1983: Boys drugged and sexually assaulted at Hackney council estate

In 1983, several boys were drugged and sexually assaulted by an unknown attacker on the Frampton Park Estate in Hackney. This was the same estate where Robert Oliver and Leslie Bailey lived as of 1989 (source). They were convicted for their part in drugging, sexually assaulting, and killing boys at a flat on the nearby Kingsmead Estate, with Sidney Cooke, Lennie Smith, Stephen Barrell, and a number of unknown men.

Hackney Gazette, 29th July 1983

HG290783Hackney Gazette, 2nd August 1983

HG020883A HG020883BHackney Gazette, 13th September 1983

HG130983Hackney Gazette, 7th October 1983


  1. Kate MacDonald said:

    CHILD MOLESTER AT LARGE ON ESTATE (Hackney Gazette, 29th July 1983)

    A child molester who drugged and attacked two young boys on a Hackney estate could be connected with the rape of another boy nearly two years ago fear police.
    “He kept staring at me. He looked like a madman,” said a nine-year-old boy after he was grabbed in the Frampton Park Estate last week. The man had put a cloth which smelled of TCP over his mouth and nose.
    The next thing he knew, the boy woke up smelling of urine in a small room at the bottom of Exbury House.
    The first attack was made on an 11-year-old boy taking a short cut through Scotney House in Chatham Place. As he pushed open the main doors by the lifts he was grabbed by a man standing behind the door.
    The man put what seemed like cotton wool over the boy’s mouth and nose and started pushing him on to the floor.
    But just then a woman walked through the main door and the man ran off towards the garages under the block.
    The incident happened just before 4.30 last Wednesday. An hour later a second boy was attacked in nearby Exbury House on the same estate.
    The nine-year-old boy had been out with a friend and he was going home for his tea. He went into Exbury House and when he got to the second floor noticed a man staring at him.
    He told Det. Sgt. Dennis Miller after the ordeal that he tried to walk past the man but was grabbed by the shoulders and pulled to the floor.
    The man put a cloth over his face and he started struggling and kicking. Then he saw stars.
    He next remembered finding himself in a small room at the bottom of the estate. There was graffiti on the walls and he was lying on the floor. He was sick and his clothing smelled of urine.
    His face was blistered by the spirit-like drug from the cloth.
    He had not been sexually interfered with, but police are taking the two incidents especially seriously because they think there might be links with an attack made in November 1982.
    Then, a nine-year-old cub scout attending a weekly meeting at the hut near St. Johns Churchyard, went outside and was grabbed round the waist, pushed to the floor, and had a cloth put over his face by a man.
    When he regained consciousness he was sick and a later medical examination showed he had been sexually assaulted.
    Like the nine-year-old boy in Scotney House he had blisters on his face from the drug.
    Hackney detectives have made house-to-house inquiries on the Frampton Park Estate and they located a witness who saw the man last Wednesday shortly before the two attacks. They have also spoken to a little girl who saw a man indecently expose himself in front of her.
    But they are still trying to find the woman who interrupted the first attack as they believe she could provide vital clues.
    The man is described as about six feet tall and slimly built, with collar-length brown greying hair. He is aged between 35 and 45 years old and when last seen was wearing a black bomber jacket and blue jeans.
    He was rather scruffy, with a moustache and stubbly chin. Anyone who can help should ring Det. Sgt. Miller on 488 7211.

  2. Kate MacDonald said:

    HAVE YOU SEEN THIS MAN (Hackney Gazette, 2nd August 1983)

