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    A gay civil servant sparked a security storm yesterday for taking young homosexuals into the commons.
    Paul Sturgess, 39, introduced a number of them to disgraced ex-MP Harvey Proctor, exposed as a pervert by The People.
    Detectives probing a “rent boy” sex scandal have been given the names of at least two other MPs involved with teenage boys.
    Gay Mark Thane, 24, says he was introduced to Proctor after Sturgess told him the MP needed a research assistant.
    Thane revealed: “I am certain I was set up simply for Proctor’s sexual benefit. He was friendly but very intimidating.”
    Proctor plied him with drinks during a dinner at his home in Fulham, West London, Thane revealed.
    “I was sickened by what took place,” he said. “I was very confused and felt that no one would listen to me if I had made a complaint against an MP.
    “Of course we never discussed the job. By then I had realised it was just as a lure.
    “Sturgess had told me he had introduced other young men, also gay, to Proctor. I imagine they endured a similar fate.
    “I was so stupidly naïve. I should have realised that Proctor would have no intention of employing someone like me.”
    When confronted by The People, Sturgess refused to divulge his job in the Civil Service.
    “I really don’t want to discuss that,” he said.
    “As far as I am concerned, Mark was looking for a job. I knew that Harvey’s researcher was going to leave in the near future. I was simply trying to help him out.”
    Sturgess admitted Thane had spent the weekend with him at his London flat.
    He reluctantly confirmed that he had taken other gays to the Commons to meet Proctor.
    “Yes, they were gay,” he said. “A lot of people around here are gay.. I have known Harvey for about eight years. I see him regularly, the last time about two weeks ago when he called on me.”

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