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    Executive Intelligence Review – 18 November 1994
    Alfred Kinsey and the pedophile agenda
    By Dana S. Scanlon

    Kinsey, Sex and Fraud: The Indoctrination of a People
    By Dr. Judith A. Reisman and Edward W. Eichel
    Huntington House Publishers, Lafayette, La., 1990

    This book deserves to be studied by every citizen trying to understand the genesis of the sex education programs now being taught in many of our schools. It was in the course of investigating that question that I came across Kinsey, Sex and Fraud. Reading Reisman and Eichel’s book is a matter of urgency for those many parents who now believe that, because of the threat of AIDS, their children need a dose of what is called “comprehensive sexuality education.”

    In 1981 Dr. Judith Reisman presented a paper at the Fifth World Congress of Sexology in Jerusalem calling for an investigation of the work of Alfred C. Kinsey and the Kinsey Institute. She charged that not only was the original work of the Kinsey team tainted with fraudulent statistics, but that Kinsey’s work on child sexuality was based on hundreds of cases of actual child molestation. Incredibly, Kinsey has never been called to task by his peers, was never prosecuted, and has become the celebrated leader of a cult of quack professionals and propagandists who claim that human beings are defined by their sexual desires and activities.

    Kinsey is the originator of the following claims, now promoted in most “mainstream” sex education textbooks:
    • that most human beings are essentially bisexual;
    • only those who are unduly influenced by social taboos don’t practice homosexuality;
    • only a small minority of humans are truly heterosexual, and one in ten are pure homosexuals;
    • children are sexual beings who must be liberated.

    The reader must bear in mind that the people who are quoted in the paragraphs below are not “just” individuals writing about their personal sexual preferences, and that these are not “simply” the ravings of the lunatic fringe in the North American Man/Boy Love Association (Nambla).

    These are the professionals who train and certify sex education teachers, who write the textbooks that are being used in grade schools and universities, and who widely influence the shaping of public opinion, the news media’s views on the subject and, ultimately, the writing of legislation.

    Kinsey’s philosophy

    Dr. Reisman’s book first sets out to demonstrate, using Kinsey’s words and those of his followers, that Kinsey had an agenda: to overthrow the basic tenets of Judeo-Christian morality in the most intimate of domains. This is summed up by a statement in Kinsey’s second major work, the 1953 Sexual Behavior in the Human Female: “It is not so difficult to explain why a human animal does a particular thing sexually. It is more difficult to explain why each and every individual is not involved in every type of sexual activity” (p. 451, emphasis added).

    Writing in P.H. Hoch and J. Zubin’s 1949 study Psychosexual Development in Health and Disease, Kinsey and his followers Wardell Pomeroy, Clyde Martin, and Paul Gebhard explained that all sexual activity was equal, no matter at what age, no matter what physical stimulation was involved, with no matter whom, or indeed, no matter what:

    “We suggest that sexuality, in its basic biologic origins, is a capacity to respond to any sufficient stimulus. It is simply a picture of physiologic response and psychologic conditioning in terms that are known to the biologist and psychologist. This is the picture of sexual response in the child and in most other younger mammals. For a few uninhibited adults, sex continues to remain sex, however they have it” (p. 27, emphasis added).

    What is “normal,” Kinsey would argue, is simply what people do, or what he claimed they did. This is “statistical morality,” which is intended to destroy the idea of what is normal in the moral sense. Leaving: aside for a moment the question of fraud, this is like arguing that what is true is simply what a majority of people believe.

    The first onslaught came in 1948, with the publication of the Male Report. In that report, the reader can find not only the evidence of the fraud committed by the Kinsey team, but also the evidence that should have put them in jail for child sexual abuse.

    On the basis of interviews presented as a sample of the society at large, Kinsey told America his findings that its prudish idea of what was “normal” was way off base. But Kinsey’s sample male population contained a high percentage of prison inmates and sex offenders. Present and former inmates made up as much as 25% of the group, as Dr. Reisman documents.

    The fact that Kinsey’s sampling of the population was not random at all but based on volunteers who stepped forward to take part in a study on sexuality, is also significant. The profile of the average participant bore little resemblance to the profile of the typical American. Obviously, those who stepped forward to participate in a study of their sexual habits were not, to say the least, individuals with your average sense of modesty.

    The cornerstone of sex education

    Every book on sex education that this reviewer has picked up at the local public library promulgates the most deranged of Kinsey’s beliefs, which a militant minority is now attempting to put into practice: that children are sexual beings, that parents must teach children to enjoy their sexuality at the earliest possible age, and that only the so-called overreaction of parents and police to cases of incest and “cross-generational sex” (pedophilia), not the sexual acts themselves, is harmful to children.

