Harvey Proctor, Cottonrose Ltd., and the Conservative Party

The Mirror, 19th July 2014 And today we can also reveal disgraced former Tory MP Harvey Proctor has been named by witnesses in connection with sex parties and faces being questioned by a Government inquiry…At least two alleged witnesses have also named former Tory MP Proctor, 67, as being at parties in statements for the inquiry…. A source close to the inquiry told the Sunday Mirror: “Proctor’s name has repeatedly been mentioned by at least two alleged victims. He is going to be of key interest.”…Approached for comment last week, Proctor, former MP for Basildon and Billericay, said he was unable to comment because of a gagging agreement he claims to have signed years ago. Full article

Could the ‘gagging agreement’ be linked to Proctor’s late decision to plead guilty in 1987, thus preventing further embarrassing details being made public?

Why were the Conservatives so reluctant to deselect or expel Proctor from the party despite the huge amount of negative publicity he was generating in an election year?

And why, following Proctor’s conviction, did a number of high-profile Tories, including former Deputy PM Michael Heseltine, invest over £100,000 of their own money in Cottonrose Ltd., his loss-making shirt shop business?

The People, 15th June 1986

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Daily Express, 17th June 1986

Exp170686The People, 28th September 1986


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The People, 5th October 1986

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The People, 2nd November 1986


Sunday Times, 2nd November 1986

The ‘loner’ who hits headlines; Profile of Conservative MP Harvey Proctor
PROCTOR is known as an extreme right-winger, but has weathered many storms over his views and activities in private and public.
Now aged 39, he was brought up by his mother in Scarborough with his brother, Grenville.
He tends to be a loner One Tory MP said last week: ‘He’s always very helpful and gets things done efficiently, but I don’t know anyone who has personal connections with him. He just doesn’t have a close circle of friends in the house. ‘
He first received adverse publicity when, as chairman of York University’s Conservative club in 1969, he invited Enoch Powell to a meeting which was disrupted by students.

It was also at York University that Proctor became friends with Denby, who succeeded him as chairman of the student’s Conservative association. Before Denby became embroiled in police investigations earlier this year he was one of London’s leading shipping lawyers.Denby was hired by Proctor, despite not being a specialist in libel law, to represent him in a libel action against the BBC Panorama programme, Maggie’s Militant Tendency, which linked the MP with extremist organisations. Panorama drew on a leaked, draft report, compiled by the Young Conservatives.

However, Proctor, unlike his fellow MPs Neil Hamilton and Gerald Howarth, withdrew the action without obtaining an apology, costs or damages. He asked for no publicity about the decision.

Proctor has stirred up controversy on education, immigration and race relations. He has said local authorities should suspend grants to students who lacked self-discipline. He has called for non-academic sections of universities to be sold to private enterprise.

After he was first elected as an MP, for Basildon in 1979, his first big move was a motion calling for an immediate end to immigration from the New Commonwealth and Pakistan. Proctor went on to suggest that the Commission for Racial Equality be disbanded and that 50,000 immigrants should be repatriated each year.

He was one of seven Tory MPs who rebelled against legislation allowing parents to exempt children from corporal punishment and was behind a campaign to save the golliwog.

The first public suggestion that Proctor was a homosexual was in 1981 when a friend, Terry Woods, named him in court. Woods said he had lived with Proctor for several years. However, Proctor ‘repudiated’ Woods’ comments ‘as far as they concern me’.

With police inquiring into the latest and most potentially damaging allegations against him, even the widely held belief that he has been a good constituency MP in the mainly white middle-class constituency may not be enough to remove the question mark over his political future.

News of the World, 1st March 1987

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People080387Daily Express, 14th March 1987

Exp140387News of the World, 15th March 1987

NOTW150387The People, 15th March 1987

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News of the World, 19th April 1987


Sunday Times, 26th April 1987
Solicitor arrested after TV tip-offs

PETER Jonathan Denby, the fugitive London solicitor hunted by police for nearly a year, was arrested yesterday after detectives, acting on a tip-off from the BBC programme Crimewatch, staged a dawn raid on a home in Yorkshire.

Denby, a former aide to Enoch Powell and friend of controversial Tory MP Harvey Proctor, was picked up in the town of Richmond, where he had been living under an alias. The 38-year-old solicitor, the nephew of a former president of the Law Society, has been on the run since last June.

Scotland Yard want to question him in connection with an incident in Mayfair. After police stopped a hired car on June 3 last year, they were held at gunpoint by two men with Irish accents. The men then fled in the car, which was believed to have been driven by Denby.
Denby‘s Islington home was later raided by armed detectives and his Jaguar car, found abandoned in Kent, was blown up by bomb squad officers.
The runaway solicitor was arrested in the Westfield district of Richmond, North Yorkshire, at 6am yesterday.
Chief Inspector Frank Stockton, of North Yorkshire police, told The Sunday Times last night that the tip-off followed the Crimewatch UK programme which was broadcast last Thursday.
‘Information was received from a member of the public in Richmond suggesting that one of the individuals shown as being wanted in connection with offences of armed robbery in the Metropolitan Police district may have been resident in the Richmond area,’ he said.
‘An operation was mounted by uniformed and CID officers during which the man shown on the television programme, known as Peter Jonathan Denby, was arrested. ‘
Police said Denby had only been in the area for a few weeks. After his arrest, he was transferred to Vine Street police station, London, whee he was being questioned last night.
During his ten-and-half months on the run, Denby made several calls to Harvey Proctor, the MP for Billericay, Essex.
The pair have been friends since they were involved in right-wing politics together at York University in the late 1960s.

Later, Denby became private secretary to Enoch Powell in the early 1970s and developed a life-long interest in the Loyalist cause.He then went into practice as one of London’s top legal experts in the specialist area of shipping law, but quickly ran into severe financial problems.

He now faces legal bills approaching pounds 500,000. Last year, he was ordered by the High Court to repay to his former clients, the Iranian shipping lines, a bribe of pounds 133,000 which he accepted from Greek shipowners.

His former partners in the firm of Lloyd Denby Neal are suing him for more than pounds 250,000 after dissolving the partnership.

News of the World, 17th May 1987

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Daily Mail, 21st May 1987

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Sun210587The People, 24th May 1987

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People120787Private Eye, 18th September 1987

PE180987The Times, 2nd March 1993

A TORY minister had his nose broken when he went to the aid of a former MP who was being attacked by two men, a court was told yesterday.

In July last year, Neil Hamilton, a trade minister, and his wife, Christine, were visiting a shirt shop in Richmond, southwest London, owned by Harvey Proctor, who resigned as MP for Billericay in 1987 after being involved in a sex scandal. Isleworth Crown Court, west London, was told that James Coomber and David Parker entered the shop and became abusive, asking Mr Proctor: “Have you any ties for tying up rent boys before you spank them?”

As Mr Proctor tried to usher them out, they began throwing punches. Mr Proctor was punched in the face and had his little finger broken. When Mr Hamilton tried to come to Mr Proctor’s aid he was punched in the face three times and knocked to the ground. He needed surgery for a broken nose.

Brendan Finucane, for the prosecution, said: “Mr Proctor was once a Conservative MP who had rather a coloured life relating to his sexual proclivities and the remarks put to him in this case made it abundantly clear what those were.”

Mr Proctor told the court that he was accustomed to abuse over his homosexuality. “It is all water off a duck’s back,” he said. “We were waiting for them to blow themselves out of abuse and to go away.”

Mr Coomber, 20, denies causing Mr Hamilton grievous or actual bodily harm, and affray threatening violence. Mr Parker, 21, of East Sheen, admitted causing Mr Proctor actual bodily harm on the same occasion and was remanded on bail for reports.

The trial continues today.

This Independent article from Sunday 30th October 1994 is also worth a read:

SENIOR Tory politicians including Michael Heseltine, President of the Board of Trade, and Lord Archer have invested more than pounds 100,000 in a loss-making shirt shop owned by the disgraced former Tory MP, Harvey Proctor, perusal of the register of members’ interests reveals to the curious inquirer.

The register discloses the fascinating fact that no fewer than 11 current MPs have shareholdings in a little-known clothes retailer, Cottonrose Ltd.

This turns out to be the company behind a quaint shirt shop nestling in a Georgian alley in Richmond upon Thames, one of London’s most elegant suburbs.

Its name is Proctor’s, and inside, among the bright cotton shirts, silk ties and gaudy waistcoats, is one of the more colourful figures of the Tory party’s recent past, Harvey Proctor, who was forced to resign as MP for Billericay in 1987 after being fined pounds 1,450 for acts of gross indecency; he was involved in homosexual spanking sessions with young male prostitutes.

Mr Proctor turned from politics to hosiery and opened his shop in Brewers Lane, off Richmond Green, in 1988 with a pounds 2,000 grant from the Government’s Enterprise Allowance Scheme, and a little help from his friends: a start-up fund of pounds 75,000 was organised by Tristan Garel-Jones MP, the former Tory deputy chief whip and one of the party’s best-known fixers.

Lots of former chums chipped in. Besides multimillionaires such as Lord Archer and Mr Heseltine, they included the present Paymaster-General, David Heathcote-Amory; Mark Lennox-Boyd, a former junior Foreign Office minister; and MPs Sir Nicholas Bonsor (Upminster), Richard Shepherd (Aldridge-Brownhills) and David Evans (Welwyn Hatfield).

Several MPs who, like Mr Proctor, have suffered public reverses to their political careers also coughed up at least pounds 5,000 each. They included Neil Hamilton, forced to resign as Northern Ireland minister last week after allegations that he was rewarded by Mohamed Al Fayed, owner of Harrods, for helping in his battle with Tiny Rowland; Tim Yeo, the former Environment minister who was forced to resign after news broke of his adultery with Julia Stent, a Hackney Labour councillor, who bore his child; Michael Brown, who resigned as a Tory whip last May after a tabloid newspaper reported his homosexual affairs with a youth and a Ministry of Defence civil servant; and David Ashby, who suffered unwelcome publicity after admitting sleeping with a man but denying having sexual relations with him.

Then there were former MPs who, like Mr Proctor, have lost their seats: they include Sir Neil Thorne, William Benyon and Sir Charles Morrisson. All invested in Cottonrose. All have not done well. For business has not gone smoothly with the company: in the four years to March 1992 it made losses totalling pounds 109,421. Last year Mr Proctor failed to submit accounts for 1993, in breach of the Companies Act.

