Senior Labour politician accused of covering up Sir Peter Morrison child rape allegations

Peter McKelvie has given me permission to publish a letter he sent to a senior Labour politician on 3rd August. No reply has been received as of today (8th August). The politician’s name has been redacted for the time being.



Dear (name redacted)

I am a retired Child Protection professional and the person who contacted Tom Watson, MP, in September 2012, as a result of which he asked a PMQ on 24th October 2012 regarding a paedophile ring with links to No.10, a question which led to the Metropolitan Police setting up Operation Fairbank/Fernbridge, which I ‘m sure you will be aware is both ongoing and rapidly expanding following significant witnesses at long last coming forward to tell the truth about the alleged appalling collusion of senior politicians of all the main political parties in the alleged abuse carried out by their colleagues.

I was sickened to the stomache when I first heard Edward Heath’s Chief Whip, the late Tim Fortescue’s account on Michael Cockerell’s 1995 BBC documentary of how Whips covered up criminal activity by MP’s towards young children and I don’t need to tell you the revulsion I felt towards our political masters having worked with sexually abused children over a 30 year period when I heard of how the Whips ran the Dirt Book system.

I was very pleased to see the BBC Newsnight team show the Tim Fortescue interview again on 7th July this year because survivors of abuse now have more strength, belief and courage than politicians are going to be braced for. Time is on their side and this time they will not go away until they get the answers they deserve.

I wrote to David Cameron on 16th September 2013 asking him to set up an independent body to examine the allegations of abuse by elite groups within the Establishment and said ” It would be better if you led such an exercise before it is forced upon you by public demand. THE LATTER WILL HAPPEN IN TIME “

Not only did people power win the day on the demand for an independent inquiry but it further demonstrated to politicians that survivors and their supporters would not accept token gestures such as the appointment of puppet figures to lead such an Inquiry.

My reason for writing to you is very specific.

You will be aware how the evidence against Peter Morrison has become much more specific in recent months culminating in a statement by Barry Strevens, Mrs. Thatcher’s personal bodyguard that he warned her that Morrison was ” involved in sex parties with under-age boys “

Graham Nicholls, who ran the Chester Trades Council when Morrison was Chester’s MP, wrote the following :- 

” After the 1987 General Election, around 1990, I attended a meeting of Chester Labour Party where we were informed by the agent, Christine Russell, that Peter Morrison would not be standing in 1992. He had been caught in the toilets at Crewe Station with a 15 year boy. A deal was struck between Labour, the local Tories, the local press and the Police that if he stood down at the next election the matter would go no further. Morrison walked away scot – free. “

An Independent Inquiry will need to examine this alleged scenario in forensic detail.

For the last 2 years I have been working closely with a very trusted, committed and dedicated team of retired police officers, investigative journalists and child protection managers and we will do everything in our power to assist and support survivors to get the answers as to who colluded over the horrific abuse they suffered at the hands of powerful individuals.

Survivors have shown enough faith in some of our group to disclose historical abuse that they have felt too frightened to talk about for decades.

It is through my work with this group that I have now received from 3 seperate sources an account of an alleged role that you personally played in the cover up over Peter Morrison’s rape of children and young people which he allegedly carried out in the full knowledge of senior politicians of all main parties.


This is the gist of the allegations :-

” A British Aerospace Trade Union Convenor said a member said he was raped by Peter Morrison as a child  – the Convenor went to the National HQ of the union who put it to Labour front bench. (name redacted) was saying that the Tory Front Bench had been approached. “

This I’m sure you will agree is very specific.

A second and third source confirms these allegations and it is alleged that these conversations first took place at a 1993/4 Xmas party hosted by the Welsh Parliamentary Labour Party.

I would like to give you the opportunity to address these allegations as they implicate you in a very serious cover up of the rape of a child.

Obviously I have no way of knowing whether the statements of other people are true but I will certainly present the allegations to the Independent Inquiry and demand that everyone involved is interviewed on oath.


Yours sincerely

Peter McKelvie


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    A very timely indication of how far victims of abuse and their supporters have come – and how far is yet to go…..

  2. Michael Wood said:

    Again, Ian, you have helped the process many want. Thank you to Peter McKelvie, and you.

