Public anger after attack on six-year-old boy – Child-sex group’s leaders step out of the shadows (30.08.83)

The Canberra Times, 30th August 1983

From Leslie Dowd, in London

Leaders of a shadowy British movement which aims to legalise sex with children have come out into the open amid public anger over a sexual attack on a six-year-old boy by three unknown men.

Mr David Joy and Mr Tony Zalewski, members of the executive committee of the Paedophile Information Exchange, have given their first open interviews in an attempt to stem mounting anger over the existence of their organisation, founded in 1974 to campaign for a change in the law.

Mr Zalewski, a 29-year-old bachelor who works virtually full time for the Exchange and who runs a branch catering for prisoners, insisted that the organisation did not foster child molesters.

“Paedophiles want loving relations with children,” he said. “I do not believe that children should be forced into sex. If you talk to a child in the street and the child is not interested in sex, then that has to be that.”

The interviews made big news in Britain, where a controversy is raging over the organisation’s

They gave tabloid newspapers scope to vent some indignation. ‘YOU SCUM’ was the front-page headline in the Sun.

Controversy was renewed after an attack on a six-year-old boy in the south coast resort of Brighton two weeks ago.

Three men bundled him into a car, sexually abused him for 90 minutes at a lonely spot and then dumped him, distraught although without lasting physical injuries.

Reward money from the media and public, both keenly following the hunt by SO policemen for the attackers, dubbed the Beasts of Brighton, has reached the equivalent of 96.880 (Australian dollars).

Although the police have been receiving 300 telephone calls a day from people volunteering information, the few leads, including one that led to an alert in Western Europe for a car with German numberplates, seem to have petered out.

“We are not stumped,” an investigating officer, Inspector John Bishop, said. “But at present we do not have any one lead of particular significance.”

The attack put the spotlight on the Paedophile Information Exchange, which circulates newspapers and pamphlets to its members through a London post-office box number. It says it has 263 members in Britain each paying the equivalent of 20 Australian dollars a year.

A hefty dossier, the result of a two-year police investigation, is now on the desk of the Home Secretary, Mr Brittan, who is pondering demands by several Conservative MPs and newspapers for a ban on the organisation.

The dossier is said to contain the names of television personalities and at least one politician.

Mr Geoffrey Dickens, MP, who is leading the campaign, threatens to reveal members’ names in Parliament — “big names, people in positions of power, influence and responsibility”.

“If I get fobbed off with replies that the present law is adequate to protect children I shall whip up a backbench revolt against the Government,” he said.

The organisation has an emblem, an octagon-shaped design made up of eight naked” people holding hands — a man, a woman and six children. In its literature it calls itself a campaigning self-help group.

Mr Zalewski and Mr Joy, interviewed in the garden of Mr Zalewski’s London home, explained that leading members of the organisation had anxiously consulted each other over the past week and decided the two men should speak to the Press to clear up misunderstandings.

“I don’t believe any of our members are personally responsible for this Brighton attack,” said Mr Joy, a 42-year-old former teacher who said he had been driven from his home by brick-hurling neighbours after they learnt he had convictions for assaults on three small girls.

Mr Zalewski said, “I have known my own tastes since I first became sexually aware at about 15 years old. I used to get incredible guilt feelings and I even once attempted suicide with a drug overdose.

“But since I joined PIE three years ago I have met other paedophiles and I’ve come to understand the feelings that we have.”

But Mr Charles Oxley, a 61 year-old Liverpool headmaster who to compile his own dossier infiltrated the organisation, bitterly condemned it as sinful. He wants it proscribed.

“The whole object is to incite sex with children,” he said. “Its members should be pursued: that is what you do with rats.”

  1. Troyhand said:

    Another article linking PIE member Mersey Viscount son Richard Bigham with Hermann Spielman and Eric Cross’s international paedophile ring,3806521
    The Glasgow Herald – Jul 20, 1978
    Peer’s son in sex case ‘revolted’

    A viscount’s son told a court yesterday that he travelled to Manchester to meet child prostitutes, and paid £70 for an introduction. He also said that after “contact” with a girl of 10 on a bed he was revolted by his actions.

    Richard Maurice Clive Bigham, the Master of Nairne who is the eldest son of the third Viscount Mersey, was giving evidence at the trial in Manchester Crown Court of a 39-year-old mother accused of inciting one of her daughters to commit gross indecency with him.

    Mr Bigham, aged 44, said he had been a member of the Paedophile Information Exchange, but said of his activities with the girl: “It was revolting and was the worst thing I could conceivably do.”

