1. Troyhand said:

    The Canberra Times – Monday 12 September 1977
    Career women ‘like medium chests’

    SWANSEA, Wales, Sun day (AAP-Reuter). — Career women prefer men with small bottoms and medium chests, but men still tend to favour big-busted women, according to an American university professor.

    Professor Sally Bell Beck, of Butler University, Indianapolis, told an international conference on “love and attraction” that the female attraction to the traditional he-man — rippling muscles and built-up chests — was a myth. Thinking, career women were turned on by small buttocks and moderate chests.

    And results of new research showed that a decade of unisex fashions had done nothing to change male preferences for large-chested women.

    A controversy which had threatened to halt the conference was resolved when one of the delegates, self-confessed paedophile Mr Tom O’Carroll, was escorted off the campus after a series of rows about his attendance.

    Mr O’Carroll, who believes that sex with consenting children should be legalised, said he was being forcibly ejected. University porters, cleaners and canteen staff had threatened to stop work if Mr O’Carroll remained on the site.

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