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    Click to access LUH19600412-V52-15__C.pdf

    Lake Herald Union
    Verrien Springs, Michigan
    April 12, 1960

    [Page 6]
    Go to Owosso TEX, April 23
    The Lansing Area Teachers’ Exchange will meet in the Owosso church, 1218 North Hickory Street,
    Sabbath afternoon, April 23, from three to five o’clock.

    ****Evert Johnson of Lansing**** will present the Senior Youth feature lesson to this group for the following Sabbath. Therefore, those planning to attend this group are requested to bring their Lesson Quarterlies and sharp pencils.

    LANSING, MICHIGAN seems to have been a major hub for child prostitution and pornography in America from the beginning. Close to Detroit, which the industrial center of America up until the 1980s. A few hours away from North Fox Island, Michigan of infamous millionaire Frances Sheldon/Frank Torey, close to notable prostitution rings in the ’70s nad ’80s.

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    Tuscaloosa News – 2 August 1978
    9 indicted in sex ring operation

    LOS ANGELES (AP) – Nine men have been indicted for running an international child prostitution ring that allegedly used children as young as 4 on the underground sex market. Authorities claim the children were bought and sold.

    One man was arrested for allegedly using his own 7-year-old daughter for immoral purposes. Two of the men mentioned in the grand jury investigation were child counselors.

    Five of the men named in the county grand jury indictment were arrested in California, Utah and Indiana. They were jailed pending hearings. The others, including one man in England, were being sought on warrants recommending $300,000 bail each. The defendants were charged with 43 felonies.

    District Attorney John Van de Kamp told reporters that seven girls and a boy aged 6 to 12, from the Los Angeles and San Diego areas, were used in the operation. One of the girls was used from the time she was 4, police said.

    The children were taken to homes or motels where they viewed movies depicting sexual activities and then themselves were photographed, sometimes as they engaged in sexual acts with other children or adults, Van de Kamp said.

    “Some had a whole stable of young children,” Van de Kamp said. “Children were actually sold, at prices ranging up to $1,000.”

    Van de Kamp aid one child appeared in a Dutch porn magazine called Lolita, published in Amsterdam and distributed worldwide.

    Charles James Hughes was indicted on three counts of selling his daughter for immoral purposes. Hughes, 35, of La Puente, Calif., is also charged with six other felony counts related to the operation. He faces a maximum seven years in prison if convicted, less three years for good behavior, Van de Kamp said.

    Lester Henry, 40, a family counselor in Indianapolis who placed disabled children in foster homes, was indicted. ****John Duncan, 34, who was a children’s counselor in Los Angeles before being confined at Patton State Hospital for a previous sex offence, was named as an unindicted co-conspirator.****

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    The Lakeland Ledger – 10 January 1979
    Dad Sentenced For Selling Girl

    LOS ANGELES (AP) – A Superior Court judge called Charles James Hughes an “evil, depraved person,” in sentencing him to an indeterminate prison term for selling his daughter to other men.

    Hughes, convicted of child molestation, conspiracy and selling a person for immoral purposes in connection with a child prostitution and pornography ring, maintained his innocence at sentencing Tuesday.

    “I am not guilty and I just want to mention that I have a 10-month-old baby girl,” Hughes told Judge Philip Newman. “I have been married to my present wife for over a year now and I have been living a good life with her.”

    During his trial, Hughes’ daughter testified she was molested by 11 men, including her father. The girl, now 11, said some men photographed her nude.

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    San Bernardino County Sun – 6 December 1978
    Jury convicts father of child prostitution

    LOS ANGELES (AP) A 35-year-old man was found guilty Tuesday of selling his 9-year-old daughter into prostitution, and a photographer was convicted of child molesting in the same case.

    After the jury returned its verdict, Charles James Hughes screamed at them, “I’m not guilty. Go to hell.”

    Then he yelled at Superior Court Judge Philip M. Newman “You ain’t no judge. You ought to be disbarred.”

    Two bailiffs then tackled Hughes, handcuffed him and forcibly removed him from the courtroom.

    Hughes was convicted of four counts of child molestation, one count of conspiracy and one count of selling a person for immoral persons. His daughter, who was 9 at the time of the crime, testified against her father at the trial.

    The photographer, Timothy Virden Wilcox, 31, was convicted of two counts of child molesting and one count of [conspiracy].

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    [I pieced this together from Google search results of text. This isn’t the whole article and some of the text may be mistaken/misplaced, but almost all of it is a correct transcription. I remember copying this article before and posting it on the DI JS thread a while back. This article used to be online in Newspaper archives. Long Beach Independent Press pulled there archives beyond 1976 offline.

    Long Beach Independent Press-Telegram – 8 August 1978
    How child porn ring blew open. From Page 1.

    [Page 10]
    …Long Beach, a man who had befriended the boy during the previous summer and had taken him on [?] weekend outings. The family reported the matter to Long Beach police, and detectives from the felony morals division which handles child molestation subsequently arrested Michael John McGill, of 426 Rhea St, on child-molesting charges.

    And the whole thing might have stopped there but for the boxes of pictures police found at McGill’s residence. The felony morals division, armed vice squad detectives, who armed themselves with a second search warrant and went back to McGill’s house to have a better look around, Roberson said.