Asked about it yesterday, amid the gold cufflinks and Tino Cosma accessories, the silks and the satins, Mr Proctor’s response was more of the sackcloth variety. ‘I don’t talk to lying newspapers,’ he said. ‘That is my quote. If you don’t leave my shop I shall call the police.’

Mr Proctor, who invested pounds 20,000 of his own money, opened in a fanfare of publicity. He opened a second shop in Knightsbridge and, for a while, appeared to have a success on his hands. He was elected to the local chamber of commerce. John Major ditched his Marks & Spencer shirts in favour of Mr Proctor’s more elegant wares.

But from the outset the project was a flop. In its first financial year to March 1989 it lost pounds 5,311. Further cash injections were put into the firm by the Tory MPs and other investors in 1990 and 1991. A share issue in 1990 produced an extra pounds 14,000.

In 1991 the investors ploughed in another pounds 10,000. MP Neil Hamilton’s wife, Christine, bought pounds 500-worth of shares. The extra cash injections were to no avail. Losses in 1990, the second trading year, totalled pounds 26,547; in 1991 they climbed to pounds 46,066; and accounts for 1992 showed a loss of pounds 31,497. The position since is not known: Mr Proctor has yet to file accounts for 1993. Under Section 240 of the Companies Act he is obliged to file them within 10 months of the end of the financial year. They should have been lodged at Companies House by last January.

Last night MPs had resigned themselves to losing their investment. Sir Nicholas Bonsor said he feared he would not see his pounds 5,000 again. ‘It was suggested we ought to rally round because he was clearly in great difficulty. We did make an effort at one stage; I had a meeting with other MPs and Harvey Proctor and, I think it was, his brother who was working in it with him. But then it looked as if it wasn’t going to work so I think from that stage we wrote the investment off.’

Mr Heathcote-Amory said: ‘Well, if I got the money back I’d be pleased – I’d rather written it off actually. It (the investment) was a gesture to help him (Mr Proctor). I felt a bit sorry for him. I haven’t seen any accounts for a bit. That is not a complaint, but I’d rather lost interest in the thing. I think I’m braced to lose my equity.’

At least five of the Tory investors are MPs who have also suffered heavy losses on Lloyd’s insurance syndicates.

Mr Heseltine’s personal assistant declined to comment on the losses and Mr Proctor’s failure to lodge accounts, saying only: ‘The President of the Board of Trade would expect this company to be dealt with in the same way as any other. Mr Heseltine is not available at the moment.’

Sunday Express, 30th July 2000


  1. Peter Cox said:

    Once again thank you for this extraordinary insight into the complexity of these matters. Sterling work.

  2. Kate MacDonald said:

    SPANKED BOYS IN MP’S FLAT (The People, 15th June 1986)

    Tory MP Harvey Proctor admitted yesterday that a young male prostitute had been living at his London flat.
    But he denied allegations the rent boy had made to The People about kinky sex games, spankings and cane beatings at the 39-year-old bachelor MP’s home.
    The prostitute is ex-public schoolboy David Jackson, 18, who met Mr Proctor six weeks ago.
    Jackson said his experiences had made him turn his back on the rent-boy scene forever. “I never want to see Mr Proctor again,” he said.
    When Jackson’s allegations were put to the controversial right-wing MP in his Billericay, Essex, constituency yesterday, he said they were “absolutely monstrous.”
    Looking stunned, he said of Jackson, “I did know him. I have met him. He stayed at my London flat recently. But I deny the other things absolutely categorically.”
    Jackson had showed us colour Polaroid pictures of young men standing naked in a room with red cane weals across their buttocks.
    We showed these to Mr Proctor and asked if they had been taken inside his flat in Fulham High Street.
    He replied very quietly “Yes, it certainly look like it.”
    But he denied the pictures were his, or part of any collection he owned.
    Mr Proctor is a leading member of the high Tory Monday Club.
    Jackson said that on one date Proctor took him to the House of Commons for dinner.
    He described how they met at the Central Lobby and went through a security machine.
    “Harvey suggested we had a bit to eat. We went into a canteen. Leon Brittan was sitting there alone,” he said.
    “Another time I went to the Commons to pick up some keys and wore a jacket he bought me.”
    Jackson also described how he and another rent boy took part in games at Proctor’s flat.
    Jackson told of his first dinner date with Mr Proctor.
    “He’s very old-fashioned. When I arrived he bowed like a butler and beckoned me in,” he said.
    “Before we left he gave me a drink and said: ‘You’d better sit down.’
    “It was then that he told me he was a MP. He thought I better know in case he was recognised.
    “I was surprised because his flat isn’t palatial. It’s small. Trust me to find the only poor MP!
    “We went to Septembers, a restaurant near where he lives. The evening was quite pleasant.”
    Jackson said that during his stay at the flat he and the MP got engrossed in long political discussions.
    “Harvey’s views are extreme to say the least. I read he once said we should terrorise terrorists and he clearly believes that.
    “He has all the works of Enoch Powell and he believes passionately in repatriation.
    “I once joked that I would stand as a Labour candidate against him.”
    Last night at Parkview Flats, where Mr Proctor lives, head porter Arthur Atcheson said: “There are lots of comings and goings to Mr Proctor’s flat.
    “They use the main entrance and possibly use the side entrance when it’s left unlocked.
    Former head porter, Mrs Mary Harding, added: “I’ve been here 23 years and I’ve seen it all.”
    One of the MP’s visitors while Jackson stayed at his flat was Terry Woods, Proctor’s former live-in boy friend who in 1981 threatened to take him to court in a “palimoney” test case.
    Woods admitted at the time that he was gay and said he and Proctor were in what was “virtually a marriage situation.”
    He was kicked out after sharing the flat with Proctor for seven years.
    The bust-up came when the couple argued after a party at the Commons.
    Last night Woods said of the MP: “As far as I know he’s bordering on the heterosexual … he has a couple of girlfriends.”
    Woods said he knew David Jackson.
    “I met him in a bar in Kensington a couple of weeks ago and he came back to my flat for a drink,” he said.
    “Harvey came round and met him there. I think he took David back to his place for a drink.”

  3. Kate MacDonald said:

    IT’S MONSTROUS, SAYS CANE-ROW MP HARVEY (Daily Mirror, 16th June 1986)

    Right-wing Tory MP Harvey Proctor denied “monstrous” allegations yesterday that he had indulged in gay spanking sessions and bizarre sex games with a male prostitute.
    The bachelor politician is alleged to have let 18-year-old “rent boy” David Jackson live in his London flat on and off for six weeks. Jackson says the MP for Billericay in Essex kept canes in the flat to use in spanking sessions.
    Yesterday, the 38-year-old MP would only say: “I dismiss these allegations and manoeuvres which seem to be a monstrous attempt to blacken my name.”
    He refused to say if he would take legal action against The People, which printed the allegations yesterday. “The sun in shining and I intend to make the most of it,” he said.
    The MP’s London home is a small flat in a block on Fulham High Street. Jackson claims to have had a key to it and also to have been taken by the MP to dinner at the Commons.
    This is the second controversy involving Mr Proctor in a week. He is already helping police over the mystery disappearance of his lawyer friend Peter Denby following the armed hold-up of two squad car policemen in central London.
    Mr Denby, a long-time friend, called him twice to say he was not yet ready to give himself up. The MP is a prominent member of the Tory Monday Club and has strong views on race and immigration.
    He has embarrassed Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher in the past—as a darling of the National Front.
    During the 1983 General Election campaign, he was praised by a National Front publication, Bulldog.
    When their support was pointed out, he said: “I am not embarrassed that Bulldog has backed me.”
    But the Prime Minister clearly was. And when asked about her feelings, she said: “Mr Proctor and I differ. That is his hard luck.”

  4. Kate MacDonald said:

    THE PERILS OF PROCTOR (Daily Express, 17th June 1986)

    There are those in the House of Commons who assert that Tory MP Harvey Proctor is never happier than when he is “under the lash.”
    As one follow Tory MP put it yesterday: “It’s almost as though he enjoys being attacked for the thrill of the fight.”
    Mr Proctor describes this as rubbish. But his loping, greyhound figure is many lengths ahead in the controversy stakes.
    His is a unique talent. Some MPs find controversy through their extremist political views. Some MPs find controversy through their private lives.
    Harvey Proctor finds controversy through both. He finds litigation and the thunder of legal threats.
    The 39-year-old bachelor gets beaten up. He is sworn at. Burnt paper had been shoved through the letterbox of his modern little terraced house in Billericay, Essex, where Hilda, his 75-year-old widowed mother—“I’m the only woman in his life”—lives.
    His views on immigration are frequently described as “racist.”
    He has recently been urging a repatriation programme offering immigrants £7,000 grants to return to their own country, and a complete end to all further immigration.
    The Pontefract-born MP for Billericay, Essex, is now in the thick of a new battle.
    An ex-public schoolboy, David Jackson, 18, a self-confessed prostitute, has published claims that while he stayed in Proctor’s Fulham flat there were kinky sex games, spankings and beatings. Photographs were taken of wealed bottoms.
    Proctor describes the claims using the same words he used to me to refute suggestions that he is a racist—“absolutely monstrous.”
    Over the weekend he had issued a statement dismissing the gay sex allegations as “a monstrous attempt to blacken my name.”
    I asked him if, in view of his high public profile, it wasn’t unwise to have young men like Jackson stay at this flat.
    “I can only refer you to my weekend statement—I cannot say more,” he replied.
    Five years ago a 27-year-old man charged with causing criminal damage claimed in court at Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire, that he had been living with Proctor for several years.
    When the relationship ended, he claimed, he went on a drinking bout and smashed windows.
    Proctor described the claims as “pure character assassination.”
    At about that time the local council at Basildon, Essex—his first constituency before he moved through boundary changes to Billericay—passed a motion of No Confidence in him because of his racial views.
    All of this forms an unusually tortured route to the top for the ambitious bachelor Mr Proctor.
    “He wants to be Prime Minister,” Hilda told me over tea and biscuits at her home. “He’d be a wonderful leader for our country. He’d lead a fair country.”
    Bulging scrapbooks of her son’s career, which she assiduously keeps, lay on the sideboard. Pictures of Harvey were on the walls.
    In a prominent position there was also a cartoon of Enoch Powell, former Cabinet Minister, now Ulster Unionist MP—“Harvey’s idol,” says Hilda.
    It is through Powell that another intriguing strand in the life of Harvey Proctor appears. This is his personal friendship with missing lawyer Peter Denby, 38, who used to work as an assistant to Powell.
    Two weeks ago Denby was driving a blue Ford Sierra and being questioned by police, when two men in paramilitary uniform stepped from the car with hand guns and made two policemen lie down.
    Later he telephoned Proctor and left a message on his answering machine, saying: “I know I’m wanted but I can’t give myself up yet.” Police believe Denby may be enmeshed in an assassination plot involving Irish Loyalists.
    Proctor said he was “worried about him.” But who is worried about Proctor? His mother, at least.
    “These people try their best to hurt Harvey,” said the fierce sparrow-like little lady.
    “Whenever there’s anything nasty about him in the papers he says to me ‘Don’t you worry, Mum.”
    Proctor shrugs off questions of his bachelorhood and private life as unimportant. “I really don’t think there’s any need to answer such questions,” he said. “But I’ll answer anything you like about my political life.
    “I don’t regard myself as a loner,” he said. “I have many people who would concur with my views if not publicly, then in private. I am at home in the Commons.”
    It certainly looked that way over tea, as he ferried the cups to our table and he insisted we have cakes as well.
    Thus the Proctor gamble on the future by the Chairman on the Right-wing Monday Club’s Immigration and Race Relations Committee—he joined the club while reading History at York University.
    Irritatingly bullish, uncompromising, he is convinced the future is writ large in prophecies of “white racial backlash.”
    Says Hilda: “If he were Prime Minister I think everyone would like him. I’ve never heard him swear.”
    He politician son has been kicked unconscious at Scarborough, had red paint thrown over him at Coventry University, was punched in Hull, caused fights in Southampton.
    “If you are in the public eye people are bound to be jealous of you,” said Hilda Proctor. “We’re not all perfect, are we?”

