part of a pedophile ring. He published an article in Libération where he draws an apology for “sodomy” children. He explains that “an adult child who loves […] like to feel in his body the tail of the one he loves, to be united with him in the flesh.” There requires “that we stop persecuting those who love children, even if they also love their body.” It’s not Pulvar but it’s almost as tolerant of difference. Since all sexual practices are worth …

    During this period, the extreme left groups like the LCR Besancenot (there was not yet concede him that) officially support pedophilia against religious and moral prohibitions of the conservative society. Other left-wing or larger organizations informal groups such as the Revolutionary Communist League then argue against pedophiles moral taboos imposed by the reactionary conservative society. Ambiguous discourse on the “infantile sexuality” are considered as a liberation from the shackles of morality …

    Historian Anne-Claude Ambroise-Rendu described this period and this speech that “children are also entitled to sexuality.” According to her, this idea fits perfectly with the ambient sixty-huitarde ideology “in the shadow of the alternative movement, anti-psychiatry and gay activism. Homosexual Front of Revolutionary Action (FHAR) created in 1971 to magazine The Gay Foot launched in February 1979, all clamoring with Michel Foucault, the recognition of “peripheral sexualities”. ”

    It makes us believe that there is a way forward, as trends in society which always end debate not agree with those who are on the side of evolution, but no, it does not work like that. In history, many progressive ideologies in vogue at one time were rejected overwhelmingly for their harmful effects, as was the case in the late 70s with pedophilia and as should be the case…

  5. Troyhand said:

    [PIE’s propaganda article on Patrice Amaniera. I’m not going to put up a link to it. Stupid lying tripe that suggests Mitterand’s government was connected to the paedophile ring, including his Minister of Justice. What’s French for Demmink?]

    Pan, Number 10, p.21
    PARIS As PAN 10 was being prepared the gutter dreadfuls of England and France were full of another boy-sex “ring”. This one, we were told, took 500 police to crack and over 140 men were being questioned by les flics!

    A certain 31-year-old computer programmer by the name of Patrice Amaniera was supposed to have organized something called the French Association for Knightly Action, the purpose of which was to educate boys from poor families between the ages of 8 and 12. It was alleged that the boys were taken to sex parties where porno movies were made. These moves were subsequently distributed to the knightly members, who were supposed to have been able to order the boys, too. “Payment was by COD,” reported the Guardian with a leer.

    The truth, as always with newspaper stories, was far less spectacular. Three men were eventually arrested on various sex charges. No “ring” was found, according to the judge presiding over the case, only a rather unwise man and two of his paedophile acquaintances. As usual, the real target of all this mud-slinging was the socialist government of Mitterand: Le Meilleur of 23 October illustrated its expose with a photo not of Amaniera, not of any of his “victims” but of the present minister of justice, whom the right-wing yellow press would like to see replaced by some Nazi type!

    SOURCES: Le Journal du Dimanche, 25 October, 1981; ***Guardian, 23 October, 1981***; Le Meilleur, 23 October, 1981.

    • Troyhand – Thanks for all your comments. I’ll find the Guardian article. It wasn’t PAN that suggested French government connection, it was an article in Le Meilleur, which I’d like to find.

  6. Troyhand said:

    Business Amaniera
    Your contact: Patrice Amaniera
    Mail: Register
    Phone: Register
    Phone: Register
    Fax: Register
    Siret: 34029327300058 / ape:
    date of last connection: 15-12-2013 – 8:05

    Caen and its surroundings, no need to carry your PC in a store, no need to wait several days or weeks to recover, need to pay hotlines overpriced. If your PC has a problem, to the extent possible, we will address to your home. Otherwise, it may be brought into workshop.

    Hours: 7 to 23 hours
    Range: Lower Normandy
    Average Rate: 28
    Languages: French, English, Portuguese
    Status: Sole Proprietorship
    Creation Date: 01/02/2006
    Activity 1: IT Convenience Home
    Activity 2: Computer Training – office

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    Site heberge par 1 & 1 – Entreprise Amaniera, 15 rue du Havre, 14000 Caen – SIRET: 340 293 *** ***** –
    Directeur: P. Amaniera

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    [Googling “Patrice Amaniera” brought up this page of a videoclip of boys wrestling commented on by stalking paedophiles]
    cadet level wrestlers – rampur kasna , bheem pahlwan dangal
    58th Senior National Wrestling Champion ship at Kolkata

    Shen Jyms (November 30, 1999 at 12:00 am)
    men who train these boys must be the luckiest men in the world.