    Material found in the second search led detectives to John Robert Duncan, named in Monday’s indictment as an uncharged co-conspirator.

    A search of his home produced such a large quantity of photographs, letters and other material it was not until investigators were able to go through the evidence bit by bit that they began to realize what they had.

    The thousands of letters found in the search, said Roberson, came from pedophiliacs, child molesters, all over the world, who corresponded with each other through advertisements in sex newspapers, exchanging photographs and literature, and sometimes arranging assignations with young partners.

    Known victims were as young as 3 years, Roberson said, and were sometimes offered for sale at prices of $400 for a weekend by their parents.

    Police also confiscated a manuscript written by Duncan of a “child-levels handbook,” in which he described in detail how to pick up young children, how to avoid arrest and what to do if.

    Faced with such an overwhelming mass of information and with alleged criminal acts that occurred for the most part outside Long Beach, the officers immediately called in the Sexually Exploited Child Unit of the Los Angeles police which took over the investigation.

    “Once they took over, all we did was burn over our evidence,” Roberson said.

    McGILL was convicted of child molesting last month, said Roberson, but was not named in the grand jury indictment.

    In addition to the charge of conspiracy, the persons indicted by the Jury have been charged with 43 felonies, Including three counts of selling a person for immoral purposes and 40 counts of lewd acts on a child under age 14.

    Indictments were issued against Robin Frederick Garrett, 68, of 1314 Palm Ave, Huntington Beach; Thomas Nicholas Merle, 34, of 8012 E. Hunter Lane, Downey; Henry Edgar Johnson Jr., 50, of Sacramento; Timothy Virden Wilcox, 30, of Castro Valley; Charles James Hughes, 35, of La. Puente; Lester Lowell Henry, 40, of Indianapolis, Ind.; Joseph Francis Henry, 43, of New York City; Michael Peter Radulovich, 30, of Salt Lake City, Utah, and ****Michael John Blount, from Buckinghamshire, England.****

    DUNCAN, 34, convicted in Long Beach of child molestation and sent to Patton State Hospital, and Frederick Cornelius Heaton (deceased), from Los Angeles, were named as uncharged co-conspirators.

    [Hughes?], Radulovich, Lester Henry, Johnson and Garrett were arrested early Monday. Arrest warrants have been issued for all of the other defendants with bail ranging up to ranging up to $300,000 each.

    Van de Kamp said the district attorney’s office will seek extradition for all defendants currently located out of the state or the country.

    Joining Van de Kamp in the announcement at a news conference in Los Angeles were Sheriff Peter Pitchers and Los Angeles Police Chief Daryl Gates. Van de Kamp, Pitchers and Gates all said the indictments represented the first break-through on a nationwide scale against organized child prostitution.

    The lengthy investigation, coordinated by Deputy District Attorney James Ferruzzo involved special units of the Los Angeles Police Department and the sheriff’s office along with police departments from Long Beach, Downey, Simi Valley, Huntington Beach, San Francisco, Salt Lake City, Gary, Ind., Indianapolis, Gerrards Cross (Great Britain), as well as Interpol, the international police agency.

    Twenty-three witnesses testified before the grand jury over a two week period. Five days of testimony were [given] and approximately 2200 exhibits were [shown].

    The charge of lewd acts on a child earns the most severe penalty in the [state], a state prison term [for each count of up] to five years.

    All of the Southern California children involved and their mothers are now receiving counseling from the Department of Public Health Services. According to Van de Kamp, none of the mothers were involved in the prostitution activities.

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    The [Hughes?] in above article should say Liberto

    Pittsburgh Press – 1 August, 1978
    California Indicts 9 Men In Child Prostitution Ring

    LOS ANGELES (UPI) – Nine men ran an international child prostitution ring using girls as young as 4, including the daughter of one of the defendants, the Los Angeles County Grand Jury has charged.

    The children, including one small boy, allegedly were sold during the past three years for sexual use by men. Movies and photos were taken showing the children having sex with adults and with each other, officials said yesterday.

    The pictures were printed in a magazine published in Holland and one of the suspects is being sought for arrest in England, they said.

    District Attorney John Van de Kamp said his office had never before handled a child prostitution case involving girls so young. They ranged from 6 to 12, he said, with one of the girls apparently having been used since she was 4.

    One 8-year-old girl is the daughter of one of the men indicted, he said. He did not identify the man.

    “In some cases, children actually were sold to adult men for prices ranging up to $1,000,” Van de Kamp said.

    Almost all of the children lived with their mothers alone, but no charges were brought against the women, investigators said.

    Two of the defendants, Robin Garrett, 58, of Huntington Beach, Calif., and Thomas Liberto, 34, of Downey, Calif,. were arrested early yesterday in Los Angeles.

    In addition, Henry Johnson Jr., 50, of Sacramento, Calif., was picked up in San Diego County; Michael Radulovich, 30, was arrested in Salt Lake City and Lester Henry, 40, was arrested in Indianapolis.

    Warrants were issued for Charles Hughes, 35, of La Puente, Calif., Timothy Wilcox, 30, of Castro Valley, Calif., Joe Henry, 43, of New York City; and Michael Blount, 40, of Buckinghamshire, England.

    Authorities recommended the defendants be held in lieu of bail ranging from $200,000 to $300,000.