  5. Kate MacDonald said:

    SPANKING MP: THE SHOCKING TRUTH (The People, 28th September 1986)

    The kinky spanking games a Tory MP plays with young gays can be revealed by The People today.
    Whizzkid politician Harvey Proctor acts as an angry headmaster to satisfy his depraved fantasies.
    He pays his victims to pretend they’re naughty schoolboys – then whacks their bare bottoms with his hand, a slipper and a cane.
    Afterwards he often takes pictures of their weals and lumps from his brutal beatings.
    A graphic account of the sordid games was given by a former public schoolboy called Max who experienced first hand just how painful Mr Proctor’s whackings could be.
    His story comes just months after the 39-year-old Billericay MP denied claims made to The People about spankings at his Fulham flat.
    Max, who was paid £30 by Proctor said: “He took me to his bedroom and gave me a pair of tight shorts to put on.
    “He ordered me to lean over an armchair. Then he began giving me full-blooded slaps on my bare bottom. It really hurt.”
    He added: “It was so painful that it crossed my mind to leave, but I desperately needed the money.”
    Gay massage parlour boss Terry Allen said he supplied Proctor with up to six boys a week.
    The MP looked shaken when we approached him yesterday.
    He said: “I repeat the statement I made in June, when I dismissed the allegations as an attempt to blacken my name.”

  6. Kate MacDonald said:

    TRUTH ABOUT THE TORY (The People, 28th September 1986)

    A young homosexual has given a graphic account of his kinky beating at the hands of a Tory MP Harvey Proctor.
    And we can reveal that he is only one of a succession of gay prostitutes with whom the 39-year-old bachelor politician acts out depraved schoolboy fantasies.
    It is just four months since The People first exposed the sordid double life of the elegant MP for Billericay, Essex, when we discovered that he was sharing a flat with an 18-year-old male prostitute.
    At the time, Proctor described allegations of bizarre sex games at the flat as a “monstrous slur” on his character.
    Now we have evidence that Proctor—
    * Has had as many as six boys sent round to his flat in a week;
    * Gets them to pretend to by naughty schoolboys while he plays a headmaster administering beatings to their bare bottoms with his hand, a slipper and a cane;
    * Discusses his preference for English boys because of their “fine skin”;
    * Takes Polaroid pictures of the weals on their bottoms after the beatings.
    One of Proctor’s former “pupils” is 20-year-old public schoolboy Max.
    Max told us how last April he was approached on a Tube train by Terry Allen, a well-known London homosexual and boss of a gay agency called Lord Fox.
    Max said: “Allen asked me if I would be interested in making some money. I went with Allen to his home and he phoned someone up and said he had a new boy and would he be interested.
    “Allen told me I would be going to the flat of a man called Harvey Proctor, an MP, but that I was to call him Keith.
    “He told me I would have to pretend that I was a schoolboy and that he might want to give me some corporal punishment. He said it wouldn’t hurt.”
    Allen then took Max to a tastefully-furnished flat in Fulham, West London, where he was introduced to Proctor.
    Then Allen left and Proctor got down to business.
    Said Max: “He took me into his bedroom and gave me a pair of tight white shorts to put on. He then gave me strict instructions on how I should behave.
    “I was to knock on the door and enter the living room, which was to be the headmaster’s study.
    “I had to make up misdemeanours that justified punishment. I told him I had missed prep and various other things.
    “He said that as the offences were serious I had to do some exercises. I had to do a series of press-ups, sit-ups and physical jerks. They were quite hard and if I slowed down, he shouted at me and told me to do ten more.
    “Every so often, he came over and touched me, running his hand over my back.
    “After about ten or fifteen minutes, he said: ‘Right, I think you’re ready for your proper punishment now.’
    “He ordered me to lean over an armchair. He then began giving me full-blooded slaps with his hand.

  7. Kate MacDonald said:

    GAY LOVER WAS HIS MR FIXIT (The People, 28th September 1986)

    The sordid relationship between Proctor and the man who supplied him with his “schoolboys” began at a private Tory party in 1983.
    Said 30-year-old homosexual Terry Allen: “At the party Harvey asked me what I did and I said I ran a gay massage parlour.
    “I thought it would shock him but instead he asked for my telephone number.”
    Within a couple of weeks the two men had started a sexual relationship involving kinky beatings.
    But from the beginning, Proctor made it clear that he wanted young boys.
    “So the next time I want to see him I had a 17-year-old boy with me to take the spanking,” said Allen.
    After that Allen took a continuous procession of boys to Proctor for a fee of £35 plus a payment to the boy.
    “They were aged up to 25,” said Allen. “Harvey did not want them any older.
    “I supplied male prostitutes to other people. Their requests were wide and varied, but few were as brutal as Harvey.
    “He enjoyed taking Polaroid pictures of the naked boys showing the cane weals on their bottoms.
    “I could not count the number of boys I have supplied to Harvey over a three-year period.
    “I have sent him as many as six male prostitutes in one week. It cost him a fortune.”

  8. Kate MacDonald said:

    MY SPANKING GAMES WITH TORY MP HARVEY (Daily Mirror, exact date unknown)

    A male prostitute told of kinky spanking games with a Tory MP yesterday.
    MP Harvey Proctor caned him for failing to correctly answer questions from the game, Trivial Pursuits, he claimed.
    Timothy Little, 26, said in a sworn affidavit that he went to Proctor’s flat with another “rent boy.”
    The MP for Billericay, Essex, ordered them to change into tight white shorts, he said.
    “We had to stand with our legs apart and our hands on our heads as he asked the questions,” Little said.
    “You could see from his face how much he was enjoying it. He was pretending to be like a strict headmaster.”
    Little said Proctor asked them 36 questions in three categories—and punished them for wrong answers.
    “The first category was for spanking by hand, the second with the slipper and the third with a cane,” Little said.
    “After the questions, he took us into his bedroom, which he called the punishment room, and ordered us to pull down our shorts.
    “He put us over his knee while using his hand and the slipper on our bare backsides.
    “But for the cane we had to lie spreadeagled on the bed.
    “The questions were very difficult, and I got 11 slaps with the slipper and eight with the cane.”
    Little, who is receiving no payment from the Daily Mirror, said he and the other “rent boy” were paid £20 each.
    Last night, the MP said in a statement to the Mirror: “I have never used the services of a male prostitute and allegations of that nature made to the Daily Mirror are untrue.”
    Earlier he had said another story in The People about spanking sessions was a “tissue of lies.”

  9. Kate MacDonald said:

    PROCTOR COVER-UP BY TORIES (The People, 5th October 1986)

    The Tory Party is facing a major split as they try to cover up the scandal of kinky Harvey Proctor.
    Last week The People revealed that the 39-year-old bachelor MP paid cash to beat “rent boy” male prostitutes.
    Detectives are examining evidence about Proctor’s links with rent boys.
    The boss of a gay escort agency has said in a sworn legal statement that he sent “several dozen boys” to Proctor, for which he was paid £10 a time.
    We have offered overwhelming evidence of his activities both to Tory Central Office and his local party.
    But they have closed ranks and refused to take action – despite the anger of some Tory MPs who feel the growing scandal will hit the government’s election chances.
    After a “private” meeting between Proctor and senior party officials at his Billericay constituency, local association chairman Frank Tomlin said: “Nothing has changed. We have given him our support.”
    Council Tory leader Tony Archer washed his hands of the affair: “It is an Association matter,” he said.
    Central Office passed the buck back too. An official said: “It is a local party matter.”
    So did Downing Street – with a side-swipe at Central Office. A spokesman said: “Mrs Thatcher will see this as a matter for Central Office or the local party.”

  10. Kate MacDonald said:

    SPANKING MP TO FACE THE MUSIC (The People, 12th October 1986)

    Spanking MP Harvey Proctor, whose fondness for beating boys’ bottoms was exposed in the People, faces a grilling from his local party bosses.
    The People has compiled a dossier detailing bizarre sex games in which he beat boys with a cane, a plimsoll and his hand.
    On Friday bachelor Harvey, 39, will be asked to comment on our revelations at a meeting of the party executive in Billericay, Essex.
    Local chairman Frank Tomlin said: “I shall ask Mr Proctor to make a statement about his private life and the article in your newspaper.
    “If members are not happy with what they hear, there are a number of options.
    “He may decide to stand down or I may decide I want to call a special general meeting to discuss deselection.”
    He added: “This matter must be resolved satisfactorily, because it is a subject that is bound to come up on the doorstep in election canvassing.”
    Mr Tomlin said he had no knowledge of a vote of no confidence in the MP—“but what happens at the meeting is another matter.”

