1. GMB said:

    The late Lord Henikker’s Thornham Magna estate in Suffolk is worth a look. I don’t have the full address but anyone can find it at Islington Social Services…
    Just been told by an MPs office that a MP’s request for the full Jillings report to be placed in Members library has not been done. She is asking again…

  2. JC said:

    Might be worth speaking to the lady he rented the house in Suffolk from? I believe she had five children and her two boys were about 9 and 6 or 7 around the time Righton and his friend moved in. The older boy sadly committed suicide on the estate when he was 21 having struggled with problems since he was about 13 according to the media

  3. undisclosed said:

    The late Lord Henniker claimed that his son (the current Lord Henniker, Mark) had invited the convicted paedo to live on the Henniker estate.

    The current Lord Henniker (Mark) should be asked why he invited a convicted child abuser to live on his estate when 1) the chief constable of the Suffolk police personally asked the Hennikers to withdraw the invitation, and 2) at the time the convicted paedo was living on their property, the very same estate was being used as a destination for urban children to visit the countryside and experience rural life.

    Moreover, the current Lord Henniker’s son committed suicide by hanging himself in a forest at the age of (I think) 23.

    After his son’s suicide, the current Lord Henniker immediately began disparaging his dead son’s reputation, claiming that he had tried to attack his mother (Lord Henniker’s wife), etclllly.

    It begs the question: Was the son who committed suicide abused by either Lord Henniker himself, or by his paedo friends, who he invited to live at his estate?

    Finally, what is the (true) reason that the late Lord Henniker (John) was abruptly and mysteriously dismissed from his chairmanship of the British Council over 30 years ago, by Lord Fulton?

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