    The indictments also named two unindicted co-conspirators. They were Frederick Hoston, 32, of Los Angeles who died in a police shootout in San Francisco earlier this year; and John Duncan, 34, held at Patton State Hospital as a mentally disturbed sex offender.

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    Let Nudist Parents Beware

    This transcript is reprinted from KCBS T.V., Los Angeles, Friday 21 April 1989.

    KCBS-LA News Moderator: A man convicted of child molestation in a child pornography and prostitution ring during the seventies in Los Angeles appeared for sentencing on yet another child molestation charge in Northern California today. This latest case raises new, disturbing questions about pedophiles taking advantage of children at nudist colonies. Our legal reporter Harvey Levin was in that Oakland Courtroom today and said that today’s sentencing did not go according to plans. [A taped segment begins. Visual shows a full-bearded Tim Wilcox walking into the courtroom with his attorney.]

    Harvey Levin: [following Wilcox’s lawyer] Is it possible just to find out if he is planning on staying away from nudist camps in the future?

    Wilcox’s lawyer: Sir, I just told you, he has no statement to make.

    Harvey Levin: As Tim Wilcox entered the Alameda Courthouse today he expected to walk out a free man, and with good reason. After being charged with molesting a ten year old girl, his lawyer and the prosecutor struck a deal. Wilcox would plead guilty to felony sexual battery and be sentenced to probation and no prison time. But that deal fell apart in court when Judge Mark Eaton squarely rejected the arrangement.

    Superior Court Judge Eaton: Having read the probation report, and reviewed the psychological evaluation, taking into consideration the defendant’s background, and the nature of the offense here, the court cannot in good conscience accept the negotiated disposition.

    Harvey Levin: Wilcox is no stranger to the law. In 1978, he was convicted of multiple counts of child molestation in Los Angeles. He received treatment for his sexual disorder in a mental hospital then served prison time. Wilcox was released as a registered sex offender in 1984. After his release, Wilcox began frequenting nudist camps similar to this one located near Barstow. [Film footage of nudist children at The Naturist Society’s Western Naturist Gathering at Silver Valley Nudist Camp.]
    This nudist camp, like many others, has members who bring their children. Wilcox became a photographer at several nudist camps which gave him easy access to children, one of whom he is now accused of molesting. Action News has learned that Tim Wilcox is not the only pedophile to frequent nudist camps. Law enforcement officials tell us that an increasing number of pedophiles are congregating at these camps. Oakland Vice Officer Bill Grijalva’s investigation of Tim Wilcox led in part to Wilcox’s most recent arrest.

    Officer Bill Grijalva: For a pedophile, you couldn’t find a more perfect place than a nudist colony to seek out your victims.

    Harvey Levin: Is he a danger right now to kids?

    Officer Grijalva: I think he is. I have no doubt in my mind that he is going to do it again.

    Harvey Levin: Wilcox would not speak with us after his court appearance, but we did catch up with his lawyer. Do you think he’s a threat to the public?

    Wilcox’s lawyer: I believe my client is innocent.

    Harvey Levin: Wilcox has pleaded “Not Guilty,” and will stand trial for child molestation. His preliminary hearing is set for next month. Now, if convicted, he faces a maximum of fifteen years in prison. For now, Wilcox is out on bail with no restrictions, which means he is free to rejoin nudist camps. [Taped segment ends. Live studio commentary follows.]

    KCBS Moderator: Harvey, what made the judge put the brakes on this?

    Harvey Levin: The judge said he had read the probation report, the background report, on this man. We have seen some of the documentation that apparently is contained in that, and it has extensive letters that Wilcox has written to other pedophiles. It tracks his history from the time he was let out of prison in 1984, and shows that his conduct seems to be right on the track of the kind of pedophile that the judge simply fears. And he didn’t think it was appropriate in this case to allow probation.

    KCBS Moderator: Harvey, your story suggests that Wilcox isn’t the only person who would be going to nudist camps because children are there. Are the nudist camps themselves doing anything to monitor this?

    Harvey Levin: We spoke with the leader of a nudist camp yesterday who said that they do indeed find these pedophiles and throw them out. Detective Grijalva, however, said that the problem is that you don’t immediately know who it is. Then, by the time there is a problem, the damage has already been done. So for parents, it is “Caveat Emptor.” Let the buyer beware.

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    Timothy Virden Wilcox Registered Sex Offender

    Last Known Address: 1718 BENEDICT DR, SAN LEANDRO, 94577

    Weight:260 lbs.
    Age DOB:10/15/1947

    Offense or Statute


    [Beyond Gruesome pic]

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    YOURS TRULY: Tim Wilcox Letters

    If you get upset over abuse and profanity you may want to skip this one, seriously. However, if you think you can take it I would suggest you attempt to get through it. It reveals a great deal about not only naturist/nudist Tim Wilcox, but pedophile’s modus operandi in general.

    I post these materials to make sure you have this documentation to wave in Tim Wilcox’s face the next time he tries to tell you about how there’s a witchhunt against him and what a big victim (whine, whine) he is.

    These letters represent the most damning evidence against Wilcox and it’s directly from him, in his own words. Hang onto them. You have not heard the last of this man yet. –nikki craft

    All letters printed below were written to ***John Duncan, a.k.a. “Lance Carlson.” *** They are reproduced (slightly edited for space) as hand written by Tim Wilcox, including misspellings, with Wilcox using the alias “Phi Pedo Pervert”.