  11. Kate MacDonald said:

    THIS MP MUST GO (The People, 12th October 1986)

    Bottom-spanking Billericay MP Harvey Proctor should now resign. And if he refuses to resign he should be sacked.
    He meets his constituency executive this week to discuss allegations that have been published in this newspaper. They have the power to de-select him.
    We do not demand his resignation because he is a Tory. Or even a racist. We demand it because his behaviour is not that expected of a person in public life.
    And we would say the same if he was a Socialist. Or a Monster Raving Loony.
    Mr. Proctor is responsible for 74,779 electors. 29,635 voted for him. We say he is UNFIT to represent them. UNFIT to pass laws to protect the young. UNFIT to be a member of Parliament.
    To borrow the words of Oliver Cromwell:

  12. Kate MacDonald said:

    TRIAL BY TAPE FOR SPANKING ROW TORY (News of the World, 19th October 1986)

    Tapes accusing Tory MP Harvey Proctor of kinky spanking games are to be heard by the 12 Tories on his local council.
    This move comes after local party bosses had given the bachelor MP a vote of confidence on Friday, which led to four top party members resigning.
    After hearing the tapes, the 12 councillors—the Tory group on Basildon District Council, Essex will decide whether to take further action.
    One of the 12, Councillor George Dighton, said last night: “I understand further allegations are to be made against Mr. Proctor.
    “I fully support the four who resigned.”
    Many Tories DID back Mr. Proctor because the evidence had been given to the police and they had taken no action.
    Now it is claimed there are allegations linking Mr. Proctor with two youths who are to give evidence in a forthcoming Old Bailey sex case.

  13. Kate MacDonald said:


    Astonishing threats have been made to The People and to publisher Robert Maxwell following our exposure of spanking MP Harvey “Whacko” Proctor.
    A sinister ‘phone caller said that if we continued with our “campaign” against the kinky MP he would reveal compromising details of an alleged relationship between Mr Maxwell’s daughter Ghislaine and the son of a duke.
    The anonymous male caller, who tried to get through to Mr Maxwell, told his receptionist:
    “I will produce a story about Ghislaine and Lord Granby at Belvoir castle with incriminating pictures of them in compromising positions.”
    He threatened “other dire consequences.”
    Last night Mr Maxwell said: “He was told in no uncertain terms to get lost.
    “The People and its publisher will not be frightened.”
    The 26-year-old Marquis of Granby, heir to the Duke of Rutland, said last night: “I find all this slightly alarming. Ghislaine Maxwell is a very dear friend to me and that’s as far as it goes.”
    Of the caller’s claim that he had incriminating pictures showing the peer with 23-year-old Miss Maxwell, the Marquis said: “That is lot of nonsense—a load of rubbish. Our friendship is purely innocent.
    “Ghislaine comes to our family home in London for drinks sometimes, and we have had dinner together. So what!
    There is NO suggestion that the blackmail call was made or instigated by Mr Proctor.
    The Tory MP for Billericay said at his home in Fulham last night: “I know nothing about it at all. I would describe this kind of threat as absolutely disgraceful.
    “I have no idea who would do anything like that. It has nothing to do with me. I have nothing more to say.”
    The People’s investigation into Proctor’s sex life began in June, when homosexual David Jackson came to us with allegations about his affair with Tory MP.
    Jackson also produced a number of obscene photographs of naked boys which he claimed had been taken by Proctor after he had beaten them with a cane, a slipper and his hand.
    Proctor, confronted by the People, confirmed the photographs had been taken in his Fulham flat and that Jackson had stayed at his flat.
    But he strongly denied allegations of beating boys in sex fantasy games in which he played the role of headmaster.
    At a recent meeting of the Billericay Conservative Association senior executive council members resigned in protest after Proctor was given a vote of support.
    On the basis of our evidence, Scotland Yard’s Serious Crimes Squad is now conducting its own investigation.
    On October 12, The People ran a leader saying Proctor was not fit to remain an MP.
    It concluded: “In the words of Oliver Cromwell ‘IN THE NAME OF GOD, GO!’”.

  14. Kate MacDonald said:

    NEW SEX SHOCK FEAR FOR THATCHER (The People, 2nd November 1986)

    A new sex shocker is threatening to rock Margaret Thatcher’s scandal-hit Government.
    In the third bombshell in a week, another leading Tory’s name is being whispered in Westminster as the next to be exposed in seamy vice relations.
    One MP said: “His sexual inclinations are well known in the Commons and we fear a storm could break soon.”
    The latest shock completes a thoroughly miserable seven days for Mrs. Thatcher.
    On Sunday Tory deputy chairman Jeffrey Archer quit after he admitted foolishly offering money to a vice girl who had helped “set him up.”
    On Thursday it was revealed that Billericay’s Tory MP Harvey Proctor may face charges following The People’s revelations of his spanking games with “rent boys”.
    Last night the prostitute in the Archer scandal, 35-year-old Monica Coghlan, was still in hiding.
    This exclusive topless picture of her was taken as she sunned herself in Tunisia while on holiday with her German boyfriend Klaus Block.
    Klaus, 39, was yesterday still hoping she would return to her home in Rochdale, Lancs.
    After their holiday she wrote him a love letter signed: “Your little Monica, for always. My heart aches.”
    The couple met while Monica frolicked with her two-year-old son by a hotel pool.
    Klaus said: “It was love at first sight.”
    When Archer resigned he stressed that he had never met Monica.
    But he admitted falling into a trap by offering her about £2,000 to go abroad.
    Nina Lopez-Jones, of the English Collective of Prostitutes, claimed last night: “We have information which would shake the Government to its roots.
    “We could put the finger on some top Tory men tomorrow.”

  15. Kate MacDonald said:

    SMACK HAPPY RUSSELL HARTY, MY £60-A-NIGHT LOVER (News of the World, 1st March 1987)

    Pony-tailed rent boy Dean Cradock won’t forget the day last March he phoned the sleazy “escort agency” which hired out his 20-year-old body, and asked if they had a client for him.
    The answer was yes. The customer was Russell Harty, 52-year-old TV personality, chat-show host and friend of Royalty and the famous. And the surprises continued as the strapping young male prostitute learned of Harty’s kinky desire to smack him.
    He also discovered the bachelor star sniffed amyl nitrate to increase his desire for sex.
    Handsome six-footer Dean, now 21, said in a sworn affidavit:
    “I was told to dress up smartly and go to Lexham Gardens in Earls Court.
    “I was surprised when they told me who it was, and amazed to be meeting someone so famous.
    “Russell gave me a drink and a cigarette, then told me to strip off to my underpants.
    “He ordered me to wait outside while he went into his bedroom. After a few minutes, he called me in.
    “Soon we were both totally naked. He asked me to massage him, and smacked me.”
    After about two hours in Harty’s well-furnished basement flat, Dean left.
    Russell had taken his ex-directory phone number and paid him £60 in £10 and £20 notes.
    A month later, said Dean, ex-schoolmaster Harty phoned and asked him round.
    Again they had sex in the flat. Dean described unusual blemishes on Harty’s back, which he found upsetting.
    “It freaked me out,” he said. “I wondered what he had got.
    “Each time he was careful. To get really high, he sniffed amyl nitrate.”
    Known as “poppers”, this is a pungent chemical often used by gays to get a buzz before sex.
    It is not illegal, and is sold in clubs and even pubs for around £3.50 a bottle.
    Dean said: “The first time I went with Russell, he had a half-used bottle.
    “He sniffed it three times and offered some to me. I also took it.
    “The next time when he phoned me, he asked me if I would buy amyl nitrate and some other things.
    “He said he could not be seen in gay clubs because of his career.”
    Dean said Harty’s one-bedroom flat—two miles from the BBC studios—was a typical bachelor pad.
    It was cluttered and slightly scruffy. He added:
    The front room was painted a sort of dirty peach colour. There were false conifer trees on small pillars—really weird.
    “There was also a six-foot weather vane in the middle of the living room. The cupboards and shelves had china plates on them.
    “Russell had a large piano in the corridor. The bathroom was tiled in blue, and had a blue unit.
    “The bedroom is harder to describe, as we always had sex with the lights off.
    “It was pale blue, and on either side of the bed there were white cabinets. One of them had a phone on top.
    “When Russell asked me about my ambitions, I told him I wanted to be a pop singer and that my favourite star was Grace Jones.
    “We fell about on the sofa laughing—I had forgotten Grace hit him while appearing on his TV show.
    “I got the impression that he was a lonely person with no steady relationship.
    “He even asked me if I was any good at decorating and invited me to paint his other home in Yorkshire.”
    Dean said he saw Harty once more, in December.
    The star had phoned him, saying the Ecstasy agency for which Dean worked had been closed following a police raid.
    They had sex for the last time, and as usual Harty paid him £60.
    On Thursday last week, Dean again went to Harty’s flat and was invited in.
    Russell opened the door wearing a dark blue sweater and trousers, and greeted Dean with kisses on both cheeks.
    “I know who you are,” said Harty. Dean told him he had just been with a boyfriend.
    “What’s his name?” asked Harty. Then he cooed: “I thought you’d forgotten me—I’d forgotten you!”
    He added quickly: “No, I hadn’t actually. I recognised you when I opened the door.
    “Who are you working for—on your own? You’re not with the agency?”
    Harty said his secretary was arriving in a few minutes, then kissed Dean again, saying: “Be a good lad.”
    Dean left after Harty promised to phone him.
    On Friday morning, an hour after Dean again spoke to Harty at his flat, the News of the World confronted the star.
    Harty denied knowing or ever having met Dean.
    He denied having spoken or seen him the previous morning, even though we had taped proof he had asked Dean in and spoken at length.
    “I don’t know anyone by that name or description,” he said.
    “I know lots of people and have lots of telephone numbers.”
    Asked about the Ecstasy escort agency, which used to advertise in the homosexuals’ publication Gay Times, he denied knowing it.
    Harty, who was shaking, asked: “Have you checked your facts?”
    Told that we had, he again insisted: “I don’t know this man. He has never been here.
    “I’ve never paid for homosexual sex or had a gay relationship.
    “This is terrible. I will have to speak to someone about it. I won’t say any more.”
    Harty’s solicitor later phoned the News of the World and said the star denied the “thrust of the allegations.”
    Dean is now unemployed, and has given up his life of vice.
    But in the three months he worked for the Ecstasy agency, he also met kinky Tory MP Harvey Proctor.
    Proctor, who told Dean his name was David, is being investigated by Scotland Yard after allegations that he spanked rent boys.
    They were introduced through another male prostitute at Proctor’s flat in Fulham, South West London, said Dean.
    “He told me to put on a pair of white shorts and a suit jacket.
    “He took pictures of me from behind—I wouldn’t let him take them from the front.
    “He wanted to whip me, but I said no. So he suggested using a plimsoll and promised he wouldn’t hurt me.
    “I agreed, but made him stop when he really whacked me.
    “It all got a bit out of hand, so I just left his flat very quickly.
    “I didn’t even take any money as I just wanted to leave.”

