Please contact your MP to ask for their support for a national inquiry into child abuse

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Following the announcement of the letter by a group of seven cross-party MPs to Home Secretary Teresa May, calling for a national inquiry into child abuse and questions to be answered concerning existing investigations and loss of crucial materials and evidence, I would like to ask all who agree to write to their own MPs to ask them to lend their support to this call. The more MPs who support this, the greater the likelihood of it occurring, and also the greater the media attention it is likely to get. You can write to your MP using the following site – – just by entering your postcode, or if you want to simply find their name and e-mail address, go to this site – .

Below I include a template for a letter, based on part of that which I have sent to my own MP Jeremy Corbyn…

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  1. zoompad said:

    John Hemming is one of them who let me be bullied by paedophiles on Mothers for Justice for 2 years, he pretends to care about child abuse but why is he letting child abuse victims be bullied by paedophiles then? And Tom Watson called me a pest on Twitter because I asked him questions about the organisation he belonged to, Searchlight.

  2. Troyhand said:

    [It would be very helpful if the press would do their job and look into all the facts about this man. Something’s not full explained in the following article about Raymond Hawthorne. Hey journalists, misrepresenting by omission is still lying.]
    Manchester Gazette – 7 June 2014
    Raymond Hawthorne Jailed for Prostituting Boys

    Raymond Hawthorne (22/02/1964), of no fixed address, admitted controlling a child prostitute, controlling prostitution for gain (in relation to adult prostitutes he was controlling) as well as breaches of a Sexual Offences Prevention Order (SOPO) and sex offender registration.

    At Bolton Crown Court today, Friday 6 June 2014, he was sentenced to 10 years in prison with an extended license of five years.

    ***In 2003 Hawthorne ‘bought’ a 14-year-old boy, who he prostituted up to eight times a day over a week long period, while also controlling men who he prostituted by advertising their services through printed publications such as Loot, taking as much as a 70% cut of any money paid to them.***

    He was subsequently convicted of child abduction and conspiracy to commit indecent assault on a child, for which he was given a sentence of seven years in jail. This was later extended to nine years on appeal.

    Tragically the victim went on to commit suicide.

    In December 2012 he was released having served his full sentence and moved to the Bolton area.

    In early 2013 officers from the Greater Manchester Police Sex Offender Management Unit (SOMU) commenced an investigation into his activities.

    In May 2013 a search warrant was executed at his address at the time and evidence that he was controlling men as prostitutes was recovered and he was arrested.

    It was later established they were being marketed as escorts and he would receive calls or texts from clients and arrange for the sexual services to take place. He would convey them locations where the paid sexual encounters would take place.

    Unbeknown to police at the time, he also began communicating – under a false name – with a vulnerable 15 year old boy on a social networking site and began to offer him the opportunity to make large sums of money.

    They eventually met and the victim was groomed into becoming involved in prostitution.

    Over a period of weeks Hawthorne prostituted this young boy with a number of men across the country.

    In June 2013, police officers conducted a further raid on his address and two men were found who were being controlled as prostitutes by him. The child victim was not at the address at this time and police were still unaware of his involvement with Hawthorne.

    In September 2013 officers from SOMU obtained a Sex Offender Prevention Order (SOPO) from Bolton Crown Court that restricted him from engaging in any employment including advertising relating to ‘escorts’.

    That same month the child victim gave information to his carers that he had been prostituted and the matter was reported to the police.

    The victim was interviewed and despite the trauma that he suffered gave a full account of the abuse that he had suffered.

    Detective Constable Paul Crompton, said: “Hawthorne is a repugnant individual who groomed the young boy so that he could sell his body for financial gain.

    “He has made conscious and determined efforts to recruit him due to the increased sums of money involved in the prostitution of children.

    “We know that this victim and at least one other boy have been subjected to sexual abuse time and time again because of his actions.

    “Tragically his first child victim went on to commit suicide, undoubtedly due in no small part to the horrendous abuse he endured.

    “He began reoffending almost as soon as he was released from prison, proving what a truly wicked and unrepentant individual he is.

    “His only motivation is money and he has not thought twice about exploiting boys or men for cold hard cash.