  11. Troyhand said:

    Thomas Nickolas Liberto
    Registered Sex Offender

    Last Known Address: 2717 ARROW HWY APT # 172, LA VERNE, 91750
    Weight:175 lbs.
    Age DOB:2/6/1944

    Offense/Statute:ORAL COPULATION


  12. Troyhand said:

    Long Beach Independent Press-Telegram – 15 October 1977

    Victims of molesting hunted
    by Al Murrell Staff Writer

    A freelance cartoonist who has worked as a park leader and school playground director was arraigned in Long Beach Municipal Court Friday on a felony charge that be molested a 10-year-old Downey girl.

    Long Beach police vice Sgt. C.S. Roberson said he is looking for any Southland residents who think their children may have had contact with either the defendant or a Long Beach man and his girlfriend who arc facing trial on similar charges.

    John Robert Duncan, 33, of 5720 Clara St., Bell Gardens, was arraigned on the child-molesting charge before Judge J. Merrill Lilley, who allowed Duncan to remain free on $7,500 bail and scheduled a preliminary hearing Oct. 27.

    Roberson said Duncan has been associated with numerous youth organizations throughout the Southland, including Boys Clubs, the YMCA, and various sports teams. Duncan also worked for the Los Angeles City School District as a playground director and as a park leader for the Los Angeles City-Parks and Recreation Department, Roberson said.

    Roberson said Duncan was arrested as a result of an investigation that led to the apprehension of Michael John McGill, 26. of 127 Rhea Ave., and Jaynee Sue O’Neil, 25, of 130 Rhea Ave.

    McGill, a former bus driver for a private Long Beach school, and O’Neil were bound over for trial Thursday on a felony charge that they molested a 12-year-old boy who had been a student at the school.

    Roberson said vice officers found numerous pornographic pictures of children at McGill’s home and they plan to seek additional charges against the three defendants if they are able to identify the victims.

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    Henry Edgar Johnson – Epilogue

    Henry Johnson
    ***July 23, 1999***

    It has been about 13 years since I left Gallaudet University. Much of my latest years have been up and down.

    From the fall of 1987 to July, 1991, I lost part of my life.

    It started, like a fool, when I answered an ad to buy [an illegal magazine]. I placed an order for it. The mail was sent from St. Croix Island to my post office mailbox at the campus. On the same day I picked up the manila [envelope], several postal inspectors confronted me at my apt. [apartment] with a warrant to search the place. I realized it was the [words removed] magazine they were looking for. I handed it to them. Then they left. I [later] realized it was a scam the post office [had] set up to trap the people ordering for the magazines. All over the U.S.A., about 150 people – or more – [were involved]. I did not know [it at] that time.

    When the classes started at the campus, I was arrested and taken to jail. My world collapsed. So were [the lives] of 150 people in the U.S.A. according to big news in newspapers in 1987.

    To make a long story [short], I was taken to St. Elizabeth Hosp. [Hospital] for observation. One day a group of doctors interviewed me about my personal life. One of them asked me through an interpreter if I can read and write? I mused, thinking it was the most ridiculous question I ever heard. I said, “If I can’t read and write, it was a miracle that I took classes at Gallaudet University for four years.” The doctor’s eyebrows arched up and said, “That was a good answer.” and another question asked if I hear any voices speaking to my mind. I told them that I do wish I could hear voices. That would thrill me – but unfortunately I am totally deaf. They did not ask me any more. It was at St. Eliz. [Elizabeth] Hospital I gained more experiences from observing, since I took Psychology as a major course [at Gallaudet] – mental health. I saw many people, both male and female, who were really “insane” – all sorts of mental illnesses.

    I got out on my personal [recognizance] instead of [being] bail[ed] out. ***In the spring of 1988, I was sentenced to five years for obtaining child porno by mail.*** Sine it was a federal offense, I was sent to federal prisons. First I was transferred to Arkansas by plane. After a short stay, I was taken by bus to Kentucky where I stayed for 1 1/2 years. I worked as an offset printer in the printing place [in prison].

    Then I was transferred to a newly built federal prison in Florida… So thus they transferred me to North Carolina… I demanded help from Washington, DC. The official at the prison (called correction institution) [grudgingly] obliged…

    After two delightful years – they practically had to push me out. It was because I enjoyed the life of Riley – a good job as copying machine operator and filing in cabinets at the office where they made shirts for the Armed Forces…

    I took the Greyhound [bus] back to Washington, DC, where I served only one year probation…

    I rented an apt. [apartment] at a townhouse on Florida Avenue across the street from Gallaudet University. Wayne Berg, a deaf owner, made me a manager for eight units – where all deaf residents lived…

    During that time I worked as a courier for Union Express under David Birnbaum. That was the most exciting time for me because it gave me lots of opportunities to visit interesting places all over Maryland, Washington, DC, and Virginia. ***I met senators, lawyers, doctors, business people, Pentagon, FBI, etc. I also saw ambassadors.***

    One time I went to the Chinese Embassy. I delivered a manila [envelope] to the VIP there. I asked if I could use a phone. They said OK. I pulled out a TDD and placed the phone on it. I was surrounded by Chinese delegates looking over my shoudler, thinking I might be a spy. I had to ask David Birnbaum to type some messages for me for demonstration. The Chinese delegates were amazed. First I am deaf. I owned my car, could travel anywhere, had a device to use for communication. Such things were unheard of in Communist China.

