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News of the World, 23rd March 2008
By Douglas Wight & Andrew Buckwell

COPS investigating the Jersey child abuse scandal are looking into allegations of cruelty at a second kids’ home, the News of the World can reveal. A secret report alleges a woman who worked at notorious Haut de la Garenne oversaw a reign of terror when she was in charge of another home nearby.

It accuses Jane Maguire and her husband Alan of violence against children spread over four years at Blanche Pierre residential care home. It also says victims claimed Mr Maguire abused young girls, subjected youngsters to severe beatings and punished them by forcing soap into their mouths. Before arriving there to be house mother, Mrs Maguire spent a year at Haut de la Garenne-now the centre of a huge police investigation and excavation of its hidden cellars.

The 1999 report by Dylan Southern, a manager for Jersey’s Health and Social Services, revealed a culture of abuse and savage beatings at Blanche Pierre. It shows that nine years earlier, when allegations first surfaced, she was simply transferred to another job in a hospital and was allowed to carry on working with needy children. He recommended that Mrs Maguire be dismissed.

Jean Michel Jarman, 26, was one of around ten kids living at Blanche Pierre during the Maguires’ reign. He was placed there aged four after his mother died. He said: “It was a hellish place. If you misbehaved you were given the most extreme punishments.

“Once Alan Maguire rammed soap so far into my mouth I had to pick it out with a comb. His fingers badly scraped the roof of my mouth. Ifelt sick and was crying my eyes out. We were children-but there was no love for any of us.”

In his official report Mr Southern said: “This was a cruel and uncaring environment with Mrs Maguire holding the responsibility for its creation and maintenance until her removal from the home in 1990.” His findings followed a police inquiry and led to her dismissal from the welfare service. The couple retired to a cottage in the French Pyrenees.

Last night Jersey police told us: “Your information has been passed to our incident room. It is something we are looking into.”

More than 100 people claim they suffered physical or sexual abuse at Haut de la Garenne, where a child’s skull was found last month. Many of the 25 suspects have since died. But last week the cop leading the inquiry, Deputy Chief Lenny Harper, said three face arrest soon. When we confronted Alan Maguire at home in the tiny village of Issel, he said: “Call my lawyer.”

News of the World, 30th March 2008
by Philip Whiteside and Lucy Panton, Crime Editor
VILE pictures of babies being raped were taken for a child porn ring at the Jersey kids’ home of horror, police feared last night.Experts think the home is the source of many of the network’s 9,000 sick pictures, discovered in an infamous haul in Holland in the Nineties.It was dubbed the Zandvoort stash, after the town where it was found- but the studio was never uncovered.

Experts are now 90 per cent certain it was the baby unit at Haut de la Garenne’s Aviemore wing. Some of the victims in the black and white pictures were just 18 months old.

None has ever been traced.

A Belgium anti-paedophile group which uncovered the pictures in a computer shop has contacted Jersey police. Deputy Chief Officer Lenny Harper said: “We are looking at the claims and will follow up significant new lines of inquiry.”

Pictures of a second “punishment room” cellar were released this weekend. It is three times bigger than the first chamber but the ceiling is even lower, meaning children would have stooped. More than 200 people say they were abused or know victims. Around 40 people have been identified as potentially being involved in the abuse or covering it up.

The News of the World can also reveal that 121 sex offenders roam Jersey unsupervised as it has no sex offenders’ register. Their crimes range from paedophilia and rape to downloading child porn and cops say they may pose a risk. Politicians say they will make the register law this year.