    The 10-year-old girl told later about a trip to Rotterdam. On another occasion at home, she said, she took off her clothes when offered money and sweets. She was then photographed by a man she thought was a doctor.

    The girl’s mother, Victoria Hughes, a self-employed hairdresser, of Delft Walk, Salford, Lancs., pled not guilty to three charges.

    They are: Encouraging an indecent assault on a girl under 16; indecent assault, with two men, on a girl under 13; and, with a man, inciting a girl of 10 to commit gross indecency with Mr Bigham.

    Mr Bigham, a film technician, told the jury he was interested in paedophilia “on a photographic level only.” He said he met a man called Spielman in Manchester to be “introduced by him to child prostitutes.”

    He said he paid Spielman £70 and Spielman sold him two boxes of chocolates for the children.

    Bigham, of Rosmead Road, Notting Hill, London, claimed his sexual attraction to children had been through photographs. “I suppose I was trying to climb back on my fantasy bandwagon of photographs,” he said, “I was revolted.”

    He was not trying to justify what he did in the bedroom.

    He told police he thought what he had done was within the law because it was with parental consent.

    In the witness box later, the 10-year-old girl said when she went to Rotterdam with her mother, brother, and sister, they were met by a man as they got off the boat.

    The children had then been shown round by the man who met them at the boat, the girl said. “I saw a Dutchman and I think an Italian man putting white things over the beds. I thought they were doctors because they had white coats.”

    The girl’s brother said the doctor took photographs of himself and his sister when they were unclothed and that he had been given a box of chocolates and £50 by the man.

    Shown a statement he made to police last October, the boy said its contests were untrue. He said: “They put the words into my mouth.”

    The trial continues today.

  2. Troyhand said:,4568382
    The Age – Jul 28, 1978
    Prostitute sold her children to porn

    LONDON, July 27. – A self-confessed prostitute who sold her children in a pornography racket has been jailed for four years at Manchester Crown Court.

    Printer Herbert Spielman, 56, who started the international child pornography racket, was sent to jail for six years.

    The mother, Victoria Hughes, 39, of Salford, Lancashire, whose 10-year-old daughter was said to have had oral sex with a peer’s son, said she would appeal against conviction and sentence.

    Mr Justice Forbes said Hughes had supplied children to be used “in this abominable way”.

    “That would be bad enough if they were just children, but they were your own.

    “It seems very difficult for me to imagine a worse case of indecent assault on a small girl than that in which a mother provides the child for that purpose.”

    Spielman, a German war refugee and father of six, had provided children for men to act out their perversions, the judge said.

    “There are people who enjoy the business of indecently assaulting small girls. They are to be pitied and punished if caught.

    “But there are those who cater for people with that perversion, and agents who put them in touch with photographs and with children in order that those children may be indecently assaulted.”

    Spielman admitted possessing and publishing obscene photographs for gain, indecently assaulting Hughes’ daughter, and inciting the girl to commit an act of gross indecency with Richard Bigham, 44, eldest son of Viscount Mersey.

  3. Troyhand said:

    Unrelated to above article, but it concerns a “suicided” policeman in British Hong Kong 1980 charged with gross indecency, Mr X, Robin Cook, and the Albany Trust-related group “The Samaritans”,1984345
    The Glasgow Herald – Jul 22, 1980
    Mr X offers legal aid to dead Hong Kong policeman’s family
    By Andrew McCallum

    A rich Hong Kong businessman has offered to pay for a lawyer to represent a policeman’s family at a judicial inquiry which opens in the colony on Thursday into how the bullet-riddled young inspector met his mysterious death.

    Anti-corruption Hong Kong Councillor Mrs Elsie Elliot, who has been campaigning to clear Inspector John MacLennan’s name, after allegations of homosexuality and suicide, said yesterday that the offer by Mr X to foot the legal bill has been made to her.

    She added: “I think it vital that John MacLennan’s family should have a first-class lawyer, who has not been appointed by the Hong Kong Government, at the inquiry.”

    Mrs Elliot (60), believes the inspector was “either murdered or hounded to suicide.”

    Mrs Elliot is awaiting anxiously a reply from his parents, who live in a farm cottage in the Black Isle, Easter Ross, but are on holiday with another son.

    The colony’s Attorney-General, Mr Conrad Griffiths, has already instructed a London barrister, Mr Conrad Seagroatt, to represent the parents at the inquiry.

