Sentencing for child sex offences: An insult to the victims

In March 1988, a Catholic priest from Surrey was arrested for his part in a paedophile network linking France, Spain, and Britain. Some of the children who were sexually abused in the videos that were seized by police were “British children on missing-from-home files”.

Reading between the lines, the children who were abused were likely to have been taken from the UK ‘care’ system and trafficked to Europe.

The priest was sentenced the following month. His punishment? A one-month suspended sentence.

Network paedophiles have been treated very well by the UK justice system. Even when the police and social services overcame the obstacles placed in their way and were allowed to investigate, more often than not the outcome would be an insult to the victims. And the tradition continues to this day, with paedophiles like Graham Ovenden given suspended sentences for sexually abusing young children. This must change – sentencing for ‘historical’ offences should take into account how many years the perpetrator got away with it, and how many years the victims have had to wait for justice.

Daily Express, 22nd March 1988

Exp22388Daily Express, 13th April 1988



Paedophilia in the Catholic Church (mentions Christopher Towner)

Geoffrey Dickens, the doctor, and the vicar

The Lord Chief Justice compared images of child abuse with ‘collecting cigarette cards’

  1. I agree with you murun especially when Its been documented that ovenden had contributed to a well known paedophile magazine PAIDIKA as i posted on yr blog recently. Did the judge know about this? And if not why not? Would it be ruled inadmissable ? I await your reply murun…

    • murunbuch said:

      I doubt it would have affected his verdict, his summing up already acknowledged Ovenden was a paedophile but then let him off with a suspended sentence.

  2. liz davies said:

    i think on the castle hill dvd it says the boys were taken to spain.

    • murunbuch said:

      Thanks – must have missed that. Still need to find news reports on Castle Hill. The film doesn’t mention any other abusers, but I find it hard to believe that he acted alone.

      • chris46 said:

        Hi I thought you might want this re Brent its from The Times newspaper 2nd Dec 1987 cheers chris

      • chris46 said:

        Hi mate, do you have any news cuttings on Kneesworth House, Stockton Hall or Langton House from 80’s/90’s. I am checking out evidence given to the Australian Government about AMI plc, they refer to deaths, police investigations and submitted newspaper (UK) cuttings as evidence, but they are not on file. Can you help? It would be AMI. Generale d’Aux, Generale de Sant or GSI but all basically AMI cheers chris

  3. chris46 said:

    Does anybody know if this was the same paedophilr ring operating under the name of “Pink Triangle”which was busted by french old bill in 1988?

    • murunbuch said:

      Don’t know but sounds likely – will try to find more info. Can you remember which other papers might have covered this?

      • chris46 said:

        Sorry i don’t, this info came from a french police inspector who had led the inquiry. I met her at a conference in London in 1990. She was utterly disgusted with UK authorities, as they had passed on mailing list of over 2,000 UK paedo’s.

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