Historic child abuse: NSPCC to run another cover up?

It is deeply concerning that this government has appointed the NSPCC to run one of its enquiries into the extent and cover up of child abuse in British institutions.

Those of us who were in the care system and suffered the abusers have for decades seen our allegations face a brick wall of silence from such charities and organised suppression by lawyers acting on their behalf. In my childhood memoir, The Golly in the Cupboard , I chronicled some of the terrible abuse of young children that took place at our Barnardos home in Southport, Lancashire. I also related attempts of Barnardos to silence us children, to cover up the issue and their failure to pursue prosecution of the perpetrators following the intervention of the police.

Barnardos and many in NSPCC and other charities welcomed the book. However these charities, such as NSPCC, Barnardos, the Children’s Society and the Salvation Army, which previously cared for thousands of young people in children’s homes and refuges, remain quiet on the issue of not only their failure to act regarding abuse of children in their care, they have also yet to disclose who amongst their management were responsible for the cover ups.

Barnardo’s, which the courts demonstrated failed to disclose on horrendous abuse of children in its care in Northern Ireland has been given a key role in Parliamentary investigations and now, yet another potentially compromised charity, NSPCC, is put in charge of a historic child abuse investigation.

Justice demands that these charities that faced allegations of abuse should be forced to come forward and submit to police investigations into how those allegations were covered up and by whom. In response to the Savile outcry, David Cameron tried to smear the public outrage as a “witchunt against gays” Now this appointment of the NSPCC smells of being one more step of damage limitation i.e. a cover up to prevent the ”whole truth and nothing but the truth” from coming out.

That the government is struggling to find any institution responsible for children, government or law enforcement that is not tainted with cover ups of child abuse, is exactly the reason why a full and open independent public enquiry should be established immediately to root out the abusers and excusers that were and remain a menace to our children.

Phil Frampton

Former Barnardo Boy

Founder of The Care Leavers Association (2000)

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    I agree with this I’ve said I don’t trust the NSPCC and have reservations about Mr Wanless. The most important thing that needs to come out of the review and investigations is that the victims of abuse feel their case has been heard impartially and that any found to be involved in abusing children should if they are still alive face criminal charges. The dead should have their behaviour seen by the public.

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    Have the Government looked at the NSPCC record for discovering and stopping child abuse, if so what have they found?

  3. Anne Wade said:

    In the early ’90s we asked their advice in designing child protection guidelines, because our organisation had been targeted by PIE. They were dismissive about wasting their time on sexual abuse, when they were busy with ‘real’ abuse – neglect and battering.
    We got invaluable help from Kidscape, and set up a code of good practice before this became the norm.
    In 2006 we asked the NSPCC for help when a paedophile led a takeover of the trustees. At first they were supportive, but when the takeover was successful they switched sides. Richard Green said they had to ‘follow the purse-strings’: their main responsibility was to earn money for the NSPCC through training, and it was the new trustees who could authorise this.

  4. zoompad said:

    £200,000 of public money was spent on reabusing me via the secret family courts over a 7 year period, but not a penny has been spent so far on trying to put right the damage they have done, and it doesn’t actually cost anything at all to apologise, why can’t they apologise about Pindown child abuse, why do they spend so much public money reabusing us and making our lives a misery instead?

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