1. LONDON At last PIE, that courageous
    attempt to bring freedom of speech to
    Great Britain on one sensitive subject,
    after being virtually comatose for over a
    year, has folded its wings, and with its
    final dissolution the English gutter press
    is losing one of its most convenient
    “monsters”. But not without one last
    salvo of mud-slinging and lies. Faced
    with charges of “conspiring to corrupt
    public morals” by publishing contact ads
    (essentially the same charges that put
    Tom O’Carroll behind bars for 16
    months), Steven Adrian Smith, O’Carroll’s
    successor, apparently decided to
    disappear, probably convinced that he
    didn’t stand a chance of acquittal
    Unfortunately his friends at London’s
    Gay Youth Movement claimed in their
    little news sheet that he had gone to
    Holland to seek political asylum; this was
    picked up by the gay press in England
    and eventually by the gutter dreadfuls.
    “Child-sex case man flees to ‘porn
    haven”‘, screamed the sleazy Mail. And
    right on cue two well-dressed young
    men slaughtering the Queen’s English
    appeared on our doorstep here in Holland
    and were so unwise as to announce
    right off that they were “British
    journalists”. They were told, “We don’t
    talk to British journalists” and we
    ordered them in no uncertain terms off
    the property, saying “You’re in The
    Netherlands now, not England, and if
    you’re not outside that gate in five
    seconds we are calling the police.” They
    went, but were back that night snooping
    around. They chained up the dog so he
    had to spend the night in the rain.

    There was a photo of
    Smith, and of the “House of Shame:
    Secret HQ”, presumably of the
    “underground international paedophile
    organization” — and of a 6-year-old
    Netherlands girl who died last month in a
    Dutch Holiday Inn from an overdose of
    cocaine administered by a Hindustani
    which the Mail implied was somehow
    connected with Smith!

    A week later Murdoch’s Daily Star
    announced that Smith was travelling
    around with Spartacus owner John
    Stamford in his mobile home in Spain. The
    only explanation we can come up with
    for this fantasy is that the journalists,
    meeting in Holland nothing but doors
    slammed in their faces and the searing
    contempt of nearly everyone, could find
    no trace of their quarry and tried to put
    the best face on their failure by
    maintaining Smith was in a country where he
    couldn’t be caught and from which he
    couldn’t be extradited.

    EXTRACT FROM P.A.N No20 Oct 1984

  2. CHILD DEATH DURING CHILD SEX FILMS (from P.A.N magazine no20 Oct 84)

    one of the standard references in this
    country, and even contains a chapter by
    P.A.N. columnist Dr. Edward Brongersma,
    recently told a reporter, in connection
    with a sexually motivated child
    murder, “Many paedophiles, as a result
    of enormous traumas in youth, are
    frightened of adults; they have the
    tendency to avoid people of their own
    age as much as possible and form their
    contacts with children.” Also in the
    news recently was pediatrician A. Koers,
    who said of a little 6-year-old girl who
    had been used in some amateur porno
    films and died, apparently accidentally,
    from an overdose someone had given
    her of cocaine, “For Thea Puymbroeck
    death was merciful” — presumably because
    the sex had been so horrible!

  3. Tom O’Carroll released from jail !! (extract from P.A.N No13 Oct 1982)

    LONDON, ENGLAND Tom O’Carroll is at
    last free! After serving two-thirds of the
    two-year sentence imposed by judge
    John Leonard (one of England’s intellectual
    heavy-weight mossbacks), he visited
    in Norway, then in Wales, trying to
    recover from the shattering experience of
    a year and a third of solitary confinement
    for 23 and one half hours a day and one
    half hour of systematic brutalization by
    the prison screws. Long live the
    indominable spirit of
    Tom O’Carrol — and may
    British Justice, from the lowliest preparer
    of food to the bloated, self-satisfied
    Judge Leonard himself, tremble with
    shame over what happened to this totally
    innocent man.