  16. Kate MacDonald said:

    COPS TO QUIZ TORY MP OVER SPANKING (The People, 8th March 1987)

    Kinky MP Harvey Proctor faces police interrogation about his seedy spanking sessions with teenage rent boys.
    Scotland Yard detectives have spent five months investigating The People’s exclusive stories of the 39-year-old Tory’s bizarre sexual practices.
    As a result, they are eager to interview him at the earliest opportunity.
    They have collected a dossier which includes numerous statements from male prostitutes alleging that the MP paid them to act out spanking fantasies at his flat in Fulham, South-West London.
    Photographs and tape recordings are also among the evidence which is to be presented to the Director of Public Prosecutions next week.
    A Yard source told The People: “The evidence shows sufficient grounds for believing that criminal offences of indecency may have been committed.”

  17. Kate MacDonald said:

    SCANDAL MP’S CAR HITS STUDENTS (Daily Express, 14th March 1987)

    Spanking scandal MP Harvey Proctor was in a new storm last night after his car allegedly mowed down and injured protesting students.
    Police began an investigation as three people, one with a suspected broken ankle, were taken to hospital following angry scenes on a campus.
    The controversial Tory, who was not at the wheel, was due to speak to a private meeting of Conservative undergraduates.
    But 400 jeering demonstrators mobbed him and barred his way into the main lecture theatre at Hull University.
    Trouble flared as three minders ushered him back to his car and his driver began manoeuvring the vehicle knocking down “about 10 students.”
    The latest incident comes when there is pressure in Mr Proctor’s constituency for him to resign.
    Last month he made headlines when art dealer “friend” Terry Woods was found by police in his underpants outside the MP’s Fulham flat.
    Mr Woods claimed he “loved” Mr Proctor but denied the relationship was sexual.
    Days later there were new claims against the Tory, this time that a “naked Arab boy” had been beneath his bed on a Tunisian holiday.
    Last night 40-year-old Mr Proctor gave his version of yesterday’s campus fracas. He slammed the screaming demonstrators’ “thuggish behaviour” and said he was “kicked, punched and spat upon.”
    It happened when the heavily-surrounded car, owned and driven by the head of security at the university began to reverse with a door open.
    “People kicked the car on all sides and tried to break the windscreen with their fists and boots,” he said.
    “About £1,000-worth of damage was caused.
    “They wouldn’t let the door be closed. They clung on to it. It was at that point probably that the injuries occurred.”
    Mr Proctor insisted: “I was not aware anyone was hurt.” And he added: “I wish them a speedy recovery.”
    He went to the university to speak on the Government’s achievements. “They may have been demonstrating against a racialist smear attributed to me,” he said.
    Students’ Union’s Boyd Farrow claimed it was intended to be a peaceful protest and that the MP’s driver had acted “like the A Team”.
    “The car was in such a confined space, and there were so
    (Page 2 Column 2)

  18. Kate MacDonald said:

    ARREST DRAMA AFTER WE SHOP ‘SPANKER MP’ (News of the World, 15th March 1987)

    Police investigating a rent-boys racket arrested Tory MP Harvey Proctor yesterday in a swoop on his luxury flat.
    Detectives from Scotland Yard’s Serious Crimes Squad acted after speaking to News of the World reporters who handed them a dossier of our own inquires.
    The spanking-row MP’s day of drama began early in the morning when three officers—two men and a woman—knocked at the door of his bachelor home in Fulham, London.
    Blond Mr Proctor, dressed in a jogging suit, let them inside where they questioned him for three hours.
    Then the 39-year-old MP for Billericay in Essex emerged looking pale, wearing an overcoat and accompanied by a detective.
    He managed to raise a smile before climbing into the back of an unmarked police car which drove him to Cannon Row police station.
    The MP was quizzed there for two hours before being released on police bail.
    While he was away from his flat, Det Chief Supt Drummond Marvin, who heads the probe, and a forensic expert went inside followed by a police cameraman.
    The police swooped after male prostitute Dean Cradock claimed in the News of the World that he had fled from the flat when an alleged spanking session got out of hand.
    Cradock, who also told of sex sessions with TV chat show host Russell Harty, has twice seen detectives.
    He has gone through a file of snaps—now in the Yard’s possession– allegedly showing naked men.
    Eight days ago police arrested Mr Proctor’s former flatmate Terry Woods.
    He is due to answer police bail again tomorrow.
    The Director of Public Prosecutions is expected to decide within the next few days whether to prosecute.
    Woods was also quizzed by police in February when he was said to be found shrieking outside Mr Proctor’s flat wearing only his underpants.
    Det Chief Supt Marvin said last night: “Mr Proctor was very, very helpful.
    “He hasn’t been charged with anything and has been asked to come back to see us in a month’s time.”
    Mr Proctor would not comment.
    Later he was visited by Woods who went to the flat with a mystery dark-haired woman.
    Local Billericay Tory councillor George Deighton said “Hooray” when he was told of Mr Proctor’s arrest.
    He added: “Surely the man will now have the honour to stand down as an MP.”

  19. Kate MacDonald said:


    Tory MP Harvey Proctor was arrested yesterday by detectives probing allegations—first revealed by The People—that he hired rent boys for spanking sessions.
    Senior Scotland Yard officers questioned the MP for six hours and forensic experts made a detailed examination his London flat.
    As the high-level inquiry continued, Mr Proctor was released on police bail without being charged.
    The 40-year-old bachelor agreed to reappear at Cannon Row police station, where he was detained yesterday, in five weeks’ time.
    The MP’s day of drama began at 8.14 a.m. when officers from the Yard’s Serious Crimes Squad arrived at his £100,000 flat in Fulham, West London.
    Nearly three hours later, at 11.07, he was taken to Cannon Row for further questioning.
    Mr Proctor, MP for Billericay, Essex, was led to an unmarked car outside his one-bedroomed flat.
    Throughout the morning his bed, carpets and various items of furniture were examined. And two police photographers spent several hours inside the flat.
    Mr Proctor was arrested by Detective Chief Superintendent Drummond Marvin. For almost six months he has been investigating the hard-line right wind MP’s alleged association with male prostitutes.
    The inquiries followed the publication last September of a People investigation, in which rent boys told of their dealings with the MP.
    Police have taken numerous statements from male prostitutes. And Mr Marvin said yesterday: “There are still many allegations to be thoroughly investigated.”
    Mr Proctor has consistently dismissed the People’s article as “a tissue of lies”. But since then he has been involved in two further scandals.
    Last month police were called to his flat at 3 am. His former live-in lover Terry Woods, who was wearing only underpants, claimed the MP had attacked him. And two weeks ago he was at the centre of a sex rumpus when it was alleged that hotel staff found a naked Arab youth under his bed during a holiday in Morocco.
    His arrest came only hours after yet another controversy…
    The MP’s chauffeur-driven car mowed down a group of students as he fled a violent demo at Hull University.
    Police chief Marvin said yesterday: “Mr Proctor is being very co-operative.
    “He has been helping us inquire into allegations that you are well aware of.”
    After returning home Mr Proctor refused requests to leave his flat to speak to newsmen.

  20. Kate MacDonald said:

    SPANKING MP SAVES HIS SEAT (The People, 29th March 1987)

    Spanking row MP Harvey Proctor escaped being kicked out of his local Tory party yesterday.
    The 40-year-old bachelor got a massive vote of confidence defeating a bid to get him dropped for the General Election.
    Another vote crucially aimed at getting rid of him was lost 154 to 66.
    Afterwards Proctor, who is on bail over allegations exposed by The People that he hired rent boys for spanking sessions, said: “I am grateful for the loyalty shown me.”
    He refused to answer any questions, but added: “I am now going to make some constituency phone calls.” The meeting, attended by his mother, ended with a chorus of three cheers for the disgraced MP.
    But the victory could cost the Tories Proctor’s seat at Billericay, Essex, officials were worried last night.
    Former local party chairman Frank Tomlin, who has led the “Harvey-out” fight warned bitterly: “How can we win the constituency at the next election with Harvey Proctor as a candidate?
    “Many people think that there is a case to answer after The People’s allegations and he has done nothing to help stop the questions.”
    Basildon Tory councillor George Dighton, threatened to resign his council seat in protest at the support for the MP.
    Proctor told the meeting that allegations about his private life was being dealt with by his lawyer.
    Proctor has been hit by a series of scandal.
    He was arrested two weeks ago at his £100,000 flat in Fulham, London.
    Last month police were called to Proctor’s flat at 3 a.m. when his live-in lover, art dealer Terry Wood, clad only in a pair of Y-fronts, claimed that the MP had attacked him.
    Two weeks ago he was at the centre of another scandal when it was alleged that staff in a Morocco hotel where he was on holiday, had found a naked arab youth under his bed.

  21. Kate MacDonald said:

    COPS RAID HARVEY PAL’S GYM (News of the World, 19th April 1987)

    A bizarre gym equipped with whips has been discovered by police at the home of a close friend of Tory MP Harvey Proctor.
    Crime Squad officers broke into the house in Hull when owner Terry Allen was out.
    Estate agent Mark Dale, who is selling the house for Allen, said: “Straps were fitted to a couch.
    “There were whips and some other instruments.”
    Allen, 30, who is alleged to have had a homosexual affair with Proctor, flits between his home in Hull and a gay agency he runs in London.
    Proctor, MP for Billericay, Essex, appeared in court last week on four charges of indecency with boys.