    “I want to publically acknowledge the tremendous courage and bravery of the young victim, who has seen this matter through largely due to a desire to prevent this happening to anyone else. I think his selflessness will almost certainly have protected other children from becoming victims of Hawthorne’s depravity.

    “I can’t take pleasure in situations like this, conscious of the carnage his offending has left behind, but knowing he has been sentenced and will not be released for many years is comforting to the police as well as his victims.”

    [Raymond Hawthorne controlled a national pedophile ring in 2003. He didn’t prostitute men; he prostituted boys!]

  3. Troyhand said:
    The Solicitors’ Journal, Volume 148 – 2004

    [Page 1072]

    In brief
    □ Judge critical of ‘absurd’ lack of sentencing powers

    A Crown Court judge has called his lack of sentencing powers to sentence people who ‘groom’ child prostitutes ‘absolutely absurd’ after presiding over one of the most disturbing cases in recent times. Mr Justice Holland, sitting at Leeds Crown Court, could only sentence 38-year-old Leeds man Nathan Eyre to five years in prison after Eyre pleaded guilty to grooming a 14-year-old boy and selling him to ***the leader of a national paedophile ring***. Holland slammed the maximum seven-year sentence for living off the earnings of a prostitute and called for the Crown Prosecution Service to look into the issue. ***He also sentenced Eyre to an additional three years for selling the boy to Manchester man Raymond Hawthorne***, who was jailed for seven years for a range of offences. Hawthorne had taken the child on what was described as a “six-day blur of sexual abuse” which led to at least four other men being jailed for indecent assault. Detective Inspector Paul Jeffrey, of the Leeds child and protection unit said he was “stunned” by what the men had done and by the size of the ring, which involved men from Lancashire, Bedfordshire, Merseyside, Shropshire and Lancastershire.

  4. Troyhand said:
    A SILENT MOTHER – Friday, 31 October 2008

    The night they found my son in Manchester is still raw in my mind even though it’s been four years now. It was about 8pm in the evening when I received a phone call saying that the police had found him. There had been a tip off by someone that my son was in a bungalow in Manchester. The Police acted on the tip off and managed to do a raid on the property and found my son inside. Apparently I was told that there were other children in the house besides my son. But I believe these children were over the age of sixteen and there were a brother and sister in the house too.

    Raymond Colin Hawthorne was apparently a well-known Pimp in the Manchester area and was known for having children working and living with him. I believe my son was kept in a room in a bungalow in Manchester where he slept the nights on a mattress on the floor in a small room along with others. He was given drugs and alcohol to keep him subdued and threatened with death and also our lives were threatened to keep him there. Raymond Colin Hawthorne made suggestions to my son that if he tried to escape someone would find me.

    When the police told me they had found him I was overjoyed for a split second that he was alive and safe. But then my heart sank I started to panic I didn’t know what condition he was in? Whether he was well? If they had fed, looked after him or what or even how abused my son was?

    The police said they had to question him so I wasn’t aloud to go to see him yet and could I please wait for a phone call for when to set off the Manchester.

    I was in Leeds so I had a long drive down the M62. I told my husband what they had said and I paced up and down the room smoked about 40 cigarettes waiting for the phone call. It was one of the worst nights of my life.
    What was I going to say to him? What was he going to say to me? How do I react with him? My head was just a fuzzy mess I just wanted to hug him and tell him it would be ok and he was safe and we would get through this. It was something like you watch on a movie and even now I think back it seems to be surreal and I can see my self and it all happening in slow motion.

    Eventually the phone call came about 1am in the Morning. It was a policeman on the phone who gave me directions to a Police Station in Manchester where they were holding my son.

    I got in the Car I still don’t know why my Husband didn’t come with me or even say he would come for support. But he didn’t, I drove like a mad woman towards the M62. I think back now if the Police had pulled me for speeding I wouldn’t have been able to deny it and I wouldn’t have really wanted to explain it. I remember it was cold as I drove in the Dark past Bradford then headed for Huddersfield, Halifax towards Manchester. Its then you start to climb a big hill where there’s a sign telling you this is the highest road in Britain. There is a farm right slap bang in the middle of the M62 where I believe the farmer refused to leave when the road was being built. I don’t think he actually lives there because there were no lights on at the house just pitch black it was as black as coal up there on the road. I thought there would have been a lot more traffic on the road but then again it was now about half past one in the morning and I was still driving like a mad woman. Luckily I had a sat I nav to help me try to find this police station otherwise I wouldn’t have had a clue where I was going.

