White Balloons & Flowers Vigil – Monday, Sep 15, 3.45pm at Rocks Lane, Barnes



Dear Friends
On Monday, Sep 15, I intend for some white flowers to be laid opposite the former site of notorious Elm Guest House, on Rocks Lane, Barnes in memory of Martin Ellis, my childhood buddy and one of the many kids in my kids’ homes whose lives were destroyed and ultimately taken down by the impact of abuse.
Too Many Have Died, Too Many Lives Destroyed… Stop Government Child Abuse Cover Ups. Time for Truth
Parliament Must Act… White Balloons & Flowers Vigil – Join us Monday, Sep 15, 3.45pm by Barnes Common opposite 27 Rocks Lane, Barnes (former site of the Elm Guest House paedophile centre for the rich and still awaiting a full Police investigation)
Commemorate the Innocent. Please Bring White Balloons and Flowers
Safeguard Our Children Today
NB White balloons and flowers were the symbols of childhood innocence used by Belgians when they protested in 1996 at the deaths of scores of children at the hands of the abusers, whilst their government stood by.
Please forward to others even if you can’t contribute in time or flowers to the occasion.
Best wishes
Phil Frampton
(contact inbox Phil Frampton at www.facebook.com/RosemundyHouse )

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