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    JAILED ABUSER TAUGHT AT NORTH-EAST SCHOOL (Newcastle Journal, 19th February 2000)
    A social services inspector jailed for 14 years for physically and sexually abusing children taught at a North school.
    Last night calls were made for an investigation into his seven-year tenure in County Durham.
    Durham University graduate Derek Brushett took up a post teaching seriously troubled children at Aycliffe School, near Darlington, in 1967.
    He rose to the position of deputy headmaster before moving to South Wales in May, 1974, to take up a post as headmaster of Bryn-y-Don school in Dinas Powys. Brushett, now 55, a father-of-four, was jailed for sexually and physically abusing the boys at Bryn-y-Don between 1974 and 1980.
    Malcolm King, a former spokesman on children’s issues for the Welsh Local Government Association, said: “There ought to be an investigation into his time at Aycliffe. I’m sure he didn’t suddenly begin abusing boys as soon as he moved to South Wales.” And Durham County Councillor Tony Moore, whose ward includes the school, now a secure unit run by the local authority, said: “You don’t become an abuser overnight. There needs to be an investigation into his time at Aycliffe School.
    “I would sincerely hope that anybody who was there at the time, and who was abused by Brushett, would feel able to come forward instead of bottling it up inside. They can certainly contact me. They might not have been listened to at the time but they will be now.”
    Speaking after he had jailed Brushett at Cardiff Crown Court in November, Judge Peter Jacobs questioned whether Brushett’s appointment as headmaster of a large residential school just eight years after he qualified as a teacher “might have been too rapid for his own good.”
    The judge said nobody who saw and heard Brushett’s victims give evidence would ever forget them. He said some were still receiving psychiatric help up to 25 years after they were abused by him, and they would be scarred for life. He added that Brushett had been emotionally and physically cruel but sadly some had even believed their treatment to be normal for the care system.
    The jury had taken more than 26 hours to convict Brushett, a former Scout leader, of 27 offences of sexual abuse and cruelty and clear him of 17 others. He had denied all charges.
    In 1993, after leaving Bryn-y-Don, Brushett became a social services inspector for the then Welsh Office. Part of his job involved advising on policy and inspecting facilities for young people run by social services departments.

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