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    The sordid deals between the political parties, police and the press when paedophile politicians are caught is exposed here in this letter to a senior labour figure from whistleblowing child protection professional Peter McKelvie. Peter Morrison, Margaret Thatchers Parliamentary Private Secretary, was caught in Crewe toilets with a 15 year old boy. He was allowed to get away with child abuse if he stood down at the next election. Outrageous to most normal people. But we need to realise that many politicians are only in “power” in our pseudo democracy BECAUSE they can be blackmailed by the real people in power.
    As ever we need to name and shame all the individuals involved in the police, parliamentary parties and press and bring them to account.

  4. On the morning of the 18th January 1976, Peter Watts, aged 15, left a note in his home in Colwyn Bay, Wales, stating that he was going to a friend’s house to study for an exam. Around 01.30 the next morning he was found dying in the underpass near Euston Square tube station in London. A taxi-driver found him lying on the road with a fractured skull, cracked ribs and broken shoulder, and rushed him to nearby University College Hospital, where he died. The coroner concluded that Peter’s injuries were all consistent with a fall from a great height rather than assault or self-injury. Curiously, Peter’s father said he knew no one in London, and no witnesses who might have seen him travel by train to Chester and then London, arriving at Euston station, were found. Furthermore, forensic examination revealed that the boy and his clothes were ‘impeccably clean’, as though he had just been bathed and his clothes washed. Even his skull wound had no sign of dirt or grit – expected if he had fallen on his head from the overpass above .

    • 3.) 1976 Peter Watts
      A happy settled 15 year old, Peter left home in Colwyn Bay on the afternoon of the 18th January saying he was going to revise with a friend in Chester. He was found at 1.30am the next day in the Euston Underpass in London dying from multiple injuries to the brain, lungs, liver and a major skull fracture. The coronor said these injuries were similar to falling from a great height. If he had gone to London by train he would have arrived at 21.20 so where was he for 4 hours? No one saw him at Colwyn Bay station apart from the ticket clerk and he would have waited there for the train to Chester for over an hour. No one saw him at Chester station or in London and when his body was found he was missing his watch, keys, ring, comb, hankerchief, glasses and money. No driver saw him lying in the underpass between 1.00 and 1.30.

      • The Case of the Clean Corpse began in the early hours of Monday, Jan. 19. More than two week; later, it still baffles the best brains of Scotland Yard. “There are sq many mysteries here,” said Detective Chief Inspector John Harris – “Every answer we find just seems ‘to raise more questions.” It was 1:33 a.m. when the curtain rose on a case as baffling as any Agatha Christie ‘ ever invented, A taxi driver passing through an underpass about a mile from Euston railway station spotted a body by the road. It was a teen – age boy. He was alive, unconscious and horribly injured tt a head wound “and multiple injuries “which would be consistent with a fall from a considerable height,” Harris said. The cabbie took the boy to a hospital. He died without regaining consciousness and the mysteries began. “The first thing was that the body was so clean,” Harris said. “Spotless. There wasn’t even any Scale between his toes, it was as if he’d just been thoroughly scrubbed.” Then there were his clothes. They didn’t seem to belong to him. They were his height,. but several sizes too wide. They were spotlessly clean no blood, no dirt – and freshly pressed. Only his shoes had scuff marks on the back of the heels, as though he had been dragged. His pockets held nothing not even lint. Doctors said the injuries ance between Scotland Yard’s description of the body and that of a boy missing from his home in North Wales. Quickly the body was Identified:. Peter Watts. 15. of Colwyn Bay, Wales. But that made the mystery even worse. What was he doing 220 miles from home: he was a bright, happy boy from a good home with no reason , . . I m away. How did he get to London? On the day before he died. Peter had lunch with his parents. Percy and. Hazel Watts, and his brother, Mark, 17. Later Mr. and Mrs. Watts took Mark for a driving lesson

  5. The case of the clean corpse continued

    They returned to find a note
    saying he’d gone visit a friend in
    Chester, 20 miles away. Police
    found he’d bought a round — trip
    ticket to Chester but he didn’t get
    offthe train mere. They Found a
    soldier who thinks he chatted with
    Peter on a train to London. The boy
    was cheerful and calm, he said.
    Police now have a theory. Perhaps
    Peter innocently agreed to go home
    with one of the homosexuals who
    haunt Euston station. .Perhaps he
    realized what was happening and
    jumped out a window or down a
    flight of stairs in an effort to
    escape. Perhaps his host’ then
    panicked, washed and dressed
    Peter, kept his money about $20 his
    watch, glasses and gold ring to —
    make it look like robbery. Perhaps
    Peter was then driven to the.
    underpass and dumped.