  4. Apologies for slightly rubbish google translation of dutch article about the poor young girl killed in paedophiles making child sex abuse films..this is about previous post on here:

    crap google translation.

    A golden future for the porn industry
    Twelve years ago, in the summer of 1984, the Dutch government decided to release pornography. All pornography, including child pornography. A proposal that has almost made it.
    Annet Speelberg, then chief child and vice squad in Amsterdam, even then a little in regards standing department undertook a lightning action, outside the Corps leadership to. Huge piles of child pornography were, now that could still, seized and displayed, you had a strong stomach or have a sick mind to be able to scroll through it. The sick minds were more than the majority because the metropolitan porn shops complained bitterly: child was half of their trade.
    Not that it helped: freedom of the press was considered a greater good than the sexual abuse of children. The Corps leadership was not amused; Speelberg was prevented from working and she disappeared from the scene.
    That same summer the U.S. Congress complained about the huge influx of child pornography from the Netherlands. The then Minister of Justice, Korthals Altes, woof the airy way. Although Speelberg said she could roll if she’s finally got staff. Least six networks
    The former medical adviser A. Currency tried to tell how serious the situation was. Korthals He was perplexed as later on the street and said, what am I supposed to start with a minister who mid conversation about child says to me: oh come, Doctor Course, Netherlands has always been a trading nation.
    In September of that year the six Thea Puymbroeck died. She was abused for photos and videos of child pornography industry and was regularly administered cocaine.

    What Speelberg Currency and failed, then came the publicity surrounding the small Thea still good. At the last minute child was still prohibited. Sold commercially since then under the counter, so the profit margin increased breath away.
    The then Secretary of State Korthals, Annelien Kappeyne of Coppello, had to make in the adult porn reservations. Namely not to release. Violent porn She said with good reason: it was all the porn become harder and more aggressive in 1984.
    Had to, found the folks in the street.
    “It’s horrible to say, but there are circumstances in which children become so emotionally damaged that death is merciful, ‘Race said at the time about the death of Thea Puymbroeck.
    If Thea was not slain and just continue to operate, she’d been eighteen years. And become very pliable in those things, as we now know all those children with past abuse. Then we can now buy which she is suspended from her ankles, naspelend by three men and possibly a dog pounced, or SS encampment where they should satisfy the most bizarre appetites of the guards, while pretending there’s a little video one orgasm after another to get.
    But we do not about to make a fuss because if a girl is over eighteen, we call that adult entertainment. Like every boerenlul nowadays too quiet for suits you so cheap at the whores can go, even though it is known that the majority of prostitutes is now coming from the women and against their will whore whereabouts.

    At the Stockholm Congress against sexual exploitation of children was estimated that approximately two million children worldwide are abused. So the porn industry is a golden future, which is a potential willing commodity. And Amsterdam has the scoop: we do not go to the video store, we ge it on cable.
    By Pauline Sinnema / October 1, 1996 / ()

  5. From P.A.N No 8 April 1981..

    P.I.E trials…

    “If the first PIE trial was surprising for its
    mildness and the general optimism it gave
    to the gay and paedophile community, the
    second trial was marked by its severity
    and what one can only surmise was a
    rather well planned conspiracy among the
    conservative heavies of England to distract
    attention from the boring turn the PIE
    affair had taken. This time the jury was
    older, split evenly between men and
    women. Prosecutor Price conveniently
    forgot what he had told the first jury about
    the defendants not “being prosecuted for
    being members of (PIE) or for what most
    people would think are bizarre and
    unpopular views on the desirability of
    adults having sex with children.” PIE now

    Pan, Number 8, p.21

    was “sick and a force for evil”, an
    organization which attracted “dirty-minded
    predators”. The jury was out only
    three and a half hours and returned
    not-guilty verdicts against Dagnall and the
    other defendent but a guilty verdict on
    both charges for O’Carroll.

