Peter McKelvie’s comments on Charles Napier and Peter Righton

Napier is an evil,calculating, manipulative paedophile
The charges he was found guilty on today were the tip of the iceberg for the scale of abuse he carried out over 40 years

After been found guilty of abuse as early as 1972, Napier was placed on List 99 with the Department of Education and so should not have been allowed to teach again
However Peter Righton, an equally devious and prolific abuser, intervened
As Director of Education at the National Institute for Social Work, Righton had become a prestigious and respected social work professional.
( The National Institute for Social Work – NISW – was a provider of services aimed at achieving excellence in practice and management in social work and social care in the UK and past employees include Sir Peter Barclay – Author with Righton of the Barclay Report – Sir Williiam Utting – Author of the Utting Report – Daphne Statham – Director – Dame Denise Platt – Chair of the Commission for Social Care Inspection – Barbara Hearn OBE Panel member on Independent Inquiry 2014 )

Righton on headed NISW paper wrote to the Department of Education claiming he was a counsellor of convicted paedophiles ( in reality they were his close knit PIE friends ) and that he had counselled Napier to the point he was no longer a risk to children and could return to teaching.
He added in his letter to the D of Ed that to be doubly certain he ( Righton ) had sought a second opinion from a well known child psychiatrist who concurred with his expert opinion
The psychiatrist in question was Dr.Morris Fraser, another convicted paedophile and PIE member who wrote a supporting report on Great Ormond St headed note paper

This allowed Napier to embark on a new teaching career abroad employed by the British Council, founded by the UK Government in 1934
He was able ( by his own admission in a number of letters to Righton over many years ) to abuse countless number of boys in Sweden and Egypt over many years in the late 70’s through the 80’s until 1992 when the arrest of Righton and the discovery of these letters led to his ( Napier’s) immediate dismissal

Napier and Righton ” shared ” a large number of victims, and offences,including rape, during the 80’s but never faced charges on any of the most serious cases of abuse

Many questions remain unanswered including who were Napier’s referees for his employment with the British Council

Why was Righton allowed to reach the very top of the social work profession ( with posts at NISW and the National Children’s Bureau as stepping stones to positions as a Home Office/ Government “expert” on major reports ) despite being caught red handed abusing boys on a large scale in the 1950’s and writing quite openly in NISW and NCB journals, articles etc from 1971 onwards about his views that adult and child sexual relationships were not necessarily harmful

In 1993 I spoke to 3 victims who refused to give evidence
One told me very convincingly that Napier took him to parties ” where he was introduced to the rich and famous ” and that Righton was involved in all these activities as well

In court today Napier’ s Counsel stated that Napier was now full of remorse
I don’t believe he has shown one iota of remorse in an adulthood dedicated to the ruthless pursuit of vulnerable children purely to abuse sexually

As a true test of his new found “remorse ” he can now share with the Police all the names of the ” rich and famous ” who attended the parties his victims referred to

As Treasurer of the Paedophile Information Exchange in its peak period of membership in the mid 70’s Napier holds the key to the identity of hundreds of dangerous abusers who continued to abuse thousands of children over many decades
He can now pass all this information to the Police as testament to his newly found regret and remorse

  1. The Barbara Kahan papers and the records of the National Children’s Bureau could also prove a treasure trove of information. The trustees of the Vladamir and Barbara Kahan Foundation which was managed via the National Children’s Bureau at one point could be another source in gaining the full picture

    • Artman/Colin: Please for your help and protection email me at menscryfa at gmail dot com. Thank you in advance.

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    Onepaedophile outed charged and sentenced many, many still to face justice

  4. Owen said:

    id the British Council investigate Napier’s activities in Sweden and Egypt and issue any public report?

    The French investigative reporting series Les Faits de Karl Zéro, produced by the company 13eme Rue, reported on the fall-out from Marcel Vervloesem’s investigation of Gerry Ulrich and his Zandvoort-baased network.

    In the programme “Affaire Zandvoort -Les Fichiers de la Honte” [“The Zandvoort Affair – Files of Shame”], addresses of the British Council in Kiev and the FCO at King Charles’s Street reproduced from Gerry Ulrich’s file of “Apollo network” contacts are shown – (at 31:48 minutes. For a copy with English subtitling of the 2nd section of the clip including the above, see –
    . The Ulrich British Council and FCO contact details are shown at 12:28 minutes into this clip.)

