Viscount Tonypandy (George Thomas MP), chairman of National Children’s Home

Viscount Tonypandy (formerly George Thomas MP, Speaker of the Commons) was appointed as chairman of National Children’s Home (NCH) in 1983. He led NCH’s ‘Children in Danger’ campaign – “to counter the effects of a continuing high level of physical and sexual abuse”, and joined a BBC radio crew looking for ‘waifs’ on the streets of Soho and Leicester Square.

Police are currently investigating allegations that the late George Thomas raped a nine-year-old boy. (BBC News)

George Thomas helped former Liberal leader Jeremy Thorpe escape prosecution for ‘a homsexual offence against a minor’. Leo Abse MP boasted that he had threatened a young ‘delinquent’ who had allegedly tried to blackmail his close friend George Thomas. See Leo Abse MP, George Thomas MP, and Liberal leader Jeremy Thorpe

The Times, 13th October 1983

Times131083The Times, 12th December 1983

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Times101284The Times, 18th September 1985

Times180985The Times, 19th September 1985

Times190985The Times, 23rd September 1985


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    The allegations against George Thomas/Lord Tony Pandy gathers pace

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    Police are currently investigating claims that the late George Thomas, Viscount Tonypandy, abused a nine-year-old boy – see . Here are a selection of clippings about Tonypandy’s campaigns as head of the National Children’s Home.

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