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  1. Kate MacDonald said:


    TOP NAMES IN CHILD VICE RING SHOCKER (Sunday People, 3rd April 1983)

    Top Civil Servants alleged to be involved in a homosexual vice ring at a council children’s home will be named this week.
    A surprise witness has said he will identify people he saw arrive at the Kincora home in Belfast seeking sex with young male inmates.
    The mystery witness says he was at the home when the house-master who ran the vice-ring, William McGrath, was visited by leading civil servants.
    He claims the visitors arranged with McGrath—now serving four years’ jail—to have sex with youngsters.
    The allegations will lead to a new wave of demands for a top-level inquiry.
    Sir George Terry, the West Sussex police chief who has been conducting an independent inquiry, is thought to be highly critical of British intelligence who knew about the vice ring, but took no action.

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