    ****Patrice Amaniera**** (November 30, 1999 at 12:00 am).
    Wich country / town is it ?

    Pahalwanji Delhi (November 30, 1999 at 12:00 am)

  9. Troyhand said:
    [Google translation of beginning of article]

    Secretary of State for Employment obviously like pedophiles. In early October he publicly defended two notorious criminals, Mr Frédéric Mitterrand and Mr Daniel Cohn-Bendit, on this “personal matter” by claiming that we should not criticize the morals of both politicians and taxing such reviews “foul instrumentalization” of the privacy of pedophiles in question. “I do not like this policy tank bottom , it is not the minister who is attacked, it is man. I think the French do not like it.” Mayor of Le Puy-en-Velay now speak for the whole France. A France who loves pedophiles quenching Frédéric Mitterrand and Daniel Cohn-Bendit, he said.

    Mr Wauquiez therefore ranks clearly in the camp Lang Kouchner, the two tenors of the Socialist Party who had defended so viciously Mr Raymond Liebling (aka Roman Polanski) following his arrest in Zurich on September 26 for the crimes committed against minors United States thirty years earlier. Mr. Liebling was under a U.S. arrest warrant for these events since 1978.

    All this recalls the campaign in the 70s by Lang Kouchner, Louis Aragon, Dolto and other great minds to legalize sex between adults and children. The best illustration of this ‘philosophy’ dear to Mr Wauquiez was given by a fellow wrestling team Lang Kouchner, the pedophile Jacques Dugue . Mr Dugue was sentenced to thirty years’ imprisonment in January 2002 by the Court of Assizes of Chambery. The ‘Papy Jacques’ was installed in Chambery, near the home of one of his former victims, he kept abusing the children in their turn. ****He was arrested as part of an investigation into a CD-ROM provided in the Netherlands where thousands of photos were pedophiles.**** The police found in his home forty pedophiles video cassettes. Jacques Dugue had been convicted three times for sexual offenses against minors in 1981, 1983 and 1990. The last time he was sentenced to eight years in prison. This time, the Advocate General Michel Girard had requested a sentence of imprisonment for life. The trial was held in camera. The victims’ father, Jean- Michel, who as a child had been victim of Jacques Dugue and the mother had refused to act as civil parties. Message Dugué was discovered by an American pedophile in which he explained the need to “pervert the children to a new generation of perverts we succeeded.” Jacques Dugue had its heyday 26 and 27 January 1979, when the ‘Liberation’ of Serge July had published two full-page opinion piece from his pen. In this text, the pedophile Dugué cited the example of one of his friends regularly sodomizing the 11-year -old son of his girlfriend…

  10. Troyhand said:,2791695
    Observer Reporter – 20 January 1979
    Pornography Ring Broken

    PARIS (AP) – Acting on a tip from Los Angeles police, the French vice squad says it has broken up a child pornography ring involving 15 minors and run by a 43-year-old sports instructor. [Jacques Dugue]

    Police said they raided a villa in a Paris suburg last September and found two young boys posing for pornographic films in the basement. They said they arrested and were still holding a sports instructor along with several other suspects.

    Police said they got the instructor’s name from Los Angeles police who turned it up while questioning a suspect in possession of pornographic material showing children.

  11. Troyhand said:,2791695
    Observer Reporter – 20 January 1979
    Pornography Ring Broken

    PARIS (AP) – Acting on a tip from Los Angeles police, the French vice squad says it has broken up a child pornography ring involving 15 minors and run by a 43-year-old sports instructor. [Jacques Dugue]

    Police said they raided a villa in a Paris suburb last September and found two young boys posing for pornographic films in the basement. They said they arrested and were still holding a sports instructor along with several other suspects.

    Police said they got the instructor’s name from Los Angeles police who turned it up while questioning a suspect in possession of pornographic material showing children.

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