    Tom O’Carroll, chairman of the Pedophile Information Exchange and author of Paedophilia: The Radical Case (Alyson Publications, 1980), explains how Kinsey’s work was “unassailable” in support of the pedophile cause: “Perhaps the most striking of the Kinsey findings, as they concerned preadolescent children, relates to their capacity for sexual orgasm. ‘Orgasm has been observed in boys of every age from five months to adolescence,’ Kinsey wrote. Also, ‘Orgasm is in our records for a female babe of four months.’ ”

    O’Carroll is a member of the brotherhood whose slogan is “sex before eight, or it’s too late.” (Since the appearance of Dr. Reisman’s book, and hence, not mentioned by her, O’Carroll’s publisher has also put out the infamous books ‘Heather Has Two Mommies and Daddy’s Roommate’, promoted for kindergarten children as an introduction to lesbianism and homosexuality.)

    Compare this with the words set down in a popular college textbook. R. Crooks and K. Baur’s ‘Our Sexuality’, (Benjamin/Cummings Publishing Co., 1983) flatly asserts Kinsey’s “findings” as fact: “With the widespread circulation of the research findings of Alfred Kinsey and other distinguished investigators, the false assumption that childhood is a period of sexual dormant is gradually eroding. In fact, it is now widely recognized hat infants of both sexes are born with the capacity for sexual pleasure and response.”

    The sexologists began increasingly to broach the subject of “legitimate” sexual contact between adults and children during the late 1970s. The article “Sex Education in the Future,” published in the Journal of Sex Education and Therapy (Spring/Summer 1985), is one example. Written by a co-founder of the Sex Information and Education Council of the U.S. (Siecus), Dr. Lester Kirkendall of Oregon State University, and Dr. Roger Libby of the University of Massachusetts, the article prophesied that future sex ed programs “will probe sexual expression … with same-sex [partners]” and “even across … generational lines.” They proclaim that with “diminished sense of guilt … these patterns will become legitimate” and “the emphasis on … normality and abnormality Jill be much diminished with these future trends.”

    Dr. Mary Calderone (past president of Siecus) told a 1980 conference of the Association of Planned Parenthood Physicians that the primary goal of Siecus was henceforth to provide society “very broadly and deeply with awareness of the vital importance of infant and childhood sexuality.” In the Siecus Report of May-July 1983, she wrote that the child’s sexual capacities should “be developed in the same way as the child’s inborn human capacity to talk or to walk, and that [the parent’s] role should relate only to teaching the child the appropriateness of privacy, place and person – in a word socialization.”

    ‘Incest can sometimes be beneficial’

    As cited in a Time magazine article (April 14, 1980), longstanding Kinsey Institute Collaborator Wardell Pomeroy has said, “It is time to admit that incest need not be a perversion or symptom of mental illness,” and that “incest …can sometimes be beneficial.”

    In an article written in 1977 for a (pornographic) forum publication called Variations, Pomeroy was virtually ecstatic over the prospects:

    “Incest between adults and younger children can also prove to be a satisfying and enriching experience …. Incestuous relationships can – and do – work out well …. We find many beautiful and mutually satisfying relationships between fathers and daughters. These may be transient or ongoing, but they have no harmful effects.”

    In his book Boys and Sex, now in its third edition and on the library shelf in your neighborhood, Pomeroy doesn’t talk about the benefits of incest in such gushing terms, but he does talk about incest as “the oldest taboo of all.” (Pomeroy has written elsewhere that Kinsey selected him to work at the institute precisely because he, Pomeroy, did not observe society’s taboos.) After noting the belief that incest is not genetically good, he concludes “these long-held beliefs have been attacked by recent research, and serious doubts have been raised about their validity ” (p. 182).

    Once pedophilia is established by the “sexologists ” to be a sexual orientation, not an abnormality, an aberration, or a sin, the next step is to establish protections for this minority, just as homosexuality is increasingly being protected under law. We are on the threshold of that terrifying prospect today.

    Sound far-fetched and paranoid? Listen to the words published in Behavior Today, on Dec. 5, 1988, on page 5: “pedophilia . . . may be a sexual orientation rather than a sexual deviation.”

    In fact, the University of Massachusetts-Amherst already defines pedophiles as a “protected minority” within its nondiscrimination code, according to Hillsdale College President George Roche!

    According to Dr. Joan Nelson, cited in Dr. Reisman’s book, pedophiles are visionaries who “participate in sexual contact not for her or his own gratification, but in response to a child’s attempt to acquire practical knowledge.” Such visionaries are advocates of “children’s rights” in all areas, and “believe the troubles that characterize our times are rooted in childhood sexual repression that prohibits age-free expression of sexual affection.” Dr. Nelson is the founder of the Institute for the Study of Sexual Behavior. She describes her childhood submission to incest as “the happiest period of my life.”

