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    MP CALLS FOR INQUIRY FOLLOWING SEX CASE (Community Care, 19th May 1983)

    An MP has called for an independent inquiry into the running of Bedfordshire SSD, writes Anne Whitehouse.
    The demand, from Tory MP John Carlisle, follows the jailing of a housemaster of a children’s home for the indecent assault of a 13-year-old boy.
    Denis Garfoot, 33, who received a three-month sentence, had been housemaster at White House Children’s Home, Eggington. He admitted to having had too much to drink, on a fishing holiday in Cornwall with five of the children, and had slept in a double bed with one boy, although in separate sleeping bags.
    Mr Garfoot had been interviewed three times by the social services committee prior to taking up his post in 1980, and there had been no previous convictions.
    SSD director David Clifton told Community Care: “Throughout the period Mr Garfoot has been in Bedfordshire, there has been no expression of concern about his performance.”
    Mr Clifton was making public this week Mr Garfoot’s references, which he said were both from professional sources, and both supported Mr Garfoot’s original application.
    Mr Clifton said: “Mr Carlisle is well known for calling an inquiry any time anything reaches the Press. To imply, as Mr Carlisle does, that there is some way members can predict criminal behaviour when there is no previous evidence, is nonsense.”
    Mr Clifton recommended that a copy of his report be sent to the Secretary of State for Social Services, that members consider inviting Mr Carlisle to discuss the matter further with them, and members consider a meeting with NALGO to repair any damage to staff morale.

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