Savile and Thatcher: Time to publish the Chequers lists?

Sunday People, 15th March 1981

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News of the World, 2nd January 1983


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  1. @Tom Watson yeah you could ask that question in Racoony island where the saville fan club all hang out them and all the rest of the paedo apologists there

    Btw are you going to look into the Peter Watts case as it seems the MPS are not being truthful to us about this serious matter. More cover up. Probably

  2. Kate MacDonald said:

    JIMMY SAVILE (Sunday People, 15th March 1981)

    The Prime Minister and I are sometimes weekend neighbours. She stays at Chequers, a stately home built before the Domesday Book in 1086, rebuilt in 1565 and given to the nation in 1917.
    I site four miles away at Stoke Mandeville Hospital in a room 12 ft. by 6 ft. But occasional neighbours we are and it was great for me to be invited to such a lovely home for lunch and tea.
    A real family afternoon with just the Prime Minister, husband Denis, son Mark and me having a super relax.
    I’m not too great on politics but I do dig tradition so it was a great thrill to gaze at the ceilings and walls and day-dream on all those voices that have echoed round the stately rooms.
    It was the longest, laziest afternoon of my life, and lovely stuff.

  3. Kate MacDonald said:

    CAN JIM FIX IT FOR MAGGIE THIS TIME? (News of the World, 2nd January 1983)

    The New Year riddle teasing everyone at Westminster is just what Maggie and Jim had to say to each other over the Christmas pud at Chequers.
    Not her old adversary Sunny Jim Callaghan, I might add, but DJ and marathon man Jimmy Savile, who was a surprise guest at last week’s seasonal gathering.
    Though Downing Street insists they are just “good friends”, picturing the scene around the Christmas tree has become a mischievous game for MPs waiting for Parliament to resume.
    Perhaps Maggie was looking for some “fix it” tips as she enters her year of destiny.
    Certainly there is no shortage of candidates in need of fixing before Mrs Thatcher can call the expected election.
    For a start there is the Franks Report—due on her desk this month—into the shambles which led up to the Argentine invasion of the Falklands.
    The Prime Minister’s advisers are hoping that most of the flak can be diverted away from her, preferably towards the Foreign Office.
    They do not want anything to spoil her victor’s image as the Falklands anniversary approaches.
    Another suitable case for fixing are the peace people, whose campaign against nuclear weapons is threatening to upset her election calculations and may yet hand Labour an outside chance of victory.
    So far they are ahead in the argument and she needs a new Defence Secretary to put some sparkle into the Government’s case—not that Jim is likely to be asked.
    She would dearly like to fix our Euro partners so that Britain gets a better deal from the Common Market.
    Above all she needs to convince the voters that unemployment levels and economic prospects will be better in 1983.
    To pull them all off she will need as much of Jim’s magical power as he can spare.
    In return he may well have asked Mrs Thatcher to make at least one New Year resolution—Take An Awayday.
    Since she came to power in 1979, Mrs Thatcher has not been on a train in Britain. And as BR’s highly-paid publicist, Jim would like to change all that.
    His task of helping to convert a very sceptical Mrs Thatcher to the Age of the Train is made even more urgent by the findings of the Serpell inquiry into the future of the network, which basically concludes it has none.
    Already Sir Peter Parker and other members of the BR board are said to be ready to quit if the report is implemented.
    All they can hope is that if Jim raised the subject he was not handed the parson’s nose followed by a small cigar.

    • @Kate Macdonald well it explains why Murdoch and the Sun did a hatchet job on the greenham common women. Such a stupid and disgraceful set of articles they published

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