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DICKENS DOSSIER #1, 20th August 1983 (approx)

“Geoffrey Dickens revealed that eight public figures were on his list of shame – and that one of them had been a personal friend. But Mr Dickens said he still planned to name the eight in the Commons unless the Home Secretary took action.

He said: “I’ve got eight names of big people, really important names, public figures. And I am going to expose them in Parliament. I have not enjoyed this crusade. It’s been horrible many times. One of those people among those eight has been a friend of mine.”

Mr Dickens’s own list of eight public figures involved in the sex scandal was handed to the Director earlier this week…together with the warning that he would name them in Parliament if necessary.

Two years ago, Mr Dickens defied leading figures in the Tory party by publicly exposing former diplomat and NATO adviser Sir Peter Hayman.

Hayman had not been named in a court case involving members of the Paedophile Information Exchange, but Mr Dickens decided it would be wrong to let him get away with it. It was case of ‘speak out or be damned’ and he spoke out.

Hayman resigned. Dickens, who initially came under attack from many of his colleagues in the Commons, received 8,000 letters from people who had tales to tell of others like Hayman.

Mr Dickens, 52, told as he relaxed wth a cup of tea how his wife, Norma, helped him sort out the letters.

He said: “We ruled out anyone who only had one or two accusations against him. The others we sifted until we were down to a couple of dozen on whom there appeared to be considerable evidence that they were unhealthy perverts. The security aspect concerned me greatly because of the names of several of the people who turned up in the files. I realised we were involved in a crusade – a crusade that has to be carried through to a proper conclusion”.

He used House of Commons researchers and enlisted local reporters, librarians and friends to help go through records, check files, even empty dustbins of some of the suspects. In the end there were just those eight men on the list of shame. Discussions with Scotland Yard followed.

“I suspect that their list is much bigger and I hope that this time there will be not attempt to head off charges as happened in the Sir Peter Hayman case.”

He urged: “The Home Secretary must act. The will of the country demands that action should be taken and penalties made more severe so that perverts who involve children in their practices should be jailed.””

Source: Daily Express, 25th August 1983


DICKENS DOSSIER #2,  23rd November 1983

“Mr Leon Brittan, the Home Secretary, was asked yesterday to investigate an MP’s file of cases involving paedophilia in Buckingham Palace and the diplomatic and civil services.”

“A homosexual link between Buckingham Palace and the sex with children group PIE was claimed yesterday in a massive dossier of evidence by Tory MP Geoffrey Dickens.”

Source: The Times, 24th November 1983Daily Express, 25th November 1983


DICKENS DOSSIER #3, 18th January 1984

Tory MP Geoffrey Dickens yesterday handed the Home Secretary a “sensational” 50-page dossier on the activities of the Paedophile Information Exchange. The file includes allegations of child abuse and sex assaults at a children’s home. Mr Dickens said last night that he had also named a top television executive.

Source: Daily Mirror, 19th January 1984Huddersfield Daily Examiner, 19th January 1984Daily Express, 20th January 1984


SCOTLAND YARD FILE #1, 23rd August 1983 (approx, delivered to Leon Brittan the same week as Dickens Dossier #1 was delivered to DPP)

Two separate reports on the Paedophile Information Exchange…have been prepared for ministers after Scotland Yard’s third investigation into the organisation. The first report, prepared by the Yard and sent to Mr Leon Brittan, will be used by the Home Secretary when he returns from holiday next week and has to decide whether the organisation needs to be banned.

Source: The Guardian, 25th August 1983, The Telegraph, 25th August 1983,


SCOTLAND YARD FILE #2,  25th August 1983 (delivered to DPP same week as Dickens Dossier #1)

The Director of Public Prosecutions, Sir Thomas Hetherington, – today takes delivery of a file on paedophilia – the distasteful fruit of two years’ work by Scotland Yard’s Obscene Publications Squad. The squad’s thick file, containing the names of the famous, the wealthy, and hundreds of anonymous citizens, was sent from the Yard yesterday.

“Because it has technically left our hands, we can say nothing about the file’s contents as the matter is effectively sub judice”, a Scotland Yard spokesman said last night. “It is now up to the Director to decide what action should be taken. It is purely coincidental that the report has been concluded at the time investigations are under way.”

Source: Daily Express, 25th August 1983, Daily Mail, 25th August 1983



On 9th August 1982, just one day after the Elm Guest House raid was first reported in the national news, this story appeared in the Daily Express:


This shows that the police investigation had widened and was looking at several other London venues. The next day, 10th August 1982, the Daily Express printed this story:


The police clearly believed there was some very nasty business going on at Elm Guest House. The really worrying thing is that I can’t find any mention in the archives of the outcome of this line of enquiry. It’s one thing for the authorities to cover up a “homosexual scandal” involving politicians, but were they also prepared to cover up child abuse and even child murder?

8 year old Vishal Mehrotra  went missing on the night of the Royal Wedding in 1981. He was on his way home to Holmbush Road in Putney, less than a mile from Elm Guest House. The same night, there was a ‘Kings and Queens’ party in full swing at Rocks Lane. From Daily Express, 4th August 1981:


Vishal’s body was found in woodland in Sussex in 1982. His murder remains unsolved.

The other missing boy that Scotland Yard were looking at in connection with Elm Guest House was 15 year old Martin Allen. Martin was last seen on November 5th 1979, heading towards Earls Court tube station with his abductor. Earls Court is in South West London, just a few miles from Elm Guest House.


The Guardian published this artist’s impression of the abductor:


Martin’s father was the Australian High Commisoner’s chauffeur. He lived in Kensington, an area of London where many diplomats and Establishment figures lived. Martin Allen is presumed dead, and his disappearance/murder is still unsolved.

So, the question is: who stopped the Scotland Yard investigation linking the Elm Guest House paedophile ring with the murders of two young boys? Surely there are some policeman who worked on the case who could shed some light on this?