The Nasty Nine (28.08.83)

For the wider context of this article regarding Barry Cutler’s employment at the Home Office see Ian Pace’s post PIE and the Home Office: Three+ members/supporters on inside, funded, magazine printed and phone line

News of the World, 28th August 1983


  1. Interesting to note that according to this article Thatcher had studied a PIE dossier on her return from holiday, all while Leon Brittan prepared to not do much at all. Cf. Prime again and his PIE and NAMBLA associations but also the mention of diplomatic service.

  2. As PIE were holding Executive Committee meeting in the Hemingford Arms pub in Islington in summer 1983 this could explain a lot about the concerted effort and success with which child abusers infiltrated all of the Labour-run councils children’s homes.

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