Public figures named in files on sex offenders in Britain (25.08.83)

The Globe and Mail (Canada), 25th August 1983

LONDON (Reuter) – Several public figures have been named in a Scotland Yard dossier on child sex offences, a member of Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher’s Conservative Party said yesterday.

Geoffrey Dickens, a campaigner against child pornography, said in a radio interview that he had compiled a list of names and planned to disclose them in Parliament.

The Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions confirmed it was studying a report on a police inquiry into a group called Pedophile Information Exchange.

The group’s organizer, Tom O’Carroll, was jailed for two years in 1981 on charges of conspiring to corrupt public morals.

Home Secretary Leon Brittan has ordered a copy of the report by tomorrow, his officials said.

Mr. Dickens said the Scotland Yard report, like his own dossier, contain the names of a number of top people in public life and show business.

The allegations come amid continuing national outrage over an organized abduction and sexual assault on a 6-year-old boy by three men in southern England 10 days ago.

  1. Troyhand said:
    ITN Source

    CRIME: Paedophile Infromation Exchange (PIE) report

    PAEDOPHILES: Liverpool headmaster Charles Oxley infiltrates
    Paedophile Information Exchange (PIE) and gives police
    names of people on its secret executive. Scotland Yard
    dossier on the group is sent to Director of Public
    Prosecutions. Tory MP Geoffrey Dickens demands that the
    group be banned following sexual assault on 6 year old boy
    in Brighton.

    24 August 1983
    Reference: AS240883037
    Source: DAM

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    Ref: AS240883037 0Duration: 00:02:12
    Clip 1 of 1 (Copyright: ITN (ITV News))

    ENGLAND: Manchester MS Charles Oxley (headmaster who infiltrated PIE group) and Geoffrey Dickens (Tory MP)TOWARDS MS Both seated at desk looking through paperwork CS ‘PAEDOPHILE INFORMATION EXCHANGE’ survey document CS ‘UNDERSTANDING PAEDOPHILIA’ magazine CS ‘MAGPIE’ magazine MS CHARLES OXLEY (Liverpool headmaster) intvw SOF: “I read about them — CS ‘CAMPAIGN FOR LEGALISATION OF PAEDOPHILIA’ written on magazine — in mind all along.” MS GEOFFREY DICKENS (Tory MP) intvw SOF: “I hope that when — literature through the post.” MS Oxley and Dickens seated at desk MS Leafing through ‘MAGPIE’ magazine

  2. Troyhand said: BOY ATTACK
    ITN Source


    122191 BRIGHTON BOY ATTACK: Police are still trying to find the men 23.8.83 who sexually assaulted a 6 year old Brighton boy and they TX have a taped phone call from a homosexual who claims he can name one of the men. Det Chief Inspector Geoffrey Randle holds pkf where he says the police consider the man to be genuinely frightened.

    23 August 1983
    Reference: AS230883010
    Source: DAM

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