1. the language these people use is very clever, corrupted the boys sounds like they led them astray a little when in fact these adults were kidnapping and raping these young boys in the grossed manner possible.
    When rape isn’t rape.

    I have put this comment elsewhere but i am feeling that we need it so much

    I really think there should be minimum sentances in these cases, if you abuse a child, no matter of the context you will go to prison for a fixed term, if you are a person of trust or influance and ultimatly should fucking know better(oveden using art as a cover for child abuse) then the sentance should be even harsher, if you put your victims through the re-abuse of a trial only to be found guilty then your sentance will double, if you are a teacher or social worker, police , judges should know better, and a three strike rule for repeat offenders, when in prison they will not be allowed onto the protection wing and be with the general population. And finnally if found guilty all of your acumulated assets get tranferred to the victim. I am sure these guidlines would make offenders think twice before abusing children, if there is no deterent then it will continue.


    • sass said:

      Hear, hear Andy, couldn’t agree with you more. I remain and am ongoingly shocked and outraged by the leniency of the sentencing. It is successful in sending a message to all victims: “keep quiet, shut-up, your complaints will only amount to a wrap on the knuckles, we are bigger than you”. Only a gesture sentencing and a charade. It is very suss indeed when this is happening, it points only to a larger network that protects itself and what is really going on; ie, I am sure that what goes on is a lot more severe than a little touching and buggary.

      Why aren’t we at the doorsteps of parliament screaming the door down?? Someone has to speak for these children.

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