    A Punishment to Fit the Crime
    Now Judge John Leonard could show himself
    for what he was. Pronouncing an unexpectedly
    severe prison sentence of two
    years, he made no bones about the fact
    that O’Carroll was being dealt with harshly
    because of his book and because of his
    campaigning for law reform and change in
    social attitudes. Even The Daily Telegraph
    seemed surprised at this turn of events.
    “Despite fears that O’Carroll . . .could face
    attacks from other prisoners, the Common
    Serjeant, Judge John Leonard, Q.C.,
    told him, ‘The public would be surprised if
    the court took a lenient view of a man who
    had such serious intentions as you did.”‘
    One might ask Judge Leonard whether he
    would have punished Tom O’Carroll less
    harshly if he hadn’t been serious — been,
    say, one of those exploitative, superficial
    paedophiles we are always reading about
    – and what role ‘surprise’ or lack of
    ‘surprise’ on the part of ‘the public’ is
    supposed to play in a judge deciding on an
    appropriate — and just — sentence.

    But by then “the public” had been
    whipped up by an altogether different
    issue, what has come to be known as “the
    red Huddersfield herring”. For months the
    Huddersfield police had been making life
    miserable for local gays. The old,
    established Gemini Club, a meeting place where
    gays can dance and socialise, had been
    raided night after night, with hundreds of
    cartons herded, none too gently, into
    police wagons and booked for such
    “crimes” as drinking after hours. More
    serious charges were made against
    several gays supposedly having it off with
    each other in the yard outside the Gemini
    Club (sex contact between adult males is
    legal in England only in a private place
    such as a home and only when no more
    than two persons are present) and against
    one of the owners of the club for sexual
    contacts with teenage patrons. Statements
    made by a certain Stephen
    Skellern, speaking for the police, about
    the Gemini Club when it came time for a
    new liquor license to be issued sounded
    every bit as pathological as Hitler (or
    Martin Luther) denouncing the Jews. The
    Huddersfield attacks became so rabid that
    England’s usually placid gay community
    seriously considered moving the next Gay
    Pride March planned for London to
    Huddersfield in a demonstration of support.
    Finally local gays started asking questions
    of their members of Parliament. And one
    of the persons they asked was the MP
    representing Huddersfield, a beafy,
    oily Conservative by the name of Geoffrey Dickens.

    Whether Dickens had taken an interest
    in homosexual affairs before this point is
    not known. He gave the usual evasive
    statements politicians mouth when confronted
    with gay issues, but most likely he
    did have some sort of contact with the
    Huddersfield police. Perhaps that is where
    he was put on to the “Henderson” matter.
    While the prosecution at the PIE trial had
    been detailing its investigation into the
    private papers and lives of various PIE members,
    a senior diplomat refered to only by
    his alias “Henderson” was mentioned as
    having had a substantial porn collection.

    The Huddersfield Cover-up No sooner
    was O’Carroll sentenced and packed off
    to prison than Dickens was on his feet in
    the House of Commons demanding the
    real identity of “Henderson”, claiming that
    the “old boy” network of England was
    involved in “the cover-up of the century”.
    And wherever Geoffrey went the gutter
    press was sure to go. Who was this senior
    diplomat? Did he have security clearance?
    Could he, using diplomatic privilege, run
    kiddie porn films and magazines in and out
    of Great Britain? (Why not a small boy
    hidden in the diplomatic pouch?) Dickens
    demanded that Home Secretary William
    Whitelaw name the man. Attorney-General
    Sir Michael Havens denied that
    there was a cover-up, saying the retired
    diplomat “had committed the trivial
    offense of sending obscene material

    Pan, Number 8, pp.22-23

    been cautioned at the time, it seemed, and
    told not to do it again. But why wasn’t he
    brought to court, Dickens asked? Other
    people were, but then they didn’t have
    protection in high circles.