    • January 1976: Peter Watts, a 15 year-old boy from Colwyn Bay, Wales left his home on the morning of the 18th. Little did his friends and family know that he would not be seen alive again. He had left a note saying he was going to a friends house to study for an exam. Soon after 1:30 that afternoon, he was found dying in the underpass near Euston Square tube station in London. A taxi-driver found him lying on the road with a severely fractured skull and rushed him to a nearby University College Hospital, where he died. Peter’s father said he knew no one in London. His skull injury, cracked ribs and fractured shoulder were all consistent, in the coroner’s view, with a fall from a great height rather than from an assault or self-injury. The police could find no positive witness who might have seen the boy travel by train to Chester and then London, arriving at Euston station, at that time a notorious cruising area for ‘rent boys.’ More curious was the fact that forensic examination revealed that the boy and his clothes were “impeccably clean” as though he had just been bathed. Even his wound had no sign of the grit expected if he had fallen on his head from the overpass above. The mystery death of ‘the Super-Clean boy’ was one of the first strange deaths I (Bob Rickard) investigated and I’m not sure it was ever resolved. In 1978, FT reader, Paul Pinn tried and failed to find out anything further. FT21:13, FT40:40


      A jury at an inquest at St Pancras, London, yesterday decided that Peter Watts, aged 15, who died after being found with head injuries on the Euston Road underpass on January 19, had been murdered by a person or persons unknown. He vanished from his home in Woodhill Road, Colwyn Bay, Clwyd, the previous day. Dr Howard Baderman said that when the boy arrived at University Coillege’ HospitaI he was. deeply unconscious with a deep wound at the back of the head. At first it was thought that he was a traffic accident victim but suspicions were aroused. and the police informed. When the clothing was searched, no sign of road dirt was found, and there was no property in the pockets. Nor were there any scuff marks on the clothing or fragments of road dirt in the head wound. The body was impeccably clean, as though it had just been bathed. Answering questions by the father, Mr Percy Enirys Watts, Dr Baderman said a ring, watch, comb and spectacles were not found in the boy’s clothing. . Dr Baderman said the head injury on the left side was compatible with a fall. It was unusual for no debris or dirt to be found in the wound’ Det Chief Inspector. John Harris, in charge of the investigation, agreed with Dr Douglas Chambers, the coroner, that the case wvas ” a very odd event indeed “. Police inquiries had been made at Colwyn Bay station and on trains betwveen there, Chester and Euston, and in London. He said: “To date wve have not found anyone at all who positively saw Peter at Colwyn Bay, Chester,. or London.” Regarding the- pending mock 0 levels which the- boy wvas due to take on the followiing Monday, Ai- Harris ‘said inquiries had established that the boy did not seem concerned and was not unduly worried about them. Dr Hugh Johnson, a patholologist, said the boy’s injuries were consistent vith a fall from a height, more than a direct assault. * Dr Chambers said: “I am inclined to exclude totally the possibility that there. was any intention on the part of the boy to take his own life.” Afterwards Mr Wafts, who has already offered a £1,000 reward, for information that would lead to a conviction, said: ” I think he may have been abducted. He was a friendly boy, easy with people, and I do not believe he went of his own free will. He -was a great train enthusiast.” Missing boy found dead on underpass was murdered

  6. jo said:

    I have been researching historical abuse in Shropshire and Hereford.. Richard Groome and Norman Wainwright ran homes in these areas after working in welsh childrens homes. Holbrook manor and Ryelands street childrens home in Hereford and various ones in shropshire including Milverton Court all was abusive homes and abuse was reported but never investigated.. Many notorious paedophiles was working at the homes these two ran..

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