    I haven’t found any on-line link to an official BC statement about this “Apollo” connection or other paedophile abuse allegations. Perhaps following Napier’s conviction it would be appropriate for the BC to issue a comprehensive statement about any investigations it has carried out to follow up allegations relating to the activities of its staff overseas.

    The British Council in Ukraine today appears to be alert to the potential problem posed by expat abusers exploiting the opportunities offered by English language schools abroad. However investigations carried out by What’s On in Kyiv suggest that the unregistered sector of language education in Ukraine and presumably elsewhere is still wide open to exploitation by the unscrupulous:

    What’s On investigated a set-up known as the ‘English Language Club’ which based itself in the Puzata Hata café in the Podil district of Kyiv. One of the ‘teachers’ was a British citizen who tod What’s On how he had taken advantage of a lax visa regime to work illegally as an English teacher in Ukraine over a long period of time (at the same time posing as a part-time photographer’s assistant). He had no work or residency permits and had not registered his presence as an expat with the British Embassy. He admitted “to having had brushes with UK law enforcement” and said that he worked in Ukraine because “… parents pay me to teach their children English, in their own homes, alone and totally unsupervised.”

    • Owen said:

      Sorry, “Did the British Council …”

  5. TIM TATE said:

    I trust Theresa May’s calamitous historic child sexual abuse enquiry will ask the Metropolitan Police why it failed to act on a list of names of British child pornography customers, compiled by US Customs Postals Services and provided by The Cook Report to the head of the Obscene Publications Branch – on camera – in 1987.

    Napier’s name and address was on that list. The Yard had a clear cut chance to arrest him on the evidence provided by the US authorities. It did not do so – and he went on to abuse other children (as evidenced by his conviction in the mid-1990s).

    Someone needs to be asked why this was allowed to happen.

  6. Sue Richardson said:

    By giving Fiona Wolf a so-called ‘honour’ the establishment are doing a nice job outing themselves. Put alongside the outrageous comments in her support made by Butler-Sloss, the true lack of respect for survivors & desire not to give them power in the process is being made plain.

  7. angela ellis-jones said:

    Fiona Woolf is supposed to be an intelligent woman.Yet,at much the same time as she was approached as to whether she would be willing to become DBE,she denied being a member of the Establishment!

    A case study in cognitive dissonance,or something VERY much more sinister?

    Glad that her nasty little plan to put herself in a position in which she could save the bacon (!) of her chum L.Brittan was scuppered!

  8. anonim said:

    Alice Miller made a lot of research about origins of child abuse :

    “Child Mistreatment, Child Abuse
    What is it?

    Humiliations, spankings and beatings, slaps in the face, betrayal, sexual exploitation, derision, neglect, etc. are all forms of mistreatment, because they injure the integrity and dignity of a child, even if their consequences are not visible right away. However, as adults, most abused children will suffer, and let others suffer, from these injuries. This dynamic of violence can deform some victims into hangmen who take revenge even on whole nations and become willing executors to dictators as unutterably appalling as Hitler and other cruel leaders. Beaten children very early on assimilate the violence they endured, which they may glorify and apply later as parents, in believing that they deserved the punishment and were beaten out of love. They don’t know that the only reason for the punishments they have ( or in retrospect, had) to endure is the fact that their parents themselves endured and learned violence without being able to question it. Later, the adults, once abused children, beat their own children and often feel grateful to their parents who mistreated them when they were small and defenseless.

    This is why society’s ignorance remains so immovable and parents continue to produce severe pain and destructivity – in all “good will”, in every generation. Most people tolerate this blindly because the origins of human violence in childhood have been and are still being ignored worldwide. Almost all small children are smacked during the first three years of life when they begin to walk and to touch objects which may not be touched. This happens at exactly the time when the human brain builds up its structure and should thus learn kindness, truthfulness, and love but never, never cruelty and lies. Fortunately, there are many mistreated children who find “helping witnesses” and can feel loved by them.”

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