    I remember the sat nave took my down a long winding road and then on the left hand side there was a building which said police station. There was only one problem it was in pitch darkness. I pulled into the car park and got out of the car everything was dark the place looked empty. I started to panic and didn’t know what to do I was now alone in the dark in the middle of Manchester and trying to find my son. I had my mobile on me and telephoned the police I then had to explain to them my situation and was told to hold the line. A couple of minutes later I was told my son was at another police station at the other side of Manchester.

    I am angry a little now that I was to do this on my own, no police woman or man was there to help me My son had just been found after a nationwide investigation and I his mother was alone in the dark and so scared. No one even offered to come with me I am full of anger because I should have been given some kind of support as to how to react around him, how to speak to him and some one to help me even breath properly.

    Again I had to drive in the dark across the other side of Manchester to another police station where they had him. I arrived in the dark it looked like it wasn’t a very nice part of Manchester and had to drive into a car park. I slowly got out of the car and walked towards the door. There was a policeman on reception and I said I am here for my son, he then proceeded to take me to a room and told me to wait in here and someone would be with me shortly. It was a cold looking room and had no decoration what so ever just a table in the middle of the room one of those tables you used to get in school classrooms and two chairs either side.

    I was left in that room again alone for about an hour I was pacing up and down up and down. Then all of a sudden the door opened and a policeman showed my son into the room I ran across the room and hugged him. He seemed very cold and distant he sat down on a chair and I sat in the chair opposite I just wanted to hug him love him and cry. But instead he said mum “ I am bi-sexual” I was in shock I had had my son missing for nearly a week and the first thing he says was mum I am bi-sexual. I tried to act normal and said that’s good love but I was screaming inside I was lost and I didn’t know how to get my son back from this dark world.

    He then said “Do you like my new clothes, they bought me some new clothes, Took me to see the London Eye, Blackpool pleasure beach and swimming” I said yes they were lovely and then said to him why are you doing this love I know you have been through something really bad.

    It was then my son decided to get up out of the chair and go towards the door he said he didn’t want to come home with me he didn’t love me and didn’t want to be with me. I couldn’t believe it I was in complete shock and didn’t know what to do the only way I can explain it is you feel like a chicken with your head cut off and running around in pain.

    How was I supposed to get my son back I mean my real son this wasn’t him it was like some nightmare. The film the body snatchers comes to mind when I write this someone had taken my baby boy and swapped him they must have.

    A policeman then came into the room to explain to be my son didn’t want to come home with me and I now had to leave. I walked out of that room scared again and felt like I had know one to help me and make me understand why. They said because he had told them to make me leave I had to go. I left the building and got into the car I looked towards the building and saw my son in a darkened room waving to me. I was told before I left my son would be taken back to Leeds and put into a temporary foster care until the problem was resolved.

    I started the drive back to Leeds in the dark and cold alone again knowing that my son was now in a police car somewhere on the M62 also going back to Leeds and not home with me but to a home where I wasn’t aloud to know where. After driving about 20minutes I had to stop the car I couldn’t see properly because I was crying that much my vision was blurred. I stopped the car in a lay-by and I phoned a friend I told her what had happened and that I didn’t want to live anymore my son had rejected me I wanted to kill my self I didn’t want to live anymore.

    I wanted to kill Nathan Eyre I wanted to kill Raymond Hawthorne I wanted to kill any man who had touched my baby in an inappropriate way. But I couldn’t obviously so I wanted to die. My friend told me not to do it she said if you do they have won everyone who had hurt you would have won and you would just be remembered as the mother whose child was abused that killed her self. I wanted to get out of the car and start walking down the M62 and hope I would be hit by something big and die straight away. I couldn’t stop crying I decided to have a cigarette and try to calm down and think to my self it would be alright. After about an hour I pulled my self together and carried on driving up the M62 towards LEEDS and home. I must have got back to LEEDS at about 5am in the morning I was cold, tired and lost I fell into bed exhausted and slept

    Posted by SILENT MOTHER

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