1. Troyhand said:

    Sydney Morning Herald – 14 September 1958
    The Hon. Henry has homely ideas

    “We just hope that no one will put their shoes out to be cleaned,” said Lucius Henry Plantagenet Cary, Master of Falkland, eldest son of the thirteenth Viscount Falkland.

    Screwing his monocle into his eye and adjusting his chef’s cap at a rakish angle, the Honourable Henry added, “We are doing a very fine bed and breakfast trade.”

    The Master of Falkland’s ancestors were pillars of The Establishment, admirals, governors, generals and statesmen, but when milord came to look at his inheritance it amounted to the family silver and plate, plus 21 enormous oil paintings, some Jacobean furnishings and odd change.

    “Father lives in a pub now,” said the Master, “so I borrowed from the trustees, bought myself this rather quaint little place and went into the seaside boarding-house game.”

    The “quaint little place” is a pebble-dashed semi-detached house overlooking Fowey harbour in Cornwall.

    The walls are groaning under the weight of ornate paintings varying in size from modest ovals three feet wide to massive frames big enough for a man to stand inside.

    “It’s a job keeping all my husband’s ancestors free from dust,” said the Master’s wife Charlotte.

    To care for 10 guests plus dogs there is a staff of two only – Lucius Henry Plantagenet Cary, head cook, and Charlotte, maid of all work.

    The 53-year-old Master married this year for the third time, and made beautiful brunette Charlotte a grandmother at once.

    He has two married daughters and four grandchildren…

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