Spy loses jail plea (22.04.83)

Daily Mirror, 22nd April 1983


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  1. Kate MacDonald said:

    SPY LOSES JAIL PLEA (Daily Mirror, 22nd April 1983)

    Jailed spy Geoffrey Prime must serve his 38-year sentence as a warning to others against treachery.
    The “sentence without hope” meant that Prime would be 82 before he is released, the Appeal Court was told yesterday.
    But three judges upheld the jail term because of the “incalculable” damage Prime had caused during 14 years of spying for Russia.
    Prime’s counsel, George Carman, QC, argued that the sentence failed to reflect his “enormous” cooperation with security chiefs after his arrest.
    Mr Carman also claimed that the sentence gave no incentive to other traitors to confess their treachery.
    But Lord Justice Lawton said that all right-minded members of the public would consider the long sentence appropriate.
    Prime, 44, a former linguist at the top-secret communications centre in Cheltenham, was jailed at the Old Bailey last November.
    He was give 35 years for spying and another three years for sex assaults on young girls.

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