    Actually it was all Show-Biz, for the
    identity of the diplomat had long been
    revealed by the gutter press itself! Three
    months earlier the October 24 issue of a
    crime and scandal magazine called Private
    Eye carried his photo and, in a major
    article headed THE BEAST OF BERLIN, told of
    how the police, discovering a package of
    kiddie porn addressed to “Mr. Henderson,
    95 Linden Gardens, Notting Hill,” had
    searched that address and found a huge
    collection of erotica, plus 46 quarto-size
    books of 80 pages each of written sex
    fantasies “which included every
    conceivable perversion.”

    It turned out that “Henderson” was a
    very big fish, indeed — and a member of
    PIE. “The man in question,” Private Eye
    went on, “is Sir Peter Hayman, KCMG,
    CVO, MBE who ended a distinguished
    career as British High Commissioner in
    Canada from 1970-74. Previously Hayman
    held a series of highly delicate posts
    including assistant principal to the
    Ministry of Home Secretary 1939-41, Personal
    Assistant to the Chief Staff Office to the
    Minister of Defence 1949-52, member of
    the UK delegation to NATO 1952-4,
    Director-General of British Information
    Services New York 1961-64 and, perhaps
    most crucially Minister and Deputy
    Commandant in the British Military
    Government of West Berlin 1964-66.”

    Nobody in the gutter-dreadfuls/political
    conservative coalition was so rude as to
    point out that this was all stale news. For
    days the name and photo of Geoffrey
    Dickens was on the front page of almost
    every English daily. Would he or wouldn’t
    he use his parliamentary priviledge
    to do something which, theoretically, no other
    British subject could: reveal the identity of
    the highly protected “Mr. Henderson”?

    Well, he did, and Fleet Street started
    printing all the dirt it had been busily
    preparing ever since it realized that the old
    Private Eye story was saleable in some
    sort of new packaging. But now, with matters
    on about the level of the kind of
    libretto Verdi gloried in during his middle years,
    the MP from Huddlesfield,
    in one brief press conference, transposed the whole
    affair into an opera buffa. Like most witch
    hunters he had a rather fully fleshed
    skeleton in his own closet. Although he
    hadn’t bothered to tell his wife, or his
    teenage children, the cuddly Huddersfielder
    had been hugging not just one but two Other
    Women, met, it seems in a local
    loneley-hearts dance hall, and had
    decided to leave his wife for OW number
    two. He then took off in hiding for “Cornwall
    or Devon”, according to one of his

    sons, leaving Mary Whitehouse and a
    certain Valerie Riches, secretary to something
    called the Responsible Society (20,000
    members) to sing a sort of unaccompanied
    coloratura duet asking for the suppression
    of PIE and requesting an interview with
    Mrs. Thatcher, of all people, to
    accomplish this. Dickens’s mother is
    reported to have said simply, “Oh,
    Geofery, shut up.”

    Scattered Support During the trial one
    small group of supporters had appeared
    outside the courtoom each day with
    home-made signs and leaflets. It was the
    Campaign Against Public Morals which
    Tom O’Carroll himself had attacked in a
    Gay News interview as having turned
    against him. This was perhaps not quite
    fair, although CAPM was at least as
    interested in using the PIE affair to further
    its Marxist aims as to support the
    defendants in their hour of need. But at least the
    CAPM people were there, to be counted
    and photographed, which is more than
    can be said for the whole rest of England’s
    gay and civil libertarian community (See box).

    It was left, alas, to a couple of private
    individuals, writing for or to the few

    Just before this issue of PAN was
    typeset we telephoned Roger Moody in
    London for the latest developments.
    His report follows.

    Both Michael Dagnall and Tom
    O’Carroll are pleading not guilty in the
    affair arising out of their arrests during
    the inter-trial period. It would seem to
    be a case of obvious public and police
    harassment. The two men were swimming
    and playing table tennis with a
    number of boys near O’Carroll’s home
    in Newport Pagnall. Someone recognized
    O’Carroll and phoned the police.
    The police arrested Dagnall and
    O’Carroll and charged them with
    “conspiracy to procure children for gross
    indecency.” Some of the boys were
    questioned and presumably at least
    one of them made a statement. The
    parents of another, who knew Dagnall,
    have refused absolutely to cooperate
    with the police. Both O’Carroll and
    Dagnall vehemently insist that nothing
    “indecent” was ever discussed with
    the boys or even contemplated. The
    trial is scheduled for some time in April.

