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Nicholas Rabet was the former deputy manager of Islington Council’s children’s home at 114 Grosvenor Avenue.

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Police charge a British national with child molestation in Thailand’s tourist town of Pattaya. A British man has been charged with molesting underage children in Thailand, using computer games to lure dozens of boys to his home, police said on Saturday (July 16, 2005). Nicholas John Rabet, 56, was detained on Thursday (July 14) at a rented house in the resort town of Pattaya. During a raid on his house, police confiscated 11 game machine consoles, snacks and plastic bags filled with clothes of children who came to play at his place. Police Colonel Preecha Soonthornsiri said Rabet offered his house as a free game arcade for children aged between 6-14 on the condition they took off their clothes while playing the games to prevent them from stealing game cassettes. A bell would be hung on the front door to show that he was at home and the boys could come to play, Preecha said. Preecha said there were hundreds of boys who had played at the house, but there were about 30 of them who visited regularly, and would be paid between 500-1,000 baht ($12-$24) for performing sex acts on him. ($1 = 41.81 baht) Rabet could face a maximum jail term of five years if found guilty. The age of sexual consent is 15 in Thailand.



Dear Friends

On Saturday, October 4th, survivors and campaigners will launch white balloons and lay white flowers outside the abandoned children’s home at 114 Grosvenor Avenue in Islington London, in memory of those scores of young people whose lives were destroyed and ultimately taken down by the impact of child abuse whilst in the care of Islington Council. Nicholas John Rabet committed suicide in 2006 rather than face trial in Thailand for abuse of 30 boys. Whilst deputy superintendent at Grosvenor Avenue he was accused of abuse but, although there was a police investigation, he was not charged in the UK.

Too Many Have Died, Too Many Lives Destroyed… Stop Government Child Abuse Cover Ups. Time for Truth
Parliament Must Act… White Balloons & Flowers Vigil – Join us Saturday October 4th, 1.45 pm at 114 Grosvenor Avenue, Islington N5 2NY

Commemorate the Innocent. Please Bring White Balloons and Flowers
Safeguard Our Children Today

Please forward to others even if you can’t contribute in time or flowers to the occasion.

Best wishes
Phil Frampton

Richard was in the care of Islington social services as a child in the 1970s.

He has struggled to receive full answers about his time in care and would be very grateful for any information which others can provide.

If you recognise Richard, or the places in the images below, please get in touch with and help him piece together his story.

Richard1 Richard2

Daily Star, 1st August 1983

Star010883Daily Star, 2nd August 1983

Star020883Community Care, 1st September 1983

CC010983The Why Not club that Norman Walker owned is mentioned in a Nick Davies article:

By 1990, these two clubs on Spuistraat – together with Boys for Men, De Boys, the Blue Boy and the Why Not – had become the busiest watering hole in the international paedophile jungle. Dutch police at the time estimated there were 250 paedophiles involved in the production of child pornography in Amsterdam with an unknown floating population of child sex tourists from all over the world. A Swiss businessman, for example, was caught in the city with handcuffs, a gag and a large suitcase with airholes in the side; police found a video of him abusing two young girls with electrodes. A wealthy New York attorney was caught ferrying child pornography from Asia. But it was the British who formed the hard core of the new industry: Stephen Smith, who had helped to found the Paedophile Information Exchange, fled there to avoid imprisonment in England; Russell Tricker, now aged 58, a former private school teacher who was convicted of child-sex offences in the UK, moved to Amsterdam, where he used his job as a coach-driver to ferry suitable boys from London; Tricker’s friend, John Broomhall, opened a porn shop on Spuistraat and was caught with more than a thousand copies of videos of under-aged boys; Mark Enfield, now aged 41, sold a video of himself abusing a drugged boy; Andrew Prichodsky, now aged 50, jumped bail in England on the eve of his third trial for child sex offences. Full article

Notorious British paedophile Warwick Spinks later ran the Why Not club:

Spinks was convicted in 1995 of abducting the 14-year-old. He drugged the lad, who had run away from a children’s home, and sold him as a rent boy in Holland. British and Dutch police launched an investigation after the boy fled to the British Embassy. Spinks got seven years, cut to five years on appeal. Officers from Scotland Yard’s Paedophile Squad were furious when he got parole in 1997 after 30 months. He ignored conditions that he be supervised by probation officers and sign the Sex Offenders Register and fled – sending cops a taunting postcard from Holland.

International businessmen, lawyers and politicians were among Spinks’s clients when he ran the notorious Why Not boy brothel in Amsterdam before his arrest. Cops in Amsterdam secretly taped Spinks offering to supply a video in which a 10-year-old boy was killed. He also said an associate had seen a boy die in the making of a film. Full article

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