1. Kate MacDonald said:

    GAY MURDERS CLUE IN HUNT FOR SEX BEAST [Evening Argus (Brighton), 16th April 1986]

    Detectives are investigating a possible link between the murder of schoolboys Barry Lewis and Jason Swift and a savage homosexual attack on a six-year-old in Brighton three years ago.
    Police suspect the killer is a homosexual who could strike again. They believe he murdered Barry Lewis, six, and Jason Swift, 14, who were both drugged before being suffocated.
    They boy’s bodies were discovered five months ago six miles apart in the Essex countryside.
    Today Scotland Yard and Essex police launched a major joint investigation, codenamed “Operation Stranger,” which will also involve other police forces including Sussex.
    It was August, 1983, when a six-year-old boy was dragged from a Brighton street and subjected to a two-hour sex ordeal before he was dumped sobbing in Denton Road, Newhaven.
    The search for three men that followed became one of the biggest investigations of its kind by Sussex police. No one was caught.
    Now the joint operation will be linked by Holmes, a Home Office computer, which will help 100 detectives sift and analyse a mass of information.
    Metropolitan Police Commander Philip Corbett, the operation co-ordinator, listed nine similarities in the murders of Barry and Jason.
    Both bodies were on the outskirts of London and both were left in open country near the M11 and M25 motorways.
    The boys probably died at about the same time and were discovered within a week of each other.
    Both bodies were naked and both were left lying in a similar position.
    No clothes were ever discovered and a car or other vehicle must have been used to carry the bodies to the remote area.
    The boys both died from asphyxiation and both had been drugged with a tranquilliser before they were killed.
    Mr Corbett appealed to members of the homosexual community for information which could help trap the wanted man.
    He is described as aged 30-35, 5ft. 8in. to 5ft. 9in. tall, of average build, with a lined or weather-beaten face and southern accent.
    Jason Swift, who lived with his divorced mother in Stoke Newington, North London, disappeared from his sister’s home in nearby Hackney on July 6 last year.
    Barry had disappeared from a street market near his home in Walworth, south-east London, on September 15.

    • Did operation stranger actually tap into Brighton Sussex or because of pressure were cops clutching at straws ?

      Is there actual indication that they were looking in Brighton Sussex area?

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