    Tom O’Carroll is in good spirits and
    has been able to have visits. He has been
    cast into the infamous Wormwood Scrubbs

    Prison (Du Cane Road, London W12) where he
    would appreciate receiving letters from his
    friends and interested readers of his book.
    Wormwood Scrubbs is one Britain’s

    worst. It is, among other things, a
    remand prison where people denied
    bail are packed away awaiting trial and
    is well known for its over-crowding and
    the harshness of its officers. It’s also a
    little short on security; it seems not
    long ago many prisoners were simply
    slipping out at night and celebrating at
    the local pubs. This situation came to
    light only when one of the absentees
    came back so drunk he couldn’t climb
    in over the walls. O’Carroll at the
    moment shares a cell with the famous
    “M5 rapist”, so-called because he
    found his little girl victims along one of
    Britain’s busy freeways.

    The 19 March issue of New Society,
    a leading popular sociology magazine,
    in the Supplement for Schools section,
    carried an article on paedophilia
    entitled, “Do we Repress the Sexuality
    of our Young?” It quotes PIE’s statements
    and position accurately,
    acknowledges that the majority of people
    wouldn’t agree but concludes that
    views on this matter are better aired
    publically than privately
    suppressed. In the same issue columnist
    “Tail Gunner Parkinson” compared the PIE
    trials with the trials of Oscar Wilde. “If
    the law claims the right to use its teeth in
    dealing with these disturbing problems,
    society has the right to be convinced
    that they are not false teeth. I would
    rather a paedophile knocked on my
    front door and asked permission to
    seduce my son than secretly plied him
    with vodka in the local Scouts hut.”
    Parkinson predicts that O’Carroll may
    gain a similar stature to Oscar Wilde
    once he is out of prison.

    By the first of April not one single
    gay or civil rights group had yet made
    an official statement condemning the
    conviction. Campaign for Homosexual
    Equality was to issue its statement on
    April 3. The National Council for Civil
    Liberties, which is probably the largest
    civil rights body in Europe at the present
    time, will be presenting an
    emergency motion to its annual general
    meeting on April 11. Barry Prothero,
    NCCL’s gay rights officer, says that the
    motion is not yet written but it will
    certainly condemn the trial, uphold the
    right of paedophiles to organise and
    demand the release of Tom O’Carroll.
    He predicts its swift passage. Finally
    Gay Noise, the sprightly, leftist,
    well-written homosexual newsletter which
    has been firm in its support for the PIE
    defendants, has organized an inaugural
    meeting of a new campaign to carry on
    the struggle for O’Carroll’s release. The
    group will also seek to decriminalize all
    “victimless crimes” including mutually
    consensual sex between partners of
    any gender and any age. Leaders and
    members from all the major civil
    liberties and sex reform organisations have
    been invited.”

  6. Gay Noise – a radical late 70s freesheet produced in Brixton. Gay Liberation Front , Brixton Faeries lived in the squats and still live in the railton road area

  7. CGHE (conservative group for homosexual equality) Correspondence between Peter Campbell and local authority councillors.
    The file also contains ‘How to Get Money from the GLC and Other Left-Wing Authorities’, pamphlet published by ‘Aims of Industry’, c1984.

  8. Paedophile Information Exchange (PIE)
    Date 1975-1979
    Description Correspondence.
    One letter (and reply) has been closed as it contains personal information.
    Access Status Mainly open; some items closed
    Extent 10 sheets

  9. how does a 6 yr old child ‘accidently’ die from an overdose of cocaine? ….these sick paedos have no shame..psychopaths……

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