    As anyone who has read a few of the sex education books that are touted as required reading for American teenagers, the kind of “practical knowledge ” that Dr. Nelson speaks of is held in very high regard. Though few, if any of these books, explicitly promote pedophilia per se, they strongly promote and urge sexual explorations of all kinds as highly beneficial for adolescents.

    ‘Extreme tension with violent convulsion’

    Dr. Reisman points out that, in 1951, just two years prior to the publication of Kinsey’s Male Report, considerable publicity had been given to the Nuremberg trials of Nazi doctors, who, among other things, were found guilty of cruel experimentation on human subject. Out of this came the Nuremberg Code and numerous other medical and professional codes which provided for certain standards of conduct during research on humans. Yet Dr. Kinsey came under no criticism for his sadistic use of children for his “sexology” research.

    Consider this description, on p. 161 of the Male Report, of the “pleasure” experienced by some of the 190 male children on whom Kinsey and his team went to work:

    “Extreme tension with violent convulsion . . . mouth distorted … tongue protruding … spasmodically twitching . . . eyes staring . . . hands grasping . . . throbs or violent jerking of the penis . . . sobbing or more violent cries, sometimes with an abundance of tears (especially among younger children) . . . will fight away from the partner and may make violent attempts to avoid climax, although they derive definite pleasure from the situation” (emphasis added); note Kinsey’s use of the word “partner,” when describing the adult molester.

    As for what the Kinsey team did or condoned for their Male Report, Dr. Reisman notes, not without sarcasm:

    “Fortuitously for the Kinsey team, among their interviewees were a group of men who had data on hand from what seem to have been identically designed genital stimulation experiments on children-data obtained by ‘actual observation’ and ‘timed with second hand or stopwatch’ (Male Report, chapter 5). By further good fortune, some of these men were ‘technically trained.’ Thus, it is implied by Kinsey, their observations on the results of homosexual masturbation of young boys, ranging in age from 2 months to 15 years, are a valid and meaningful way to learn about childhood sexuality.”

    On the basis of these “observations,” Kinsey would conclude, “It is probable that half or more of the boys in an uninhibited society could reach climax by the time they were three or four years of age, and that nearly all of them could experience such a climax three to five years before the onset of adolescence. ”

    Further demonstrating the depravity of his team, the Kinsey report makes clear reference to some of the children being molested, with detailed notes being taken, over periods of many months. Two defenseless children, one aged 4 years and the other 13, were subjected to particularly brutal treatment over at least a 24 hour period as Kinsey reports on p. 180 that, in these two cases, “the maximum observed was 26 climaxes in 24 hours.”

    Five years after the publication Of the Male Report, Kinsey’s team published Sexual Behavior in the Human Female, based on interviews with over 5,900 women. The Female Report claims that premarital intercourse helps women with subsequent “marital adjustment.” It also contains some startling assertions regarding little girls, now shared by most of today’s sexologists.

    ‘Female Report’ endorses child molesting

    Chapter 4 of the Female Report is entitled “Pre-adolescent Sexual Development.” interspersed with theories (always presented as fact) such as that “it is certain … that there are children, both female and male, who are quite capable of true sexual response,” the Kinsey team touts the benefits of sexual contact (incestuous or otherwise) with children. Incredibly, we find on p. 115: “Some of the pre-adolescent contacts had provided emotional satisfactions which had conditioned the female for the acceptance of later sexual activities.”

    A few pages later, Kinsey et al. explain that they plan to teach the public to accept the notion of adults using children as sexual “partners”:

    “There are, of course, instances of adults who have done physical damage to children with whom they have attempted sexual contacts …. But these cases are in the minority, and the public should learn to distinguish such serious contacts from other adult contacts which are not likely to do the child any appreciable harm if the child’s parents do not become disturbed …. We have only one clear-cut case of serious injury done to the child, and a very few instances of vaginal bleeding which, however, did not appear to do any appreciable damage.”

    Not only must the public be conditioned to accept such sexual contacts as normal, but so must children: “It is difficult to understand why a child, except for its cultural conditioning, should be disturbed at having its genitalia touched … or disturbed at even more specific sexual contacts.”

    Furthermore, “the adult contacts are a source of pleasure to some children, and sometimes may arouse the child erotically.”

