Child sex charges decision expected (27.08.83)

Daily Mail, 27th August 1983



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  1. Kate MacDonald said:

    CHILD SEX CHARGES DECISION EXPECTED (Daily Mail, 27th August 1983)

    Criminal charges against men who claim they have had sex by consent with children are being prepared by top legal experts for the Director of Public Prosecutions.
    The report by Crown counsel may lead to an Old Bailey trial which law experts see as an important test case.
    There are 15 men named in the Scotland Yard dossier which followed a two-year investigation into the Paedophile Information Exchange, whose members want to make sex with children legal.
    PIE members claim they have had sexual contact only with consenting juveniles, but consenting or not it is a criminal offence.
    The DPP also wants his legal advisers to say whether there is a case of corrupting public morals.
    Several PIE members who aired their views on Thursday went underground yesterday.
    PIE’s ‘chairman’, self-styled ‘Doctor’ Peter Bremner, 43, was absent from his basement flat in Upper Clapton Road, Hackney, East London. Neighbours said that police had visited recently asking his whereabouts.
    Tony Zalewski, 29, was not at his bedsit in Byron Avenue, East Ham, also East London and nor was his associate David Joy, 42. The landlord said Zalewski had been told to leave.
    Two other known members of PIE, Steven Smith – who calls himself Steven Adrian – and Barry Cutler where also missing from their respective homes in Sydenham, South-East London and Beckenham, Kent.
    A sixth ‘official,’ 29-year-old ex-boxer Lee Edwards has been thrown out of his home in Morley Avenue, Wood Green, North London.

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