    Police have issued this photo-fit picture of the man who is believed to drug young boys before molesting them.
    The scruffy, middle-aged man with greying brown hair and with a moustache and stubble on his chin, is sought for questioning about two assaults on a Hackney estate.
    Both attacks were on young boys – one of them was nine and the other 11 – and both began with the man holding a cloth soaked with spirit over the boys’ mouths.
    Detective-Sergeant Miller from Hackney police station, who is leading the hunt for the Frampton Park Estate molester, said yesterday: “The photo tends to make him look a little young and modern, though he is probably more vagrant-like, but that was the boy’s description.”
    The images was put together from a description by the second boy, a nine-year-old who was attacked on the second floor of Exbury House on Frampton Park Estate.
    He told police that when he got into the block he saw the man who “kept staring at me – he looked like a madman.”
    He was grabbed from behind and the man put a cloth over his mouth and nose.
    He started struggling and kicking and then “saw stars.”
    The next thing he knew he was lying in a small room at the bottom of the estate.
    He was sick and his clothes smelled of urine. His face was blistered by the spirit-based drug from the cloth.
    About an hour earlier an 11-year-old was attacked in nearby Scotney House, but a woman walked by as the man put the cloth over the boy’s mouth and scared the attacker away.
    Police believe the attacks are linked with the rape of a nine-year-old cub scout near St. John’s churchyard two years ago.
    And Detective-Sergeant Dennis Miller has asked parents and children in the area to be especially careful of strange people walking around the flats. Anyone who can help should ring Hackney CID on 488 7211.

  3. Kate MacDonald said:

    SEX FIEND ATTACKS ANOTHER CHILD (Hackney Gazette, 13th September 1983)

    An evil sex fiend who has already drugged two small boys on a Hackney estate has struck again.
    His latest victim was an eight-year-old boy who was attacked on the Frampton Park estate on Friday evening.
    Now the police are stepping up patrols in the area to catch the man before he strikes again.
    “We’ve got to catch this man before he kills… he is extremely dangerous” said Detective Chief Inspector John Teppit of Hackney CID.
    The attacker approaches his victims from behind, grabs them and puts a rag soaked with a knockout chemical over their mouths.
    In the latest attack, the boy who was to celebrate his ninth birthday the next day was drugged as he played outside Scotney House, scene of two previous attacks.
    He told Mr. Teppit that the man dragged him to Well Street Common. He pushed him to the floor and was about to punch him in the face when someone walking a dog on the common came near and the man fled.
    “We’re desperate to trace this person who was walking the dog. He or she many have seen the attacker and may be able to help us,” said Mr. Teppit.
    In the previous attacks two boys, aged nine and 11, were grabbed and knocked out with the chemical soaked rag.
    The 11-year-old was attacked in Scotney House. The man drugged him but fled after a woman passed nearby.
    The nine-year-old was grabbed in nearby Exbury House, was drugged and came round in a small room at the bottom of the estate with his clothes smelling of urine.
    Police believe the fiend may also have raped a nine-year-old cub scout in St. John’s Churchyard, Mare Street, last November.
    On that occasion the boy was grabbed from behind, drugged with a chemical soaked rag and then seriously sexually assaulted.
    And they are also investigating another attack outside Scotney House two weeks ago.
    A man approached a six-year-old girl and lifted up her skirt before fleeing.
    “We don’t know if the attacks on the boys and the girl are connected” said Mr. Teppit. But we do know that they all happen around 4 pm, about half-an-hour after the schools turn out – and the man who attacks the boys always approaches from behind.”
    “I can only repeat that we are desperate to find the person who was walking the dog on the common when the boy was attacked and would ask them to come forward and help us.”
    To jog that person’s memory, the boy was wearing a blue shirt, blue jeans and fawn training shoes.
    The attacker is described as 6’ tall with a stubbly beard and a Mexican-style moustache.
    He was wearing a black bomber jacket, black cord trousers and black shoes.
    He had dark hair, parted in the middle and swept back at the sides.
    Anyone who may be able to help the police should contact Det. Sgt Miller on 488 7214.

  4. Kate MacDonald said:

    SEX MENACE TERRIFIES TENANTS (Hackney Gazette, 7th October 1983)

    Underground garages where two small boys have been attacked by a child sex menace should be closed, tenants are demanding.
    The child molester, who knocks out his victims with a drug-soaked mouthpad, has bought a reign of terror to Hackney’s Frampton Park Estate in recent months.
    Two of his four victims have been assaulted in dimly-lit underground garages beneath Exbury House and Scotney House.
    Frightened parents urged the council to shut the garages when the estate’s tenants’ association met with housing officials following the latest attack last month. They also complained of poor lighting on the estate.
    “The meeting created renewed interest in the TA, which has undergone something of a revival,” said acting secretary Ros Tyrell.
    “The association hopes to meet on a much more regular basis in future to fight for better council services, which have deteriorated since Hackney took control of GLC properties.”
    The TA holds its next meeting on Monday at 7.30 pm in the community hall.

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