    Another amusing thing happened at a very swanky hotel next to the White House. After I made a delivery of mail to a man, I asked to use the phone. The snobbish male clerk took my TDD saying he would call for me…

    I moved to live in Pilgrim Tower in L.A.

    ***I’m 71 years old now*** and live alone and single. I still look for a wife. I still attend the church service every Sunday. My favorite is to discuss about the religions and the beliefs.

    My strong advice to young people:
    1.Stay far away from homosexual[s] – both gay and lesbians.
    2.Seek counsel if you have personal problems, don’t try to be bullhead[ed] in thinking you can solve problems by yourself. That’s pride that causes you to stumble and fall.
    3.Be patient and respect all kinds of deaf no matter if they are smart, slow-minded, or emotional.
    4.Practice smiling and telling good jokes and be of good humor. Learn mistakes from older people.

    Then everybody will love you. Good luck.

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    861 F.2d 1290: Unpublished Dispositionunited States of America v. Henry Edgar Johnson, Appellant

    United States Court of Appeals, District of Columbia Circuit. – 861 F.2d 1290

    Nov. 17, 1988

    ORDERED and ADJUDGED, by the Court, that the defendant-appellant Johnson’s conviction and sentence, of March 24, 1988 for receiving child pornography in the mails in violation of 18 U.S.C. Sec. 2252(a)(2), be affirmed.

    …Appellant’s sentence is far short of the statutory maximum of ten years in prison and a $100,000 fine. See 18 U.S.C. Sec. 2252(b). Given the congressional determination that ten years is an acceptable sentence for this offense, and given the appellant’s prior convictions for ***offenses involving child molestation***, we do not believe that a sentence of twenty months to five years violates constitutional norms.

  15. Troyhand said:

    The Englishman mentioned in article Michael John Blount from Gerrards Cross, Buckinghamshire. Now deceased.

    Date of death:31 December 2006
    5 Harescombe Court, Penn Road, Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire HP9 2PY. ***Government Service (Retired).***

    5 Harescombe Court, Penn Road, Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire, HP9 2PY
    Year of Birth: 1937

  16. Troyhand said:

    [From above article]
    Johnson’s arrest led to a police swoop on ****a mental hospital in Florida.**** Detectives found 3,000 photographs of nude children – some engaged in sex acts – and an address book listing British families with youngsters.
    ****A patient who had fled from the hospital was arrested later.**** He is thought to have operated a huge child-porn business from his ward with the aid of two men on the outside.
    The next link in the chain was ****Californian John Duncan****. When his house in Long Beach was raided, police found more photographs – and a batch of letters from perverts all over the world.
    Duncan was promptly arrested. Sergeant Bridges said: “He had been exchanging letters and photographs with people in countries as far apart as Britain, Holland, New Zealand and Australia.

    The British civil servant’s name cropped up in one of the letters.
    Another letter, from a member of the ring in Florida said: “I enclose pictures of April and Cindy. They are real cuties.”
    The letter then referred to a visit by an Englishman to America and said “I can’t see how you kept your temper with that creep.”

    Eight Americans and the man from Buckinghamshire have now been accused by police of running an international child prostitution ring using girls as young as four.

    by John Dorschner.

    His only office was a glass phone booth, one of five in the sun- baked prison yard. Behind him, on wooden benches other inmates waited to make calls. Calls were supposed to be limited to 10 minutes, but Eric Cross often talked longer than that. The men on the benches would heckle him, demanding he hurry up, and Cross would smile apologetically and keep talking.
    He talked in cooing tones, with a strong British accent, as he stood there in his prison blues and red ID tag, saying he was calling from London, or Amsterdam, or New York, or Los Angeles, complaining about the cold or the rain, and all the time he was sweltering inside the phone booth, conning the parents of seven young Tampa girls to allow their daughters to pose nude for him.
    He made it seem easy. Mervyn Eric Cross, prisoner 075592, persuaded the largest Tampa modeling agency to support the project. He talked a reputable photographer into taking the pictures. All from his phone booth. The photos were smuggled into prison, examined by him and then sent to his business partner, [Lodge] a Seattle schoolteacher who police consider to be a major child pornographer.
    All along, law-enforcement authorities actually thought he was working for them. An investigator with the New York State Senate was trying to get Cross paroled – though Cross had more than 20 years to go on his sentence – so that Cross could work undercover in Manhattan. Sen. Paula Hawkins’ office had become involved in the negotiations. Cross was boasting he would be released by August.
    He told friends inside the prison that, when he was free, he wanted to meet with his favorites among the seven Tampa girls. He was planning to have sex with them.

