1. Kate MacDonald said:


    PROCTOR’S MATES HAVE A WHIP-ROUND! (Sunday People, 12th July 1987)

    Spanking MP Harvey Proctor’s constituents are having a whip-round for him!
    They have launched a fund to buy him a gift in appreciation of his eight years’ service before he resigned in disgrace.
    Proctor was convicted of gross indecency after The People revealed his favourite leisure activity—caning boys’ bottoms.
    But his constituents in Stanford-le-Hope, Essex, say he was a good MP whatever his sexual peculiarities.
    “What he does in his private life is his own business,” said local Tory chairman Gwen Wood. “It is customary to present a small gift when MPs leave, and we don’t believe Mr Proctor should be treated any other way.
    “He has been through so much lately that I felt we should bring him a little bit of happiness and show that many people still care.”
    Gwen wouldn’t say what the gift will be.

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