    Mr Robin Cook, Labour MP for Central Edinburgh, who has followed closely the developments in the case agrees that it is “against common sense” to accept that a man could shoot himself five times in the body with a heavy calibre revolver. One of the bullets went through his heart.

    Hong Kong police and the colony’s Crown Office claim that Mr MacLennan committed suicide because he faced imminent arrest on seven counts of alleged gross indecency.

    A jury returned an open verdict in March at the inquest in defiance of the coroner’s invitation to return a suicide verdict.

    The heavily criticised Hong Kong Government ordered a judicial inquiry after a public outcry and fierce attacks in newspapers, radio, and television following Mr Griffith’s insistence that the inspector killed himself.

    Mr Tony Pannell, jury foreman, accused the Attorney-General last month of reaching a conclusion without established facts, and fresh storms broke when Inspector Michael Fulton, of Hong Kong police, said at a recent news conference that he had been instructed to “set up” MacLennan.

    Mrs Elliot alleged that a former Crown counsel in the colony had alerted the Attorney-General that Mr MacLennan was being set up for accusations of sex offences involving boys.

    She claimed: “Mr Griffiths has admitted he knew about the set-up but he called it a set-up not a frame-up.”

    She added on the question of suicide that from her inquiries of former policemen and of the founder of the Samaritans, Mr Chad Varah, all of them considered Mr MacLennan was murdered.

    The 30-year-old inspector was found dead with five .38 bullets in his chest and side at his apartment last January.

    Mr Cook said from the Commons yesterday that the crucial period the inquiry Judge must address himself to was that leading up to MacLennan’s death.

    The inquiry will be conducted by Hong Kong High Court Judge Mr Justice Yang.

  4. Troyhand said:,5738885
    The Glasgow Herald – Sep 30, 1981
    Row over policeman’s ‘suicide’

    A controversial 10-month public inquiry into the death of a Ross-shire man who died in Hong Kong while a member of the police force there has led to criticism against prominent public figures and the police in the colony.

    Police Inspector John MacLennan, 30, was found dead in his flat on January 15, 1980. He had five gunshot wounds and police found an alleged suicide note which read: “Please, please tell my family that this was an accident and I was a good police officer.”

    On the day he was found he was to be arrested on eight charges of gross indecency alleging homosexual acts with male prostitutes. However, the number of bullet wounds caused doubt for an inquest jury. They disregarded the coroner’s opinion and returned an open verdict instead of suicide.

    The inquest discovered that Mr MacLennan had told friends before his death that while working in Hong Kong’s special branch he had seen secret files on top people, including police officers, who were suspected of homosexuality. He had also claimed he was being “set up” because of his inside knowledge.

    The revelations led to a public outcry, with claims he was either murdered or hounded to suicide because his information on suspected homosexuals was “political dynamite,” and could “blow the lid off the colony.”

    Despite the police and Attorney General John Griffiths sticking to the suicide theory, the demands for an inquiry grew and the Government set up a Royal Commission of Inquiry headed by Chinese High Court Mr Yang Ti Liang.

    The commission, which heard evidence from 110 witnesses ranging from male prostitutes to the Attorney General and the Commissioner of Police, Mr Roy Henry, cost an estimated £1.7m.

    Even the Governor, Sir Murray Maclehose, gave the inquiry a statement explaining Government policy on investigations into homosexual offences. Unlike Britain, in Hong Kong homosexual acts are illegal.

    The inquiry found that Mr MacLennan committed suicide rather than be exposed to his family as a bisexual.

    The report, said leading ballistic experts, and agreed that a five-shot suicide was possible and believed this to have been the case in Mr MacLennan’s death.

    Three of the bullets went right through his body, a fourth went through his heart and embedded close to the spine, and the other damages his spleen.

    The report criticised police investigations at the death scene, saying it was a short-coming that no gunpowder tests were made on his hands. It also criticised Mr MacLennan’s superior for tipping him off he was to be interviewed about the homosexuality charges.

    The Attorney General, who gave a press conference about the affair at the time, was also criticised.

    Police Commissioner Henry was also said to have made errors of judgment, but the harshest criticism was reserved for the Special Investigations Unit which investigates homosexual activities. It was said to have “threatened, assaulted or induced” statements from young male prostitutes about Mr MacLennan.

    The dead man’s parents, retired farm worker Mr Joseph MacLennan, 67, and his wife Katherine, 65, of Torgorn, Conon Bridge, Ross-shire, declined to comment last night.

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