  22. Kate MacDonald said:

    SPANKING TORY RESIGNS AT LAST (News of the World, 17th May 1987)

    Scandal-hit Harvey Proctor dramatically quit as a Tory MP last night.
    He failed to turn up at a 300-strong party meeting in his Billericay, Essex, constituency.
    Instead he handed in his resignation to a secret gathering of his executive committee.
    Mr Proctor—a 39-year-old bachelor recently charged with gross indecency involving spanking sessions with young boys—told them:
    “In view of my outstanding court appearances on Wednesday I am unable to submit my name for adoption at today’s meeting.”
    His decision was greeted with a mixture of fury and tears.
    Some local members felt he should have taken the decision to quit long before the election—not three weeks from the poll.
    But several women at the meeting he snubbed wept when the news was broken to them.
    Mrs Amanda Almond said: “I don’t care what he’s done he is the best MP we’ve ever had.”
    Mrs Emma Wood sobbed: “There’s a lot of sadness today.”
    Favourite to fight the seat is former Trade Under-Secretary Iain Sproat, who lost his seat in the 1983 General Election.

  23. Kate MacDonald said:

    PROCTOR QUITS (17th May 1987)

    Spanking case MP Harvey Proctor dramatically quit yesterday, ending months of speculation.
    The scandal-hit Tory was near breaking point as he announced his decision.
    He broke the news to party chiefs at Billericay, Essex, just two hours before a meeting to decide whether to pick him as the candidate for next month’s election.
    Local Party vice-president Bill Lea said: “Eight officials heard Mr. Proctor’s resignation in a very emotional meeting.
    “Many of us were in tears. He was desperately near to breaking point and close to tears himself.”
    Later, three hundred party members listened in dignified silence when Mr Proctor’s decision was announced.
    Mr Proctor, who had a majority of nearly 15,000 last time round, officially tendered his resignation in a letter to Premier Margaret Thatcher and local party chairman Ron Turner.
    Mr Turner described his decision as the “honourable thing.”
    The letter said: “It is with great personal sadness that I write to you to tender my resignation as the prospective Conservative and Unionist candidate for the Billericay constituency.
    “In view of my outstanding court appearance on May 20th I am unable to submit my name for adoption as your Parliamentary candidate.”
    It added: “It’s been a privilege and honour to serve the constituents over the last eight years.
    “I wish all my friends and supporters in Billericay and District Conservative Association and in my constituency well.
    Mr Proctor is facing charges of gross indecency involving young men following the exclusive revelations by The People.
    A favourite to take Proctor’s place in the poll is former Aviation Minister Iain Sproat, who lost a “safe” Tory seat in the 1983 General Election.

  24. Kate MacDonald said:

    PROCTOR FINED £1,450 IN SPANKING SCANDAL (Daily Express, 21st May 1987)

    Disgraced politician Harvey Proctor walked from court a broken man yesterday after admitting he paid “rent boys” for sex sessions.
    Earlier the court heard how the former Tory MP had played “headmaster,” spanking the young male prostitutes while performing indecent acts in front of them.
    The 40-year-old bachelor bowed his head in shame as details were revealed at London’s Bow Street Magistrates Court.
    He was fined a total of £1,450 after pleading guilty to four charges of gross indecency involving Max Peters, 20, and 17-year-old Jason Burton.
    Proctor stood ashen-faced in the dock as stipendiary magistrate Mr William Robins told him he was lucky not to be sent to jail.
    The offences were committed at Proctor’s rented flat in Fulham, London, between April and August last year.
    Mr Jeremy Naunton, prosecuting, told the court that a skinhead, whom Proctor had met at Earl’s Court tube station, took Burton and a 20-year-old man to Proctor’s flat one night in July.
    The skinhead then left and all three watched TV until about midnight. Then Proctor asked Burton whether he had been caned at school.
    “Burton replied that he had for playing truant,” said Mr Naunton.
    “Proctor took him into the bedroom and told him that he should go outside, knock on the door and come in. He gave him a pair of shorts and told him to call him Sir.”
    When Burton returned to the bedroom Proctor who was sitting on the edge of the bed exposing himself asked him why he had been sent to see him.
    Burton said: “For fighting in class Sir.” Proctor replied: “You should not fight in class. You must be punished.”
    Mr Naunton said Proctor then told Burton to remove his shorts and bend over.
    “Proctor took a cane from a cupboard and Burton was hit on the bare behind with his hand six times, a training shoe six times and finally with the cane six times.”
    Mr Naunton told the court that Proctor had then taken three Polaroid pictures of the boy and performed and indecent act after spreading the photographs out on the bed.
    After the spanking session Proctor and the boy got into bed and fell asleep.
    “The next morning Proctor gave Burton £20,” said Mr Naunton.
    Mr Naunton also told the court of an evening last April when Peters was introduced to Proctor at his flat. Again a similar spanking session followed and they later went to bed. On that occasion Proctor paid £30.
    Proctor, former MP for Billericay, Essex, sat nervously in the dock as his solicitor Sir David Napley told the court that the “shame and despair” of what he had done had ruined his client’s life.
    Sir David said: “He has to face here the shame and despair in the knowledge that he has not only brought this terrible shame and despair on himself but on his colleagues and his constituents.”
    Last night a detective said: “He was often so violent with his rent boys that they had to take two or three days off ‘work’ to recover.
    “One of his favourite games was to play Trivial Pursuits. Each time the rent boy got a question wrong he would get another whack with a cane.

  25. Kate MacDonald said:

    INQUIRY INTO TWO MORE POLITICIANS (Daily Mail, 21st May 1987)

    The private lies of at least two other MPs reputed to have links with the seamy rent boy scene in London’s West End, have been investigated by Scotland Yard.
    And last night, senior detectives blamed politicians for dragging their feet in taking action against any MP involved.
    They also claimed that infiltration of male prostitutes into the corridors of power at Westminster is growing steadily, and already numbers double figures.
    By day, the young men work inconspicuously in the Commons as MP’s researchers, concealing their night-time double life as male prostitutes.
    The names of the two other politicians – as well as those of showbusiness personalities and businessmen – surfaced during a special Yard inquiry codenamed Operation Circus, into male vice around the Piccadilly Circus area.
    Detectives investigating the activities of London’s gay community have often complained of being dogged by legal restrictions as well as in-built hostility towards police.
    One senior Yard source said: ‘There is a marked reluctance by the authorities to prosecute any politician unless they can help it.’
    Detectives had statements from several other male prostitutes relating to their activities with Proctor which could have led to charges.
    But because the activities dated back more than a year, he could not face charges.

  26. Kate MacDonald said:

    TEA AT COMMONS FOR PROCTOR ‘SCHOOLBOY’ (Daily Mirror, 21st May 1987)

    Spanking Tory MP Harvey Proctor took a rent boy to the House of Commons for tea, the Daily Mirror can reveal today.
    The teenager, wearing a school blazer and shorts, sat sipping tea with Proctor at a table next to unknowing Home Secretary Douglas Hurd.
    The youth told the astonishing story of his Commons tea room date to detectives investigating the Proctor sex scandal.
    It could have been revealed in court if 40-year-old Proctor – who quit as MP for Billericay, Essex, at the weekend – had fought the allegations about his private life.
    But yesterday he admitted four charges of gross indecency with teenage rent boys.
    He was fined a total of £1,450 and ordered to pay £250 costs.
    Proctor walked from London’s Bow Street court in stunned silence, his shameful secrets finally exposed.
    The court heard a sordid saga of canings at his London flat.
    Detectives have been told the disgraced MP’s kinky sex habit cost him up to £100 a night.
    And he is now living under the shadow of AIDS.
    Proctor was supplied with boys by a gay escort agency called Lord Fox.
    Terry Allen, boss of the London agency, claimed that at least one of the youngsters paid by the MP was struck by AIDS.
    Allen told the Mirror: “Harvey is super lucky if he hasn’t got AIDS, the amount of boys he was going with.
    “These were boys who were going with two or three people a night. And Harvey was going with them without taking precautions.”
    Proctor went to Scarborough High School before taking a history degree at York University.
    But it was in the role of public school headmaster that he handed out thrashings to naked rent boys.
    They called him “Sir” and were caned for “being naughty”.
    Proctor left court without making any comment.
    His lawyer, Sir David Napley, said: “I don’t know what his plans for the future are.”
    Proctor faces an estimated £10,000 bill for Sir David’s fees.
    Agency boss Terry Allen said: “I feel sorry for Harvey. All his friends are deserting him. He is going to be a very lonely man.”

  27. Kate MacDonald said:

    SEAMY SECRETS OF THE LORD FOX (Daily Mirror, 21st May 1987)

