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Sunday People, 22nd March 1981


HOW PIE GETS A CUT OF PUBLIC MONEY (Sunday People, 22nd March 1981)

Taxpayers’ money is being used to publish a social services guide, which publicises the Paedophile Information Exchange.
And civil servants have co-operated in compiling the directory, Guide to the Social Services.
In it, PIE is described as “a self-help organisation.” Such groups are described in the book as “making a major contribution to the provision of social services.”
The directory has been published for nearly 100 years by the old-established Family Welfare Association of London, who acknowledge that they receive public funds to carry out their work.
The Association’s director, R. R. Morley, said: “Obviously we shall have to look at this.
“We have been including this organisation in our handbook in good faith as an association to which people with a particular problem could be sent for help and advice.
“I know there was an outcry about PIE. But then you can find people who will object to almost anything.
“They might also object to homosexual organisations being included, or organisations dealing with prisoners’ rights, or people such as Release, the drugs advice service.”
Mr. Morley added: “We have not been able to consider the business of PIE’s listing – after all, it only blew up last week, didn’t it?”