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    The Glasgow Herald – Mar 19, 1986
    Private prosecution of vicar planned

    The headmaster of a Scottish fee-paying school yesterday confirmed he is to raise a private prosecution against a vicar alleged to have assaulted an 11-year-old boy.

    Mr Charles Oxley, headmaster of Hamilton College, said he was taking the action as chairman of the Campaign for Law and Order – a pressure group which advocates tougher sentences as the best way to reduce crime.

    Mr Oxley announced the private prosecution move after a telephone conversation with Tory MP Mr Geoffrey Dickens, who failed in an attempt to name the North Humberside vicar in the Commons.

    Mr Dickens is patron of the Campaign for Law and Order which claims thousands of members in Britain and which was set up 12 years ago.

    Mr Oxley said he had first heard of the allegations last year. Parents claimed that other children had also been molested.

    “I told the mother that I would be prepared to bring a private prosecution if other mothers would come forward and make their allegations,” Mr Oxley said.

    “At that time they were not prepared to do so. However, that situation has changed since Mr Dickens raised the matter in Parliament, and I now understand that the mothers of children concerned are now willing to give evidence.”

    Mr Oxley hopes that once the private action is raised, it will be taken over by the Director of Public Prosecutions.

    Mr Dickens said yesterday that evidence in the case was being put together by a Humberside-based organisation, Childwatch.

    The MP has been criticised for his attempts to name the vicar said to be involved.

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    Click to access eirv10n48-19831213_041-will_great_britains_pedophile_sc.pdf

    Executive Intelligence Review – December 13, 1983
    Will Great Britain’s pedophile scandal bring down Lord Carrington?
    by Scott Thompson

    While former British Foreign Secretary Lord Carrington is expected to be appointed NATO Secretary General at the alliance’s foreign ministers meeting on Dec. 8, the Carrington appointment is ill-timed, to say the least. Alarm bells have gone off around the current investigation by the British Home Secretary of a pedophile (child-sex) ring involving Carrington’s close associates, the former Home Secretary William Whitelaw, and as yet unnamed members of the Foreign Office. The spokesman noted that since Edward VIII’s abdication, the Profumo scandal, and the recent resignation of Trade and Industry Minister Cecil Parkinson, many political disagreements within Great Britain have been settled by airing sex scandals of the sort now being directed at Lord Peter Carrington.

    Well-informed sources in London report that the palace pedophilia scandal grew out of two cases: The first was investigation of a 16-year-old boy who had been seduced and sodomized during Carrington’s tenure at the Foreign Office. The second involves the case of Home Office employee Steven Adrian [Smith], the director of an organization called PIE (Pedophilia Information Exchange). According to the North American Man-Boy Lovers Association (NAMBLA), a U.S. pedophile lobbying group, NAMBLA’s British affiliate was run by Adrian from his office in the British Home Ministry, until he was fired.

    The pedophilia scandal came to public light on Nov. 24 when Tory MP Geoffrey Dickens presented to Home Secretary John [Leon] Brittan a dossier containing evidence of a “pedophile ring,” which he says has been operating for some time out of Buckingham Palace and the Foreign Office. Dickens’s revelations followed a strong attack from Chief Justice Lord Lane on Great Britain’s “immoral society” in a speech at Cambridge University on Nov. 9.

    Lord Lane called for a public outcry against a new morality that lets “buggers” be called “gays” and allows children to be exposed to heavy doses of pornographic sex and violence in “video nasties.” Lord Lane’s speech appears to be the first salvo in an attempt by a Tory faction which has long opposed Lord Carrington’s detente policy with the Soviet Union, to initiate a public cleanup campaign against homosexuality, pedophilia, and the video nasties to which hundreds of thousands of youth between 6 and 16 have been exposed. On the same day that the palace pedophilia scandal broke, an All-Party Parliamentary inquiry led by Lord Nugent released its first report on video nasties. The former Archbishop of Canterbury, Lord Coggan, joined Lord Lane in the crackdown.

    Well-informed observers believe that this effort may have been started to clean up the rampant homosexuality and child pornography tolerated until now by Britain’s elite, because of the mounting war danger: a danger Carrington and his Foreign Office friends vehemently deny.

    Dope, Inc.