    A gay escort agency boss told yesterday how he provided rent boys for disgraced MP Harvey Proctor. Homosexual Terry Allen revealed Proctor’s sordid secrets after the ex-MP was convicted of spanking teenagers in his flat.
    Allen, 31, ran the Lord Fox agency and massage parlour in South London, supplying youngsters for wealthy homosexual clients.
    Allen and Proctor were lovers for two years. And Allen gave statements to Scotland Yard detectives detailing how he had supplied boys to the former Billericay MP.
    Allen told detectives that Proctor was one of his best customers, sometimes hiring six boys a week at up to £100 a time.
    The agency boss also revealed why he broke off his affair with Proctor: “Harvey was so promiscuous. That was one of the reasons I left him. It was too dangerous.
    “I feared I would catch AIDS. Harvey took no precautions and he was going with boys who had been going with two or three people a night.”
    Allen added: “Harvey would pay the boys about £30 a time and my agency would take a fee.
    “Harvey used to like to play the role of headmaster in a cap and gown, brandishing a cane and punishing his ‘naughty boys’.
    “He liked rough trade. The rougher the better.
    “He loved taking Polaroid pictures of naked boys. I could not count the number of boys I supplied to Harvey over a three-year period. It cost him a small fortune.”
    To Proctor the seamy sex sessions were all a game. He even used Trivial Pursuits to act out his fantasies.
    The homosexual MP would ask a rent boy to answer questions from the popular board game. A wrong answer would be “punished”.
    But yesterday the game was finally over. Proctor sat stony faced in court as his dark secrets were exposed.
    He had led a life of public pretence and private lust.
    The court’s penalty was a fine totalling £1,450. But the shame hurt far more.
    At London’s Bow Street court Proctor answered “Guilty” to four charges of gross indecency.
    Proctor had stood deadpan in the dock as the charges were read.
    He clenched his fists when the prosecutor said: “The saga began when Jason Burton, a 17-year-old rent boy, met a skinhead at Earls Court underground station who introduced him to the defendant at his flat sometime in July 1986.
    “There was another young man at the flat, aged about 20, and the skinhead left them watching television.
    “Proctor took Burton into the bedroom and asked if he had ever been caned at school.
    “The boy said he had.
    “The boy went outside the room and knocked on the door to be punished.
    “First he was told to get undressed and get into some white shorts.
    “And he was told to call Proctor ‘Sir’.
    “The indecent acts followed.”
    The packed courtroom then heard the prosecutor say: “On the second occasion, Burton was punished for fighting in class.
    “He was told to take off his shorts, bend over and he saw Proctor take a cane from his wardrobe—where there were others.”
    Burton was caned six times. Then he got another “six of the best” with a training shoe, the court heard.
    He was told to “look in the mirror and bend over” and Proctor took three Polaroid snaps.
    A few nights later Burton took another boy, aged about 19, to Proctor’s flat.
    “Burton was given slaps by the defendant’s hand together with further beatings with cane and shoe,” the prosecutor said.
    Two days later, Burton took another young man to the flat for a repeat session.
    The fourth charge related to April last year when rent boy Max Peter, was introduced to Proctor and more thrashing were handed out.
    Even without the sex scandal, right-winger Proctor was one of Britain’s most controversial MPs.
    Hard-line Tory voters cheered his extreme views on race, hanging and private education.
    When the spanking stories surfaced he continued to protest his innocence.
    Even when antiques dealer Terry Woods was caught in his Y-fronts at the MP’s flat, Proctor remained defiant.
    But in the end he had to admit defeat.
    Yesterday Magistrate William Robins told Proctor: “You are in a public position and should have been more appreciative of the fact that you should set a better example to others, particularly young people.
    “But on the other hand there was no question of your corrupting those people.”
    Proctor’s lawyer Sir David Napley, told the court: “He has brought shame and despair on his colleagues and his constituents.”
    Proctor met escort agency boss Terry Allen at a Tory cocktail party in Kent.
    Within a couple of weeks the two men had struck up a sexual relationship.
    Allen, at that time living in Chatham, Kent, would take a taxi to Proctor’s home in Fulham.
    The MP made it clear he wanted young boys.
    “The next time I went to see him, I had a 17-year-old boy with me to take the spanking,” said Allen.
    Speaking at his home in Edgware, North London, Allen said Proctor was amused by the motto of the “Lord Fox” agency.
    “I used to tell him ‘the good Lord will always provide’.”

  28. Kate MacDonald said:

    HOW PROCTOR CANED ‘NAUGHTY BOYS’ (The Sun, 21st May 1987)

    Kinky Tory MP Harvey Proctor paid young lads to pose as “naughty schoolboys” and then spanked and caned them for sexual kicks, a court heard yesterday.
    Bachelor Proctor, 40, played at being a headmaster and made the rent boys—young male prostitutes—pretend to be pupils who has been sent to him for punishment.
    They had to wear shorts, knock on his bedroom door before entering, call him “Sir” and confess they had been fighting in class.
    Then he beat them on their bare bottoms—with his bare hands, training shoes and a cane.
    Proctor—who resigned as MP for Billericay on Saturday—showed no emotion as the details of his perversions were revealed at London’s Bow Street Magistrates Court.
    He was fined a total of £1,450 with £250 costs after admitting four charges of gross indecency—and left court with his life in ruins.
    His solicitor, Sir David Napley, said Proctor had brought “shame and despair” upon himself, his colleagues and constituents and now had “very little future”.
    Proctor—nicknamed “Whacko” by friends—listened as prosecutor Mr Jeremy Naunton outlined the offences.
    CHARGE ONE involved a 16-year-old called Jason Burton, who went to Proctor’s flat in Fulham, West London, with a skinhead and another boy.
    Mr Naunton said the skinhead later left and Proctor and the two boys watched TV until midnight.
    The prosecutor said “Mr Proctor asked him whether he had been caned at school and he said he had for playing truant.”
    Proctor then took Burton to the bedroom and said he would have to go outside, knock and come in.
    He gave him some shorts and told the boy to call him “Sir”.
    When the boy entered the room, Proctor asked why he had been told to come to see him and he replied: “For fighting in class, sir.”
    Proctor said: “You should not fight in class. You must be punished.”
    He told the boy to take off his shorts and bend over.
    Then he took a cane from a cupboard containing a number of others, said Mr Naunton.
    Proctor hit the boy’s bare bottom six times with his HAND, six times with a TRAINING SHOE and six times with the CANE.
    Mr Naunton said every time he was hit by Proctor he had to say “One, sir. Two, sir, and so on.
    Then Proctor told the boy to look into a mirror. As he did so, the ex-MP took three Polaroid pictures of him.
    Mr Naunton said Proctor and the boy then went to bed.
    A sex act then took place. Later, Proctor gave the youngster a cuddle and then both went to sleep. The next morning, Proctor gave the youth £20.
    CHARGE TWO happened three nights later when Burton took a 19-year-old youth to Proctor’s flat.
    The boys and Proctor watched TV until 10pm, then Proctor got two pairs of shorts from the bedroom and told the youngsters to put them on.
    Mr Naunton added: “He went through the same routine of the boy going out of the room and knocking on the door. He came in and the same kind of scenario occurred.”
    Burton and the other boy were both slapped NINE TIMES by Proctor’s bare hand.
    Both were also caned nine times and touched. They were paid £20 each next day.
    CHARGE THREE involved Burton and another boy and happened two days later.
    The boy and Burton were both smacked and Proctor paid them £15 each the next day.
    CHARGE FOUR related to a boy called “Max Peters” in court although that is not his real name.
    Mr Naunton said the boy was introduced to Proctor at his flat and added: “He took him into the bedroom, gave his some shorts and the same type of session occurred.”
    He said Peters was hit six times with the hand, six times with the shoe, and six times with a cane. They boy was paid £20 next morning.
    Sir David Napley agreed that the prosecution’s summary of the case was “generally fair”.
    He said there were three aspects—gross indecency, the smacking and caning and the age of the boys.
    The offences were commonplace in the court, he said, and normally resulted in a fine, Sir David added.
    “At least there is this virtue that it was not in public—it was done in private.”
    He said smacking and caning were not necessarily offences and were only relevant because of the connecting gross indecencies.
    Sir David claimed the age of the boys was “by far the most serious matter.”
    Peters was 20 and there was little doubt, he claimed, that Proctor had believed he was over 21. Burton was nearly 17.
    Sir David added: “The law is in a highly anomalous position.
    “If this man had committed acts with a female prostitute of the same age it would not have been an offence.”
    He said there was “no question” of corruption and added: “These were males prostituting themselves for money.”
    The case had only come to court through the efforts of a “highly unpleasant” journalist, he claimed.
    Sir David said Proctor had not flaunted his homosexuality—“in fact, he has been criticised for not admitting it.”
    He added that Proctor has “punished himself to a far greater extent than this court could impose.
    “He’s a man who has devoted his whole life to politics and has no other profession. He has lost any prospect of being an MP again.”
    Proctor—a “superb constituency member”—had only a rented flat, was not a man of means and now had very little future.
    Magistrate Mr William Robins said that once “the three facts of gravity, persistence and premeditation” would have meant instant jail.
    But times had changed, prisons were overcrowded and expensive and he was encouraged not to send people there if possible. He did not think jail would “be of benefit.”
    Mr Robins told Proctor “You should have been appreciative of the fact that you should set a better example to others, particularly young people.”
    But he agreed with Sir David that there was no question of “corrupting the innocent—far from it.”
    Proctor, immaculate in a dark blue suit, was given a police escort when he left court to walk a few hundred yards to Sir David’s office in Covent Garden.
    Members of an anti-racist group yelled at him: “Racist—you should have got five years.”
    His right-wing views on race made Proctor the most extreme anti-immigration campaigner since Enoch Powell.
    He also hit the headlines with hard-line views on hanging and education.
    Proctor won Basildon, Essex, in 1979 by overturning a 10,000 Labour majority with the second-highest pro-Tory swing in the election.
    When the seat was changed to Billericay in the 1983 election, he increased his 5,000 majority to more than 14,000.
    The constituents stayed loyal throughout a flood of stories about Proctor’s alleged spanking sessions with youths—which earned him the “Whacko” nickname.
    Earlier this year, Proctor denied having been caught with a naked Arab boy in a hotel room in Morocco.
    Then an art dealer called Terry Woods, who claimed to be Proctor’s former lover, was found by police in his underpants outside the ex-MP’s flat.
    Last night a rent boy who visited the Fulham flat claimed Proctor also used to play a perverted game of Trivial Pursuit with lads.
    The youngster said: “Sessions would go on for hours and each time a player got a question wrong he would get whack with a cane or training shoe.”

