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    Glasgow Herald – 29 August 1977
    Taylor attacks cash for gay group

    Mr Edward Taylor, Shadow Secretary of State for Scotland, reiterated his call for the reintroduction of capital and corporal punishment at the weekend and at the same time criticised Government funding of a new club for homosexuals in Glasgow.

    Speaking at a Conservative rally in Ayr Mr Taylor said that vandalism had now become a major threat to employment as well as normal living.

    “The soft policies which we have pursued since the mid-1960s have failed disastrously,” he said. “Crime has soared, with murder up more than 10 times. The prisons are fuller than ever before. Police morale is at an all-time low.

    “What we need is a complete change in our attitude to crime, with the emphasis on stronger deterrents.”

    The first priority he named was a fully manned police force with high morale.

    Secondly, he was convinced that capital punishment and corporal punishment would save lives and reduce vandalism.

    He said “There must be an end of the domination of the so-called progressives in the field of crime policy.

    “The public debate on the new organisation concerned with helping people sexually attracted to children revolves on whether or not they were receiving a Government grant. In my view it should have been on whether they should all have been locked up.

    “The Prime Minister should make it clear when he opens the new Police Federation offices in Glasgow on Friday whether he thinks it was sensible to cut police overtime and cut home help services because of the economic situation while at the same time Government cash has apparently been made available to help build a new club for homosexuals in Glasgow.”

    The club Mr Taylor referred to is being opened by the Scottish Minorities Group in Sauchiehall Street next week. The refurbishment of the premises was aided under the Government job creation programme.

    Spokane Daily Chronicle – 5 September 1977
    Scotland Yard Seizes Kid-Porn Books, Films

    LONDON (AP) – Police raiders seized thousands of pornographic books and movies featuring young children in London and other British cities during the weekend, Scotland Yard reported.

    No arrests were reported, but the Daily Mirror said the seized material was worth $350,000, including $100,000 worth in Birmingham.

    The Yard said officers from the Obscene Publications Squad made one big haul in a West London porn shop and another in a London warehouse.

    Sexual relations with children has been a major topic of newspaper discussion for two weeks, since a group named the Paedophile Information Exchange booked a conference room in a hotel for a public meeting to promote its campaign to lower the minimum age for sexual relations. A paedophile is a person who is sexually attracted to children.

    Employees of the hotel threatened to hold a protest demonstration if the group was allowed to meet there. A group of mothers threatened to storm the building. The hotel cancelled the booking.

    Members of Parliament and several organisations condemned the group. Scotland Yard investigated it but said it found no grounds for prosecution.

    A 13-member committee set up by Home Secretary Merlyn Rees began a review of the obscenity laws today as the first step toward codifying and clarifying them.

    Saturday, Sandra Mayhew, a 26-year-old schoolteacher in Sussex, was acquitted of a charge of having had sexual relations last year with one of her pupils, an 11-year-old boy.

    Evening Times – 5 September 1977
    Child-sex leader banned

    The organisers of a love conference have banned Tom O’Carroll, leader of the child-sex group, from addressing the meeting.

    Mr O’Carroll, 32-year-old chairman of Paedophile Information Exchange, paid 12 to attend the four-day conference at University College, Swansea, which starts tomorrow before a storm blew up over his group’s aim to legalise sex between adults and consenting children.

    Conference organiser Dr Mark Cook claims he was not aware of PIE’s aims when he accepted Mr O’Carroll as a delegate and he has warned the Open University press officer he will not be allowed to address the meeting or use it to further his group’s aims.

    “Paedophilia is better described as child molesting,” said Dr Cook, a psychology lecturer.

    Some delegates may not register until tomorrow and the organisers have already made it clear Mr O’Carroll would not be particularly welcome.

    A symposium on paedophilia with an expert from Broadmoor Hospital and another symposium on child sexuality are thought to have attracted controversial Mr O’Carroll to the conference which is being held under the auspices of the British Psychological Society.

    Swansea’s two MPs, Alan Williams and Don Anderson, have both spoken angrily against his proposed visit.

    Glasgow Herald – 6 September 1977
    Thatcher urges Rees to act on child porn

    Tory leader Mrs Thatcher teamed up with Mrs Mary Whitehouse yesterday to demand urgent Government action to end child pornography.

    After a 75-minute interview with anti-pornography campaigner Mrs Whitehouse, Mrs Thatcher wrote to Home Secretary Mr Merlyn Rees requesting an inquiry followed by legislation in the autumn.

    Mrs Thatcher wrote: “I have been shocked by what I have read and appalled that these things could be happening here. I beleive this view will be shared by almost everyone in this country.

    “Above all our children must be protected from those who would use them in this way. They cannot protect themselves and we have a duty to see that they are protected by law.

    “Will you please look into these reports urgently yourself with view to introducing any necessary legislation as soon as Parliament reassembles.”

    Mrs Whitehouse went to see Mrs Thatcher following an investigation by her into the use of children in the making of pornographic material. She collected magazines in London and several other big cities in Britain.

    Yesterday she said: “The obscenity laws in this country are both discredited and totally ineffective. I think it is absolutely essential that an independent piece of legislation should be introduced as a matter of urgency to make it illegal for any child under the age of consent to be used in any way in the making of pornographic material.

    “One has to consider also whether parents or guardians who make their children available for this type of exploitation should also be subject to criminal action, as well as those who take the photographs and distribute and sell them.”

    Mrs Whitehouse said that she was dissatisfied that it would be two years before a committee on obscenity, already set up, could produce a report.

    “As far s I am concerned the need for legislation is immediate. I have seen this material – it is in English and as far as I am able to say British children are being used, but it is a bit difficult to decide which nationality they are.

    “I have been particularly disturbed to see the use of coloured children. One wonders if mothers have any idea what their children are likely to be involved in.”

    Mrs Whitehouse said that she did not show the magazines to Mrs Thatcher but they have been handed over to the police.

    “Mrs Thatcher spoke to me as a very deeply concerned woman. I think she was aware of the problem but I don’t think people really do understand how serious and almost unbelievable this material is until they come face to face with it.”

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