    The implication of Lord Carrington’s friends at the Foreign Office in a pedophilia ring is not the only scandal hanging over Carrington. The pedophilia question opens a Pandora’s box of international rings that specialize in child sexual exploitation, but are also involved in the illegal drug traffic that operates above the level of nations – Dope, Inc. Carrington’s ties to the top levels of the dope trade are an open secret.

    In his Nov. 9 speech at Cambridge, the Chief Justice Lord Lane cited the fact that 84 percent of all the heroin now seized en route to Great Britain originates with Afghani rebels operating from Pakistan and the Indian subcontinent. This stream of heroin from the “Golden Crescent” is believed by security experts to reveal the footprints of a drugs-for-guns trafficking operation set up by Lord Carrington. In 1981 when he was British Foreign Secretary, Lord Carrington had sought to oust U.S. intelligence control over the Afghani rebel movement, to gain a bargaining chip with the Soviets.

    The massive drug-running of the Carrington-backed Afghani exiles based in the Peshwahr and Baluchistan regions of Pakistan also involves opium production in Soviet-held sections of Afghanistan. Such arrangements are not new to Lord Carrington. Before becoming Foreign Secretary he sat at the center of British involvement in Dope, Inc., the $500 billion international illegal narcotics cartel. In 1967 Lord Carrington joined the board of Barclay’s Bank, exposed in the 1978 book Dope, Inc. as the premier British bank involved in multi-billion dollar offshore laundering of dirty money from drug trafficking and other organized crime activities. Barclay’s is part of a nexus that includes the Oppenheimer family interests which cartelized international gold and diamond markets, the main commodities used in illegal drug and gun deals. The Oppenheimer interests, including Anglo-American Gold Company and De Beers, have made similar cartel arrangements for Soviet production of these commodities.

    At the time he joined Barclay’s, Lord Carrington was on the board of Hambros Bank, which was involved in joint ventures with the former Vatican banker Michele Sindona, now imprisoned in the United States. His position with Hambros brought Lord Carrington into the circles of the Propaganda-2 masonic lodge of Italy, pinpointed by Italian magistrates as responsible for every major coup attempt, assassination, and terrorist act since the late-1960s’ NATO-linked “strategy of tension” in Italy.

    Implicated in the “strategy of tension” from the U.S. end was former U.S. Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, a business partner in Carrington’s firm Kissinger Associates, Inc. Kissinger has been named in Italian court testimony as a member of the Monte Carlo Lodge set up by P-2 Grand Master, financier Licio Gelli, and as having threatened Italian Christian Democratic Party president Aldo Moro before his murder by P-2-linked terrorists.

    Although Lord Lane only touched superficially on certain leads in his mention of Golden Crescent heroin production in Pakistan, it is notable that one of the main transshipment routes for this production has more recently been identified as the Bulgarian Connection. Italian magistrates investigating the kidnapping of NATO Gen. James Dozier turned up links between the Red Brigades and the secret services of Bulgaria, fronting for the Soviet KGB. Later, Italian magistrates uncovered the biggest arms-for-drugs nexus ever, protected by P-2 connected banks in Milan, and following the same Gold Crescent gun- and drug-running circuits in which Mehmet Ali Agca was safehoused before his attempt to kill Pope John Paul II.

    At the same time Carrington was starting his Afghan operation, U.S. intelligence reported that the British foreign minister entered into collaboration with the Soviet Union in a scheme to assassinate Egyptian President Anwar Sadat, who during his last months of life embarked on a campaign to clean up Dope, Inc.’s arms-for-drugs trafficking in Egypt. Mutual business interests with Moscow’s KGB may explain why Lord Carrington’s circles are reported to have again offered to partition Iran with the Soviet Union. It would also help explain why, according to British sources, it is Lord Carrington’s circles who have advised Britain to withdraw from the international peacekeeping force, at a time when Sovietbacked Syria has consolidated control over the greater part of Lebanon, including, of course, the hashish and opium-producing Bekaa valley.

    Carrington at NATO would not only be a strategic disaster, but a walking time-bomb ready to explode into a bigger scandal than the Profumo affair. Security experts have long warned that the sexually deviant behavior of Lord Carrington’s associates, recorded by multiple intelligence agencies, including his would-be negotiating partners in the KGB, represents a massive security risk. Now, it appears that some members of Great Britain’s establishment second this judgment.

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