    This time, Eric Cross was caught. Most child pornographers and child molesters aren’t. Victims and their families are usually too embarrassed or guilt-ridden to turn them in. But because Cross was operating from inside a prison, he had to set up an unusually elaborate and traceable system that offers a rare look into how molesters operate.
    Everything you are about to read in this complex tale – all the psychological games that Eric Cross played, the way he wooed parents, the way he played on the boundless ambitions of naive parents who seek fame for their children, the way he used people’s greed – all of that is the modus operandi of the child molester. Only 5 per cent of molesters are strangers to their victims. Their stratagem can be as simple as offering “baby-sitting help” to a harried mother, or buying a new dress for a mother on welfare, or befriending a child who feels ignored. Eric Cross has used all these methods over the years.
    William Katz, director of the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children: The only unusual aspect of this case is that it was organized from inside a prison. There are hundreds, literally hundreds of these schemes going on at any one time. ‘
    Eric Cross has become a master of these schemes. As his prison report states, he is a multinational sex offender,” convicted of molesting children in at least four countries. Interpol has requested that if Cross is ever released, it be notified immediately. He had continued his pornographic activities even in prison, and his previous jailers had warned Avon Park of exactly what he was about to do.
    Detectives are still unraveling how Cross managed to do so much from inside a prison. The investigation has spread to California, Washington state, Virginia and Albuquerque. Interpol is making inquiries in the Philippines and the Netherlands. Indonesia and Greece may become involved.
    Lloyd Martin, a California detective who has spent his career pursuing child molesters “He’s probably one of the most dangerous human beings on the face of the earth. He has sold his products all over the world. He has no remorse, no feelings for any of his victims.’

    Avon Park Correctional Institution sits in the orange-tree and scrub-pine country of Central Florida, a few miles from Sebring. Visitors must pass through an Air Force base before they approach the twin barbed-wire fences of New Unit, a series of pale pastel concrete buildings that look as if they have faded in the blistering sunlight. Trustee prisoners mow the grass outside the gate. Inside, prisoners sweep sidewalks beside the parched yellow grass.
    For long-term inmates, Avon Park is considered the best place in the Florida prison system. Only the best-behaved prisoners are allowed here.
    That’s why 50-some child molesters are among the 1,100 inmates. Child molesters are the most despised of prisoners, even murderers and rapists sneer at “baby lovers.” Molesters, who tend to be quiet and effete, regularly get beaten up at other prisons, but not at Avon Park.
    Eric Cross arrived at Avon Park in April 1982, transferred from another Florida prison, and he became a hero among his peers. Many of them had seen photos he had taken in child-pornography magazines. “King of Porn,” he had been called in Europe. He liked to boast about that.
    He performed his required chores, he watched the news on television, but mostly he planned .ventures.” He talked about raising a sunken treasure galleon, he negotiated to buy a yacht, he had all sorts of money-making schemes. He walked the sidewalks with close friends, planning out loud, or sat on the picnic benches back in a shaded area of the compound, where squirrels hopped among the trees.
    A fellow prisoner: “He has a sense of what a person needs, what a person is looking for, what a person lacks, and he plays on that very well.”

    Eric Cross will not talk about what he calls “the current debacle,” but he has done plenty of talking in the past.
    At the prison, he liked to boast about his exploits to other pedophiles, as child molesters call themselves. He talked about how in the Philippines, he had started an orphanage, to gain access to young girls. In Los Angeles, he had sought out mothers on welfare, buying them a used washing machine or a meal, gaining their confidence so that they would allow their children to be taken to his “photographic studio.” In India, he had taken a “child bride.”
    He is 57, a Britisher, married two or perhaps three times. Sometimes he has told prison officials that he is married to a British woman, sometimes he claims he is married to a young Indian woman. Prison records indicate one or both may have been molested by him when they were young. He has at least three children – the youngest daughter is now a ward of the state in Towchester, England.
    He has told a prison official that other children had taunted him when he was young, that a girl had once turned away from him when she was supposed to kiss him during a game of spin-the-bottle. He never forgot that, and he has spent his adult life pursuing girls between the ages of 8 and 12.
    He has been charged with molesting young girls twice in Canada and once in the Bahamas. In 1966, he purchased a small private school for retarded children in Whittlebury, England. There, he insisted on personally giving each child a “medical examination” before admission. Police eventually charged him with 11 counts of molesting girls under the age of 16.
    Cross told police, “I have had this weakness for young girls for 17 years. I can’t help it.”
    He was sentenced to five years in jail. Shortly after being released, he was arrested again. This time he was sent to a mental-health hospital for treatment. He escaped.
    In 1973, he appeared in Broward County. With him was his 3-year-old daughter. He became friendly with two Broward families and persuaded the parents to let him take their two 9-year-old daughters along with him to Disney World.
    In a Kissimmee motel, he coerced the two girls into sex acts with him, while he photographed the scenes with a time-delay shutter device.’
    Afterward, he flew to the Netherlands and gave 18 rolls of film to a developer. When the developer saw what was on them, he called police. Cross denied any connection with the film. The photos showed a male only from the waist down, but the man had a prominent 8-inch scar on his stomach. Cross had a scar that matched exactly.
    He was returned to Florida, but even while he was awaiting trial in the Osceola County Jail, his obsession for children continued.
    Rom Powell, the prosecutor in the case: “He was using another fellow, to set up a post office box and carry child-pornography materials back and forth,” Powell says Cross’ plan was “stopped very quickly.”
    Cross pleaded guilty to two counts of indecent assault upon a child. *****Before he was sentenced, the judge sent him for examination to the state mental hospital in Chattahoochee. He escaped.***** Police believed he had been aided by an 18-year-old woman from India, who was said to have been his “child bride.”
    *****Several months later, Los Angeles police found him with two young Indian women while staking out a house of a suspected pornographer. In Cross’ car was child pornography.*****
    Detective Bill Dworin of the Los Angeles P.D. “He offered to work for us, help catch other child pornographers. He boasted that he had helped lots of other law-enforcement agencies. But we checked him out… He’s a con man.’
    Other investigators, however, believed Cross. As soon as he was returned to Florida, federal authorities arranged for him to be transferred to the Metropolitan Correctional Center in New York, then to another federal prison in Virginia. Officials were hoping to use Cross as an undercover informant, but, says one investigator, “Nothing ever materialized.” And even in the federal system, it appears, he was arranging for nude photos of children.
    In a 1979 letter, he wrote to Robert Lodge, his Seattle associate: “Re pics from Philippines, there are eight rolls total, five girls – 7, 9, 10, 1 1, 1 1. The poses run from disrobing to showering, acrobatics and etc., quite remarkable poses and all explosive.” He asked the Seattle man to “hang on” to the pictures.
    In 1980, Cross was returned to Florida, to finish serving his 29-year sentence. At Baker Correctional Institution, he again offered to help investigators, this time in the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE).
    Either he or his lawyer prepared an agreement in which FDLE would promise him immunity for future crimes.

