There was evidence of a Broadmoor paedophile ring in 1986

The current Savile NHS inquiry is looking at allegations of sexual abuse at Broadmoor psychiatric hospital in Berkshire.

There were allegations of a ‘child pornography ring’ at Broadmoor in 1997, but a report by Health Secretary Stephen Dorrell found “no evidence whatsoever of a paedophile ring or child pornography ring in Broadmoor”. Broadmoor’s chief executive Alan Franey resigned shortly afterwards. (Independent 17/02/97 + Independent 04/06/97)

But it seems there had also been allegations of a paedophile ring involving Broadmoor staff in 1986.

“Detectives believe they have broken a nationwide network making and distributing child porn videos. Films featuring girls as young as three and six have been seized in raids on 30 homes across the country. And a key figure in the network has been identified by CID – a middle-aged former Broadmoor nurse.”

His description was circulated to forces investigating the murder or disappearance of 15 children.

The article goes on to say that police were checking the former nurse’s work records to see whether he had “been on duty at the relevant times”.

This indicates that police knew the abuse was filmed at Broadmoor. Police searched his home and found “video equipment, sex films, and distribution records”. “The nurse appeared in some of the films”.

Two of the young victims, aged three and six, had been identified and lived in Camberley, which is just a mile or two from Broadmoor Hospital.

This is the only cutting I’ve got on this so i don’t know whether the nurse was convicted. But why wasn’t this scandal mentioned in 1988 when Broadmoor admitted serious problems with ‘processes’ and appointed the paedophile Jimmy Savile as part of a task force to sort Broadmoor’s problems out?

Savile had been working as a volunteer at Broadmoor since the 1970s and would have been working there at the time of the 1986 allegations involving the former Broadmoor nurse.

Daily Mail, 6th May 1986

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  1. chess said:

    Doesn’t it all just seem like one monstrous gang? We see the same old names, the same direct links to too many members of Govt, weird decisions as Savile’s appointment in charge of a Broadmoor taskforce. They’re all in it together. I hope someone with a bit of bottle can add to the picture about the Broadmoor paedophile nurse.

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