  29. Kate MacDonald said:


    DISGRACE OF MP WHO LIED AND LIED (The People, 24th May 1987)
    From the moment People investigators confronted Harvey Proctor, the shamed MP knew his kinky game was up.
    We had the evidence of the rent boys he’d unmercifully thrashed in return for cash.
    And we had the photos he loved to take of the bloody cuts and weals his sadistic beatings caused.
    Most men would have confessed there and then. But it wasn’t in Proctor’s nature to come clean. Like a rat trapped by his disgusting deeds he tried to dodge and weave at every turn.
    For a year, the Honorable [sic] Member for Billericay lied, lied and lied again, his cruel blue eyes blinded by the belief that he could get away with it.
    After all, he was a darling of the Tory right wing with a fat majority and friends in high places.
    He was convinced The People would never prove it. And rent boys he dismissed as ten-a-penny kids whom no one would listen to anyway.
    True enough, the youngsters we talked to about Proctor were no innocents.
    But even the most hardened professionals among them had been shaken by the sheer ferocity of the beatings Proctor needed to inflict to satisfy his perverted lust.
    Clearly, here was no slightly-kinky notable who liked a bit of whacko with his slap and tickle on the side.
    Here was a dangerous man chosen by unsuspecting constituents to be their voice in Parliament and a prime candidate for blackmail.
    He had to be brought to book.
    The People probe took our investigators into the shadowy world of seedy pubs and clubs in London’s gay quarter.
    It involved meeting Transvestites, sadomasochists and every other type of unsavoury sexual deviant.
    One was Barry Haddon, a pimp now in jail for indecently assaulting two boys.
    He told us that for two years he supplied young lads to the MP he knew as Keith Proctor—Harvey is his middle name—and that even he had been shocked by his sexual brutality.
    He said he’d sometimes stayed in Proctor’s luxury flat in Fulham, West London, after delivering “the merchandise,” and he added:
    “He didn’t half whack them.
    “After he’d gone through the silly business of asking the boys what naughty things they’d done and that they had to be punished, he’d get them to strip off and then he’d hit them, not too hard at first, with his hand, a slipper and a cane.
    “Then he’d stretch the boys out on his bed and handcuff them by their hands and sometimes their feet. Then he’d really let them have it.”
    In June last year The People published a story that Proctor had admitted allowing a vice boy to stay at his flat. He also acknowledged that photographs shown to him of naked boys were taken in his flat.
    But it was later that our investigators discovered Proctor had been beating and sexually abusing young boys for several years.
    A young homosexual who had suffered at the hands of Proctor heard about our investigation and offered to help us nail the odious pervert.
    He said he was angry that an MP could publicly stand for law and order while privately abusing others for his sexual gratification.
    The youngster visited Proctor’s flat and later told us that the MP had not only urged his to spend the night there but had talked about the beatings he’d given him before and how he normally paid £20 to £25 for such a session.
    But when The People confronted Proctor with the evidence, he dismissed it all and, with practised ease, resorted to lies again.
    The People’s story in September last year forced a vote of confidence meeting among Proctor’s constituents. But he survived it after assuring his ward officials that The People revelation was nothing more than a left-wing smear campaign.
    But our exposé brought us contact with other youths who, either as male prostitutes or runaway kids in desperate need of cash, had fallen into Proctor’s clutches.
    As they talked, it was not just the brutality of the man that shocked, it was the blatant indiscretion he showed in pursuing his vile practices… his invitations to the youths to take tea with him at the House of Commons, their regular open visits to his flat.
    Soon, an investigation by Scotland Yard’s Serious Crimes Squad was under way, headed by Det. Chief Supt. Drummond Marvin.
    But even with the police on his murky trail, Proctor couldn’t keep out of the headlines.
    In February, local police were called to his flat to find homosexual art dealer Terry Woods in his Y-fronts claiming Proctor had assaulted him after he’d refused to go to bed with him.
    And in March, a naked Arab youth seen by a security guard sneaking into Proctor’s ground floor room at a hotel in Agadir, Morocco, was found hiding under his bed.
    Ten days later, their careful probing and sifting of evidence almost complete, the police were ready.
    Supt. Marvin arrested Proctor at his flat.
    When the Yard men went in, early on a Saturday morning, Proctor was asleep in bed with his lover, Terry Woods.
    Proctor hurriedly put on a dressing gown to answer the door but Woods was still naked in the MP’s double bed when the officers entered the one-bedroom flat.
    And, lying on the floor at the foot of the bed, was a single slipper.
    “We never found the second one to match it, so we reckoned it was the slipper Proctor used in his spanking games with rent boys,” said one of the officers.
    The detectives also found other items that the MP used to act out his bizarre punishment fantasies.
    In one wardrobe were half-a-dozen striped rugby shirts—in different sizes—which Proctor made his young victims wear as he spanked them.
    Police also took away a pile of boxer shorts.
    There was an anonymous Valentine card saying “Thank-you for the caning,” and a book giving details of gay sex acts.
    But Proctor’s depraved collection of canes, manacles, masks, filthy videos, pornographic books and other bizarre items he needed to fulfil his perverted desires were nowhere to be seen.
    On the morning of The People’s first story about him, he was seen leaving the flat laden down with a number of bulging carrier bags. These, it is believed, were his collection of dirty tricks.
    But even after his arrest Harvey Proctor believed his lies would save him.
    Brazenly, he stood for re-selection and at a constituency meeting packed, it was alleged, with his right-wind friends he won approval by a massive majority.
    The net, however, was closing in on Westminster’s most outrageous MP.
    The police has completed their inquiries after a highly-skilled, six-month investigation among a normally hostile group.
    Supt. Marvin charged Proctor with four offences of gross indecency and on Saturday, just two hours before he was due to be formally adopted as Billericay’s Conservative candidate, the 40-year-old bachelor threw in his hand [sic] and stood down.
    Then, on Wednesday, Keith Harvey Proctor stood in the dock at Bow Street court and admitted his guilt.
    He was, as usual, immaculately dressed. But for once he was telling the truth.

    Harvey Proctor was a pervert and a liar who used teenage boys for kinky sex. It was The People who exposed his odious activities—and rightly so.
    Such behaviour from a public figure is totally unacceptable. It is certainly something that the people of this country are entitled to know about.
    Yet our motives in exposing the secret side of Harvey Proctor have been questioned by his defence lawyer, Sir David Napley. He says our activities were “disgraceful” and claims we have ruined the former MP.
    The People’s investigation was thorough, professional and proper. And Harvey Proctor ruined himself, with his lies and lust.
    Having uncovered so much dirt, what did Sir David Napley expect us to do—sweep it under the carpet?
    It is the duty of newspapers like The People to spotlight wrongdoing in high places.
    We shall continue to do so. Especially while the Establishment seeks to protect the guilty by trying to portray the Press as the villains of the piece.

    A collection of sickening photographs handed to People investigators triggered the downfall of Harvey Proctor.
    The Polaroid snaps – too shocking to be published – had been taken by the MP himself during spanking sex sessions in his London flat.
    Proctor was confronted with them by People reporters at midday on a sunny Saturday last June.
    For Proctor, it proved to be High Noon. He knew then that his days in politics were over.
    The MP had spent the previous hour giving advice to constituents in his tiny room at the top of Billericay’s Conservative offices. When The People reporters called, he welcomed them with an easy smile. But it was gone in a flash when they explained why they had called.
    One of his rent boys, 18-year-old David Jackson, had spilled the beans about the MP’s sordid sex life.
    At first Proctor was too stunned to speak.
    Then after more than a minute he recovered his composure and tried to lie his way out of trouble.
    But he was forced to admit that the photographs had been taken in his flat – and that Jackson had been living there.
    The incriminating pictures were handed to The People by Jackson who revealed how Proctor had: SPANKED him with his bare hands, a slipper and a cane, SNAPPED him and another rent boy naked, SHOWED him sickening videos of young boys indulging in homosexual acts and DRESSED him in school uniform.
    Jackson told The People his story after, he claimed, Proctor had beaten him so hard that he wanted nothing more to do with him.
    Jackson showed our investigators the canes, masks and school blazers that Proctor kept in his flat.
    Proctor dismissed Jackson’s tale as a “tissue of lies,” but within weeks more rent boys had come forward to reveal how they, too, had been paid by the MP for spanking and sex sessions.
    Now, even Proctor’s greatest political allies have finally turned their backs on him.
    “He’s betrayed us,” declared Ron Turner, Conservative chairman of Proctor’s Billericay constituency.
    “We did the honourable thing and gave him our respect and trust.
    “The dishonour is his. He’s brought shame on himself and disloyalty to the constituency of nearly 80,000 people.”
    Constituency Tory leader Tony Archer has also washed his hands of Proctor.
    He said: “To be perfectly honest, I don’t give a damn what happens to him anymore.”

  30. Kate MacDonald said:


    A gay civil servant sparked a security storm yesterday for taking young homosexuals into the Commons.
    Paul Sturgess, 39, introduced a number of them to disgraced ex-MP Harvey Proctor, exposed as a pervert by The People.
    Detectives probing a “rent boy” sex scandal have been given the names of at least two other MPs involved with teenage boys.
    Gay Mark Thane, 24, says he was introduced to Proctor after Sturgess told him the MP needed a research assistant.
    Thane revealed: “I am certain I was set up simply for Proctor’s sexual benefit. He was friendly but very intimidating.”
    Proctor plied him with drinks during dinner at his home in Fulham, West London, Thane revealed.
    “I was sickened by what took place,” he said. “I was very confused and felt that no one would listen to me if I had made a complaint against an MP.
    “Of course we never discussed the job. By then I had realised it was just used as a lure.
    “Sturgess had told me he had introduced other young men, also gay, to Proctor. I imagine they endured a similar fate.
    “I was so stupidly naive. I should have realised that Proctor would have no intention of employing someone like me.”
    When confronted by The People, Sturgess refused to divulge his job in the Civil Service.
    “I really don’t want to discuss that,” he said.
    “As far as I am concerned, Mark was looking for a job. I knew that Harvey’s researcher was going to leave in the near future. I was simply trying to help him out.”
    Sturgess admitted Thane had spent the weekend with him at his London flat.
    He reluctantly confirmed that he had taken other gays to the Commons to meet Proctor.
    “Yes, they were gay,” he said. “A lot of people around here are gay. I have known Harvey for about eight years. I see him regularly, the last time about two weeks ago when he called on me.”

  31. Kate MacDonald said:


    PROCTOR’S MATES HAVE A WHIP-ROUND! (The People, 12th July 1987)
    Spanking MP Harvey Proctor’s constituents are having a whip-round for him!
    They have launched a fund to buy him a gift in appreciation of his eight years’ service before he resigned in disgrace.
    Proctor was convicted of gross indecency after The People revealed his favourite leisure activity—caning boys’ bottoms.
    But his constituents in Stanford-le-Hope, Essex, say he was a good MP whatever his sexual peculiarities.
    “What he does in his private life is his own business,” said local Tory chairman Gwen Wood. “It is customary to present a small gift when MPs leave, and we don’t believe Mr Proctor should be treated any other way.
    “He has been through so much lately that I felt we should bring him a little bit of happiness and show that many, many people still care.”
    Gwen wouldn’t say what the gift would be.

  32. Kate MacDonald said:


    Private Eye, 18th September 1987
    Keith Harvey Proctor, erstwhile Tory MP for Billericay, has, I hear, been on recent Ortonesque trip to Tunisia.
    Harvey was staying at a small hotel in Monastir with an English friend, and during his stay he was seen to be actively pursuing his favourite subject of research – the exploited youth (male) of the Third World.
    Bearing gifts of English cigarettes bought at the duty-free airport shop, Harvey (a non-smoker) and his companion spent much time exploring local woodland in the company of Tunisian urchins. So concerned was he at their plight that he even brought several of them into the hotel’s well-patronised restaurant for a meal.
    So much for the misplaced criticism of Harvey as in some way being a racist.

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