22 July 1993 p2 Islington Gazette


15 July 1993 Islington Gazette p.14


“Social Services chairwoman Cllr Sandy Marks pledged her opposition on Monday to the Government’s plans to encourage councils to charge adopters thousands of pounds.”

“Cllr Marks chairs the adoption panel of councillors, social workers and independent advisors, including a parent with an adopted child, which considers each application. First, the panel decides whether the applicants are suitable. The third stage is to match the child with suitable applicants.”


Islington Gazette, 28 July 1994 p2

“Furious Liberal Democrat Councillors forced a ‘division’ in protest at the refusal” to discuss the Government’s Social Services Inspectorate report. Forcing a division meant that Councillors would be obliged to vote out loud on whether the report should be discussed.