    The sexologist network of ‘heterophobes’

    Dr. Reisman uses the term heterophobia (fear and hostility towards heterosexuality) to describe the goal of the war waged by the Kinseyites against traditional societal norms, the institution of marriage and the family. In a fascinating chapter, the book’s co-author Edward W. Eichel begins to unravel part of the network of academic and professional institutions that began efforts to implement Kinsey’s agenda. Eichel writes:

    “In 1983 the Society for the Scientific Study of Sex (SSSS, or ‘Quad S’), announced the forming of a committee that had been ‘charged with developing guidelines for an accrediting body for university-based degree programs in human sexuality.’ This society-one of the oldest sexological organizations in the U.S.- counts among its members most of the nation’s leading academic sexologists, including Kinsey co-authors Wardell Pomeroy and Paul Gebhard. Heavily represented on its original accreditation committee were academicians from institutions that developed the only three human sexuality programs designed to educate the educators. All three programs . . . and members of the accreditation committee mentioned below, have been committed to the homosexual-oriented Kinsey-school ideology. The SSSS committee originally included Deryck Calderwood from New York University, Kenneth D. George (an avowed homosexual) from the University of Pennsylvania, and Wardell Pomeroy, then Dean of the Institute for the Advanced Study of Human Sexuality in San Francisco. Another committee member was Paul Gebhard, who in 1982 retired from his post as director of the Kinsey Institute for Research in Sex, Gender and Reproduction.”

    Another member of the SSSS accreditation committee was Yen L. Bullough, a historian of the homosexual movement who also wrote a foreword for Dutch pedophile Edward Brongersma’s book Loving Boys.

    ‘Educating the educators’

    Perhaps the best-known of the organizations promoting sexuality education in the schools is the Sex Information and Education Council of the United States. Founded in 1964 (in a project involving agencies of the United Nations, and with an initial grant by the Playboy Foundation), it describes itself as “an advocate for human sexuality.” Since 1978, Siecus has been affiliated with New York University’s Department of Health Education and has worked closely with its graduate program in human sexuality. Co-author Eichel learned a few things about this program: He’s a graduate of it.

    Prof. Deryck Calderwood set up the New York University program, which by 1970 had become accredited by the New York State Department of Education as a “Marriage, Family Life, and Sex Education Program.” After Siecus cofounder Mary Calderone retired from that organization in 1982, she signed up as an adjunct professor in Calderwood’s Human Sexuality Program.

    As noted earlier, Calderone has been explicit in her advocacy of children as sexual beings. In a Siecus Report published during the Year of the Child (1979), she likened her mission to that of establishing a “new religion” based on the flourishing of polymorphous sexuality among children: “Every new religion, every new political doctrine has had first to make its adults concert in order to create a small nuclear culture within whose guiding walls its children will flourish.”

    At a summer New York University seminar conducted by Professor Calderwood in the Netherlands in 1983, and attended by Eichel, pedophiles were invited to present their “research.” One of them, Dr. Theo Sandfort, currently of the gay and lesbian studies department of the University of Utrecht, is the author of a book banned in the United States, The Sexual Aspect of Paedophile Relations. His writings proclaim clearly why he and his ilk have declared war against the family structure as we now know it: “When the boundaries around the nuclear family disappear, children will more readily accept emotional ties with adults other than their parents ” (p. 83).

    Another lecturer at the seminar was Dutch legislator Edward Brongersma, whose own foundation proposes “to advance scientific research into the development of the sexual lives of children . . . with special emphasis upon the phenomenon of erotic and sexual relationships between children and adults ….” Brongersma has served time in prison for pedophilia, but has since not only won reinstatement to the bar and re-election to the Dutch Parliament, but was also made a Knight of the Order of the Dutch Lion by the Queen.

    Another organization involved in the professional certification of such creatures as sex therapists and others is the American Association of Sex Educators, Counselors and Therapists (Aasect), which requires that candidates undergo a brainwashing program known as “Sexual Attitude Reassessment” (SAR) as part of the required elements for certification.

    What role have government agencies played in this sordid affair? Where was the FBI when Kinsey and his cohorts were participating in the sexual assault on hundreds of children? No law enforcement investigations of any serious nature were conducted and no one was ever prosecuted for participating in or abetting child abuse.

    Funding from NIMH

    On the contrary, U. S. agencies such as the National Institute for Mental Health were encouraging the project with tax dollars. NIMH was a major funding source of the Kinsey Institute. And it was the NIMH which paved the way for the infamous 1973 decision by the American Psychiatric Association to remove homosexuality from its list of pathologies contained in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual. The APA decision had been reached after years of lobbying by homosexual organizations. But the real impetus came from a special NIMH task force, which included many of the Kinsey team, and which claimed in 1972, “human sexuality encompasses a broad range of behaviors within which lie both the exclusive heterosexual and the exclusive confirmed homosexual.”

    Exclusive heterosexuality is the abnormal psychopathology in the brave new world established by the Kinseyite sexologists. They cloak their agenda in the language of “liberating the child.” What they really want is to enslave children to their sexual lust.

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