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A recent Mail on Sunday article by Paul Cahalan and Peter Henn alleged that former Home Secretary Willie Whitelaw ordered police to drop an investigation into a VIP paedophile ring. The full article can be found here

The article mentions an Evening News story by Jeff Edwards, which is reproduced below.

Evening News (London), 7th July 1980


TOP PEOPLE NAMED IN BOYS-FOR-SEX INQUIRY [Evening News (London), 7th July 1980]

A network of homosexuals preying on schoolboys has been smashed by a special London police squad.
Detectives working from an HQ in the East End have spent almost a year on the inquiry.
Now a dozen men may face trial for a catalogue of serious sex offences including indecent assault and procuring under-age boys.
Police believe that at least one of the men has been involved in obtaining young boys for famous people, including politicians, prominent lawyers, show-business and film stars.
The youngest victim was six years old. Police say the majority of others were only 12 or 13 when the alleged offences were committed.
The investigation covers a three-year period.
Almost 40 youngsters have now made statements to the six man squad based at Arbour Square police station in Stepney and allegations of more than 350 offences, or attempted offences, including buggery, are being considered by the Director of Public Prosecutions.
Police say they have found a link between homosexuals in London and Liverpool.
Many of the youngsters recruited on Merseyside were said to be retarded children from schools for the educationally sub-normal.
London detectives have spent three weeks in the north interviewing victims where 12 youngsters have now made allegations.
In some instances they have been told of boys being tied face down by their wrists and ankles to beds, stripped and assaulted.
The investigation began after detectives became suspicious about activities at an East End cafe.
They kept watch and noted a number of young boys visiting. Shortly after the first arrests were made.
One detective said: “From then on the investigation snowballed into an enormous inquiry.
“We are convinced that many other youngsters may have been dragged into the vice network but have been too afraid or ashamed to tell us.”