    “I made some changes in the document, and sent it back to him. ‘How about this’?’ I asked. But I never signed anything. We never reached an agreement… I always wondered why he pushed that immunity thing. It didn’t make sense for a guy in jail, who can’t do anything anyways.’ –Agent Michael Brick

    Cross never assisted FDLE, but he showed this correspondence to fellow prisoners and prison officials, bragging that he was now cooperating with police.
    At the same time, he set up a Florida corporation, Viewfinder, Incorporated. David J. Massey – one of Cross’ aliases – was listed as president. Robert Lodge of Seattle was listed as a corporate director.
    Cross persuaded other prisoners to type a booklet about a plan to photograph schoolchildren with animals. When Cross found a child who interested him, he wrote the parents, claiming to be a British television agent vacationing in Florida. He promised to make their children into stars.
    (These are the girls depicted in the popular “Linda and Patty” series of child pornography.)
    Someone leaked word of the operation back to Jimmy Wolfe, Cross’ prison counselor. Wolfe stopped the operation and had Cross shipped to Avon Park. He put into Cross’ file a detailed memo of what Cross had been up to. “Subject has proven himself to be a super con man, very intelligent with an ongoing mental problem concerning young females. In my estimation, this makes him a very dangerous person indeed for the potential harm he has already done and of the amount that he could inflict in the future on young females.”
    The report was apparently sent along with Cross to Avon Park, though the superintendent there, Sidney Fortner, says he doesn’t recall seeing Wolfe’s warning…



  17. Troyhand said:

    Tim Wilcox, John Duncan, Eric Cross, Chuck Hughes & Friends
    & Their Multi-Victim Multi-Perpetrator Nudist Sex Ring

    Duncan corresponded with men from all over the world, many of them nudists. In letters to Henry Johnson, Duncan bragged about his sexual involvement with children. Johnson resided in San Diego and later joined Duncan’s group in L.A. He was convicted in related charges with Wilcox.

    Duncan, Hughes, and Johnson had access to about eight different children aged 18 months to 16 years. According to Dworin, Duncan’s friendship was important to Wilcox because Wilcox wanted access to the children that Duncan had under his control.

    Dworin said there were 16 children identified in sexually explicit photographs confiscated by police, but police could locate only eight victims. The photos that were taken of these children by the men indicted have turned up in Lolita, which is an explicit child-sex magazine that used photographs of nudist children from all over the world. Lolita is also where Wilcox and others in the group had run ads to find available children and other pedophiles.

    The children who were molested, girls and a few boys, were taken to Black’s Beach on several occasions where they played and had their bodies painted in brightly colored paint. These visits to the beach, according to L.A. police, were to “acclimate them to nudity. Then after going to the beach the children would be taken to motel rooms and sold to men who traveled in from across the country.” All ten of the other men indicted, excluding Wilcox and Hughes, pled guilty to charges involving exploitation and abuse of children.

    Duncan lost interest in the children in one family once they entered puberty, because he preferred children aged six to ten, so he consigned them to Frederick Cornelius (a.k.a Tony) Hoston. Hoston assumed a surrogate father role and began molesting all of them. He was arrested and indicted along with Wilcox and his co-conspirators.

    According to a news article (reprinted above) from the Gary Indiana Post Tribune, Hoston eluded arrest by returning to Indiana, where he intended to start another child prostitution ring. After he was discovered by police, he escaped and fled to San Francisco, where he changed his appearance. He was later killed by police during a robbery attempt.

    Duncan invited many other men he corresponded with to come to L.A. for visits, among them Joseph Francis Henry from New York. Henry was also convicted after traveling to L.A. and paying Duncan $500 to molest the same children Wilcox was convicted of molesting.

    Henry, a man who has since admitted to molested 22 girls, aged 9 to 11, when he testified before the Permanent Subcommittee on Governmental Affairs before the United States Senate, Ninety- Ninth Congress. In 1971 Henry was caught molesting nudist girls at the New Jersey nudist camp he managed, but charges were not filed against him by the club or by the girls’ parents.

