Man faces indecency offences

THE BRISTOL POST, June 8, 1999, pg. 12



A FORMER North Somerset care worker will appear at the Old Bailey in London charged with seven indecency offences.

Derek Russell Duker, aged 69, of Clifton Road, Weston, has denied the charges.

He is accused of four charges of indecently assaulting males and three of indecently assaulting females.

The alleged offences happened between October 4, 1966 and January 1, 1973.

They relate to Gisburne House, an Islington Council-run children’s home in Watford which Duker is said to have run during the 1970s.

A plea and directions hearing will take place at the Old Bailey on June 16.

In May 1976 Malcolm Gibb, complaining on behalf of the Gay Education Group of Birmingham, had their complaint to the Press Council rejected. The Group believed the Sunday People’s May 1975 expose of PAL and five specific members to be ‘an incitement to prejudice and discrimination against individuals on the basis of their sexual orientation.’


Press Council rejects People complaint, Gay News No.94 May 1976, p.4

“GLF had various sub-groups, one of which was the Gay Education Group. It was the longest lasting and later on as GLF petered out the Gay Education Group continued. Its main function was to educate. It did an awful lot over the years, we did talks at colleges, anywhere we could get into in fact. Also remarkably given the subsequent hysteria about Clause 28 we got into schools, unofficially the headmasters would let us in and we would talk to fifth and sixth formers about being gay. We would just turn up and say, ‘We are gay.’ We had some challenging questions. We also talked to social workers or trainee teachers. An awful of people had not met a gay person who did not feel utterly miserable or sick and we were out and proud. It was quite revelatory to people. The gay Education group took over campaigning from GLF when this petered out in 1977.” [Interview with Malcolm Gibb]

News of the World, 21 September 1975


Dozens of arrests are expected after the Director of Public Prosecutions has acted on a detailed dossier on illegal homosexual activities.

Some of the men involved are celebrated in show business, others are top names in the financial world.

The arrests will come in the wake of a vice trial at the Old Bailey. Five men guilty of indecency offences involving boys will be sentenced tomorrow.

At the core of the case is an amusement arcade called Playland, near Piccadilly Circus in London.

Police have interviewed 152 boys many of them ‘Johnny Go Home’ runaways, whose search for the bright lights ended in enticement and male depravity.

The vast investigation began 18 months ago. It was then that one of the men involved told me he wanted to co-operate with the police because he resented the way ‘some very big names’ were taking advantage of young boys.

The informant and I went to Commander David Helm, head of the West End Central police force.

Watch was kept on Playland. And a network of vice was uncovered.

Pressure was building up yesterday for the closure of Playland and any other arcades where perverts might prowl.

Mr William Molloy, Labour MP for Ealing North said: “The Old Bailey trial points to the need for immediate co-operation between local authorities, the police and the managements of these arcades.”

If this was not given, the arcades must be closed, he said.

The licences of Playland and six other arcades are to be reviewed by Westminster City Council’s licensing sub-committee on Friday.

Shirley Oaks Survivors Association (SOSA) is a support group that has been set up to listen and document the accounts of those who have suffered or witnessed a variety of horrific abuse whilst in care in Lambeth Children’s Homes. Not all children suffered sexual abuse but to date we now know the victims ran into the hundreds. The destruction didn’t stop there. When you add those who were physically abused and those who suffered mental trauma the numbers become alarming.

Please see: for further information.

SOSA is calling out for survivors of abuse and those that witnessed abuse whilst in the care of Lambeth from 1950-2003 to come forward and speak to them in confidence. They are looking to trace children from South Vale, Angell Road, Highland Road, Nottingham Road, The Den and Chevington.



The song “Don’t Touch It. It’s Mine” is available to buy from iTunes (Link: iTunes Search: EtherMia). All proceeds go towards SOSA and their fight for justice.