Operation Ore: List of 90 police suspects led to just 50 arrests

In October 2002, the Observer reported that 90 police were on the Operation Ore list. In December 2002, the Guardian reported that 50 police had been arrested as part of Operation Ore. What happened to the other 40?

Thanks to Daniel for finding these articles.

The Observer, 20th October 2002

Obs201002 Obs201002aThe Guardian, 18th December 2002


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  1. Troyhand said:

    Eugene Register-Guard – 16 January 2003
    Teacher faces porn charge

    LONDON- A major swoop alleged viewers of child pornography that included The Who guitarist Pete Townsend has also caught up a senior teacher at a private school and a prison official, authorities said Wednesday.

    Officials at the 450-pupil Great Walstead School near Haywards Heath, south of London said police arrested head of geography Jonathan Collard as part of Operation Ore, the British arm of an FBI-led crackdown on people who view child pornography on the Internet. Collard has since resigned from the school.

    Police said they had also arrested a 47-year-old man for allegedly possessing indecent images of children, identified by the Prison Service as a member of the staff at Bullington Prison, near Bicester in central England.

    Others arrested and freed on bail include a civil servant working for London’s local council, the London Assembly.

    Townsend, 57, has acknowledged using a Web site advertising child pornography but says he was merely doing research for his autobiography. He was released by police in the early hours of Tuesday after several hours and faces further questioning later this month.

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