1. Troyhand said:

    The Canberra Times – Tuesday 30 August 1983
    Child-sex group’s leaders step out of the shadows

    Public anger after attack on six-year-old boy
    From LESLIE DOWD, in London

    Leaders of a shadowy British movement which aims to legalise sex with children have come out into the open amid public anger over a sexual attack on a six-year-old boy by three unknown men.

    Mr David Joy and Mr Tony Zalcwski, members of the executive committee of the Paedophile Information Exchange, have
    given their first open interviews in an attempt to stem mounting anger over the existence of their organisation, founded in 1974 to campaign for a change in the law.

    Mr Zalewski, a 29-year-old bachelor who works virtually full time for the Exchange and who runs a branch catering for
    prisoners, insisted that the organisation did not foster child molesters.

    “Paedophiles want loving relations with children,” he said. “I do not believe that children should be forced into sex. If you
    talk to a child in the street and the child is not interested in sex, then that has to be that.”

    The interviews made big news in Britain, where a controversy is raging over the organization’s activities.

    They gave tabloid newspapers scope to vent some indignation. ‘YOU SCUM’ was the front-page headline in the Sun.

    Controversy was renewed after an attack on a six-year-old boy in the south coast resort of Brighton two weeks ago.

    Three men bundled him into a car, sexually abused him for 90 minutes at a lonely spot and then dumped him, distraught although without lasting physical injuries.

    Reward money from the media and public, both keenly following the hunt by SO policemen for the attackers, dubbed the
    Beasts of Brighton, has reached the equivalent of SA96.880.

    Although the police have been receiving 300 telephone calls a day from people volunteering information, the few leads, including one that led to an alert in Western Europe for a car with German numberplates, seem to have petered out.

    “We are not stumped,” an investigating officer, Inspector John Bishop, said. “But at present we do not have any one lead of particular significance.”

    The attack put the spotlight on the Paedophile Information Exchange, which circulates news papers and pamphlets to its members through a London post-office box number. It says it has 263 members in Britain each paying the equivalent of
    $20 a year.

    A hefty dossier, the result of a two-year police investigation, is now on the desk of the Home Secretary, Mr Brittan, who is
    pondering demands by several Conservative MPs and newspapers for a ban on the organisation.

    The dossier is said to contain the names of television personalities and at least one politician.

    Mr Geoffrey Dickens, MP, who is leading the campaign, threatens to reveal members’ names in Parliament — “big names,
    people in positions of power, influence and responsibility”.

    “If I get fobbed off with replies that the present law is adequate to protect children I shall whip up a backbench revolt
    against the Government,” he said.

    The organisation has an emblem, an octagon-shaped design made up of eight naked” people holding hands — a man, a
    woman and six children. In its literature it calls itself a campaigning self-help group.

    Mr Zalewski and Mr Joy, interviewed in the garden of Mr Zalewski’s London home, explained that leading members of the
    organisation had anxiously consulted each other over the past week and decided the two men should speak to the Press
    to clear up misunderstandings.

    “I don’t believe any of our members are personally responsible for this Brighton attack,” said Mr Joy, a 42-year-old former
    teacher who said he had been driven from his home by brick-hurling neighbours after they learnt he had convictions for
    assaults on three small girls.

    Mr Zalewski said, “I have known my own tastes since I first became sexually aware at about 15 years old. I used to get incredible guilt feelings and I even once at tempted suicide with a drug overdose.

    “But since I joined PIE three years ago I have met other paedophiles and I’ve come to understand the feelings that we

    But Mr Charles Oxley, a 61 year-old Liverpool headmaster who to compile his own dossier in filtrated the organisation,
    bitterly condemned it as sinful. He wants it proscribed.

    “The whole object is to incite sex with children,” he said. “Its members should be pursued: that is what you do with rats.”

  2. Troyhand said:

    The Law Society’s Gazette, Volume 80, Part 2
    The Society, 1983

    Sex for the under 16s

    Readers of this column will remember the correspondence on this topic which appeared some years ago following comments by me. lt seems strange in a country where the law forbids sexual intercourse for girls under the age of 16 that doctors are encouraged to prescribe the pill to them, and that paedophiles express their views with little fear of prosecution. These are two separate matters, and I am not this month going to revert to the matter of the under 16s, though judging by correspondence I have just received from the Responsible Society I shall no doubt be referring to it later in the year. What does concern me now are the comments alleged to come from Tony Zalewski and referred to in the Daily Mail of 26 August 1983:

    Zalewski of Polish parentage, said: “l have known my own tastes since l first became sexually aware at about 15 years old. I used to get incredible guilt feelings and I even once attempted suicide with a drugs overdose. But since I joined PIE three years ago, I have met other paedophiles and I’ve come to understand the feeling that we have…”

    The most extraordinary comment, and I would urge my readers to dwell on this, is, ‘I have been spurned by children and although it’s hurtful, I’ve left it at that’. If parents feel that their children are involved with the likes of Mr Zalewski I hope they know what to do about it. We are told by the Home Office that to ban certain groups is undemocratic. This seems to drive democracy too far and I would expect Mr Leon Brittan to introduce a new law to put a stop to the expression of these vile desires.





  3. Troyhand said:

    The Canberra Times – Thursday 15 November 1984
    Paedophiles acquitted, MPs want law changed

    LONDON, Wednesday (AAP). — British MPs want the laws changed after two members of the Paedophile Information Exchange were cleared yesterday of incitement to commit sexual offences against children.

    The MPs, led by Mr Geoffrey Dickers (Conservative) will meet the Home Secretary, Mr Brittan, tomorrow to ask that PIE be outlawed and the law tightened to prevent similar groups operating again in Britain.

    “The group is an evil cancer in our society and if we are to protect our children. Parliament has got to act,” Mr Dickens said.

    In the Old Bailey yesterday, Mr Peter Bremner, 44, and Mr David Joy, 43, were each cleared by an all male jury of four charges of incitement to commit sexual offences against children. They were found guilty of sending an indecent article through the post.

    Mr Joy was found guilty also of publishing an obscene article in the PIE magazine, Contact.

    They were detained in custody for sentencing by Mr Justice Owen today.

    Mr, Bremner had told the court during the six-day hearing that children as young as four could make up their own minds about sex with adults. PIE wanted the age of consent abolished and replaced with civil

    He said PIE was no longer functioning, but Mr Charles Oxley, who had infiltrated PIE with the knowledge of Scotland Yard and who gave evidence during the trial, said he believed it was still operating.

    Meanwhile, a Dutch public prosecutor has recommended that a British request for the extradition of the leader of PIE, Mr Steven Smith, be turned down.

    Mr Smith was to have stood trial with, Mr Joy and Mr Bremner but Judge Leo Meijers said in Assen Court yesterday that incitement to commit a crime was not the same as actually committing the crime and was not against the law in Holland.

    He said Mr Smith had written about the subject of sex with children but was not on trial for actually having had sex with children. A verdict on his case will be announced in 14 days.

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