    ***Peter Windsor (a.k.a. John Blount),**** a nudist from England, arrived around the same time, met Duncan, and molested several children during his visit. Windsor then traveled to the Netherlands, where he met a nudist mother. He was photographed with her and her child on a nude beach. When Windsor was later arrested on charges relating to Wilcox’s case, he possessed large quantities of commercial and non-commercial pornography as well as nudist photos of children alone and with him on nude beaches all over the world.

    Eric Cross was also involved with Donald Woodward, a nudist who served eight years in prison for sexually molesting several children from Camping Bares, a naturist group in San Diego. Cross met Woodward thru correspondence and convinced him to get involved in Cross’s prison project where he produced child pornography.

    Another nudist who visited Duncan was Eric Cross. Cross, a well-educated English con artist and world traveler, left Canada in the early 1970s for Florida where he befriended two families with children. During visits to Disney World, the children were photographed in sexually explicit poses in a motel room. Cross, who was the photographer who took most of the photos that appeared in another child pornography magazine called “Lolitots” took the undeveloped film with him to the Netherlands, intending to turn the photos over to Jan Winderhold, who was then the publisher of Lolita. However, when Cross attempted to develop the photographs, he was reported to police by the photo lab.

    Dutch officials, known for their extremely liberal tolerance for pornography, including child pornography, threw Cross out of Holland. He returned to England, where he was taken into custody after being identified via a warrant issued for his arrest for the Florida incident. Cross fought extradition for a year and a half but was finally returned to Florida where he was sentenced to a Florida state psychiatric hospital for distribution of child pornography and for child molestation.

    From the Florida hospital, Cross distributed so-called child “erotica,” and one publication called Tuesday’s Child, a magazine that first used nudist children posed in Playboy-styled positions and then became increasingly more explicit.

    It was through his involvement in child pornography that Cross began a correspondence with Tim Wilcox’s mentor, John Robert Duncan. When Cross escaped from the psychiatric hospital in 1978 — with the help of two women who supplied a stolen rental car — he went to Robert’s house in L.A.

    According to Dworin, Duncan immediately disliked Cross because “he was pushy and wanted control over the kids,” so the group expelled him. When Cross left he stole several of Duncan’s letters in which Duncan had bragged about having sex with children.

    Next Cross went to see pornographer Ron Raffaelli. Unbeknownst to Cross, Raffaellis’ house was under surveillance by the L.A. police because of Raffaellis’ involvement in the production of child pornography. According to Dworin, Los Angeles police had arrested a fourteen year child who had runaway from home in 1977 and who admitted to being photographed by Raffaelli. But since the girl refused to testify, charges were never filed.

    When Cross arrived at Raffaellis’ home, Dworin observed Cross meet with Raffaelli and ran a check and found that the rental car had been stolen. They began to watch Cross at his exclusive hotel in Belair.

    Several days later a nudist woman from Oakdale Nudist Camp named Maryanne Hendershaw and her two children, Karri and Jamie — who had been raised as nudist children — arrived at the hotel accompanied by Raffaelli. Josephy Henry the New Jersey Nudist Camp Manager was also present at the hotel room when the photos were to have been taken. The photo shoot was abruptly interrupted by police and all were immediately taken into custody at that time.

    When Eric Cross was apprehended, he was “looking at hard time” and, according to police, he couldn’t be shut up. Dworin said he was “ready to turn states evidence on everyone involved.” He furnished Duncan’s stolen letters to police and informed them that Duncan was, along with others, molesting a large group of children.

    Los Angeles police quickly returned Cross to Florida where he was incarcerated, this time in prison instead of a hospital. Once again he prepared to distribute child pornography from prison, but federal investigators intervened and he was convicted again for distribution. He is now serving a 95 year sentence in a federal penitentiary in Florida.

    Eric Cross was, according to police, active in European naturism. When he got to the US he quickly acquainted himself with the nudist/pedophile network that supplied children. He claimed to police that he could “spot a pedophile within five minutes” and informed them that for years he had located available children and other pedophiles at nudist camps and nude beaches throughout the world. While he was being questioned by police, Cross also told them that after leaving Duncan’s house he paid a visit to Edmond Leja too.

    According to police, Cross, Raffaelli, and Hendershaw were meeting for a nude photo shoot of the children. They were, however all taken into custody before it could take place. But, the children had already been the subject of exploitation by other photographers including nudist child pornographer Edmond Leja (a.k.a Ed Lea), Ron Raffaelli and their colleague, world renowned naturist/nudist photographer, Leif Heilberg.

    Ron Raffaelli, a talented, ex-establishment photographer who did ads for Honda, Pepsi and American Airlines, and whose works have hung in the Smithsonian Institute, dropped acid one day on Laguna beach and had a vision. He would use his photography to “praise love and vanquish shame and guilt.” Removing himself from the world of corporate advertising was his first valiant beginning and to become a prolific pornographer was his next move.

    In an introduction to one of his books he wrote: “So…be free…go naked…join the sexual revolution. Remember, “It riles them to believe that you perceive the web they weave… And keep on thinking free.”

    Raffaelli has gone on to make 70 “erotic films” and publish countless photo books. An ad or one of his books read: “Water nymphs: Rain fires sizzling young passions;” another reads: “Cosmic re-entry: Beautiful girl violated by phallic light.”


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