1. @murun this bit of info follows up Bishop Brightly (and my humble effort to him) item about the Peter Coell / Harry Peter Coen connection tp EGH / spartacus..

    i shall place these two pieces side by side and let others judge.

    1: File
    Ref_No HCA/EPHEMERA/182
    Title ***Gay News***
    Date 1981
    Description Papers relating to the Paedophile Information Exchange (PIE) trial, the Queen versus members of the PIE.
    Includes photocopy of a letter from Tom O’Carroll.
    Access Status Open
    Extent 1 file

    2: British journalist Harry Coen, who died on his 67th birthday, went from ” ***Gay News***” to editor of England’s “Catholic Herald.” According to the Telegraph: “Many found the latter appointment all the more remarkable because they wrongly assumed, owing to his last name, that he was Jewish. In fact, he was a convinced mystical humanist and lapsed Roman Catholic who had profound disagreements with nearly all aspects of Church doctrine.
    When he was appointed to the Catholic newspaper post, Coen’s old friend and colleague Frank Johnson, said: “But that’s impossible, dear boy, you are an apostate pervert.”

    Now then its not clear cut but does it suggest link between Gay News and PIE ?

    and by definition (david thornton ie harry coens partner whose name appears on MM list) plus bishops assertion that Coen/Coell was connected to spartacus-thusly EGH can we conclude that PIE was in some way connected to Elm Guest House?

    addendum: if anyone has read the writings/ramblings of Tom O Carrol he states that in his earlier days he was trying to find a group to belong to.
    He tried all the usual gay ones but never felt quite at home with them.
    Until the inception of P.I.E..which was about adults wanting sex with children.
    Which suited Tom O Carrol well as it fitted his ‘interests’..
    thus begging the question as to why on earth was paedophile material appearing in what was apparently ordinary gay publications…

    why were paedophiles wanting to appeal to the gay community for support and acceptance , after all at several branches of CHE some members were strongly opposed to anything that involved child sex abuse as it would
    have the negative effect upon their ‘struggle’ for acceptance given the period then of outrage and disgust toward gay people.
    ( this was even mentioned in an issue of P.A.N a pro paedo publication)

    was these posts by P.I.E in gay news etc part of the infiltration by paedos into gay movement or something else…?
    did the paedos have friends in the gay movement or were those friends actually paedos themselves…

    • murunbuch said:

      Sorry, but you can’t use a letter that you haven’t read as ‘evidence’. All that proves osteopath that the leader of PIE once wrote to the editor of Gay News.

      Gay News wrote a damning editorial on PIE in 1977, when PIE were attempting to gain mainstream support. The chances are that the 1981 letter was highly critical of Gay News. Gay News were singled out for criticism by ex-PIE leader Steven Smith in an essay that appeared in The Betrayal of Youth.

      Yes, there were paedophile activists in amongst gay groups and publications, e.g. CHE, Capital Gay, but if you’re going to make the leap to Britain’s biggest gay newspaper also sympathising with paedophiles you’re going to need evidence.

      • @murumbuch ok but how do you get harry coen / peter coell co operating with spartacus over coltsfoot press? and david thornton being at EGH??

  2. btw i was saying they were totally sympathising i was asking what if there were ppl at gay news on the side of paedos..

  3. also peter coell contributed to betrayal of youth

  4. activist Eric Presland, playwright and leading light in the Organisation for Lesbian and Gay Action (OLGA), contributed to The Betrayal of Youth. His article was a routine denunciation of the “power” that adult society has over children, prefaced by a first-person account of sexual activity with children. Mr Presland related his first paedophile experience with a Asian boy of thirteen, and boasted of interfering with a little boy of six.
    ‘Parents,’ he wrote, ‘because of their autocratic power, their exclusive rights, and dubious motives of self-aggrandisement which lie behind the decision to have and rear children, are in many ways the group least fitted to be entrusted with the task of child-rearing.’ So who are? Reading his chapter one is left with a strong impression that he thinks paedophiles make the best child-rearers. Presland wrote of one pre-pubescent sexual partner, ‘I fought for him to free himself from the confines of the family

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