Neville Mighty: The first Islington children’s homes whistleblower

Neville Mighty was a residential social worker for Islington Council. He was the first person to raise the alarm about organised abuse networks in  Islington Council children’s homes.

Islington Council reacted by launching a smear campaign against him involving fabricating allegations and sacking him for gross misconduct. They took him to court just so they could report that he had been charged with criminal offences, but when the trial started they failed to produce any evidence and the case was dismissed.

This is typical of the disgusting treatment  Islington Council meted out to anyone who drew attention to the abuse going on in their children’s homes.

Former Islington Council leader Margaret Hodge attacked the Evening Standard for “sensationalist gutter journalism” when they first reported the Islington children’s homes scandal in October 1992. She also smeared abuse survivor Demetrious Panton as being “extremely disturbed” and was eventually forced to make a public apology. Are Islington Council ever going to apologise to Neville Mighty?

Community Care, 15th October 1992

CC151092Community Care, 4th February 1993

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CC060593 (2)Islington Gazette, date unknown


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